Moretto: Milan-Zirkzee talks ‘frozen’ – striker begins to consider Man Utd move

By Oliver Fisher -

The negotiations between AC Milan and Joshua Zirkzee’s entourage remain in a state of stalemate and now the striker has begun to consider other moves, it is claimed.

According to Matteo Moretto of Relevo, the talks are ‘frozen’ between Milan and Zirkzee’s representatives and at present there are no ongoing discussions.

The issue linked to commissions has been blocking the deal for over a month and the Rossoneri management are not willing to give in to Kia Joorabchian’s requests.

The Dutch striker has always given Milan priority, but recently has started to consider the idea of ​​playing elsewhere as per the journalist.

Manchester United is talking to Joorabchian to evaluate whether to definitively move forward with the operation, and the English side are ‘open to the economic investment’.

Therefore, based on what Moretto says in his latest update, we can infer that Milan must change their stance if they are to win the race for the Dutchman or Kia must lower his demands.

However, if Geoffrey Moncada and co. were previously able to leverage the player’s will to join the Diavolo this summer, the fact that he is now considering other potential destinations is certainly not great news on that front.

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  1. There are also reports that Kia is willing to take less in his commissions from Man U.

    If this is true. He must be investigated. You cannot do that and that has to be against the law somewhere.

    1. Like I posted in another article, I had a feeling that the agent fee was an artificial “tax” on Serie A clubs, to raise the cost of the operation to price them out. The release clause being 40M makes Zirkzee accessible to a host of clubs, but if the operation is in fact 55M, it closes the door to many. It is a gross maneuver, but this is football in 2024. Let United spend 110M+ on two players who have scored 22 goals between them in league play. They will still not make top 4 next season.

      1. If that’s true mate, that’s a great shout from you. Surely though that can’t be ‘legal’ and requires some investigation.

  2. Why would you sign someone so spineless they let their agents greed dictate the direction of their career?

    If a player doesn’t have a backbone to tell his agent what deal he wants closed or ultimately change representation if his agent is exploiting him, then he has no business in Milan.

    1. Yeah. If the player isn’t strong enough to make his own decisions on where to play, he definitely isn’t strong enough to wear the prestigious Milan shirt. Pathetic little lap dog.

    2. 100% right, if he is so dumb to blindly follow his agent’s commission fees – and likely end up in United being a backup player, then maybe he is not really a great choice for Milan.

      And even if he is not so dumb, then signing him with this greedy agent won’t do Milan any good. In 2 years he will start another big fuss about raise with huge commission (Donnarruma v2) which is not helping anyone. Keep away from Milan.

    3. he is in a no-win situation. he can’t fire him. he will never get to play in the premier league if he wanted to if he does. He signed a contract that allowed his agent to choose his next team. It is something that EUFA should be more involved in to make agents don’t take advantage of young players..this will certainly lead to an investigation… Kai’s wikipedia page is one long history of corruption in the sport…He bought players and now he has found a way to use players for profit when that was made illegal…

  3. The whole situation is embarrassing from start to finish. Embarrassing for us…surely we knew Kia wanted 15m…embarrassing for Zirkzee given that now his agent is forcing moves for him I mean, tail wagging dog…embarrassing for Kia because he’s just shown what he is…we don’t know the ins and outs but if Zirkzee wanted Milan…get another agent. Put some big boy pants on Joshua….

    Anyway. We shouldn’t be concerned, his goal record isn’t reassuring. Let’s go get a goal scorer, this guy can’t get in try Dutch team ahead of Wout Weghorst

    1. That isnt true.

      Kia has reportedly changed his demands multiple times since Milan started pursuing Zirkzee.

      Yall need to stop blaming management for every little thing.

      Kessie left because of Kia wanting more commissions, Donnarumma same thing.

      Management can only do so much if the agents want to be greedy. Personally I PREFER a management team that tells the agents to EFF OFF.

      1. I’m with Redbird on this, I mean god knows I don’t like them but agents are ruining the game. My point is surely we knew the demands, but it seems there’s another side where Kia is changing demands and Milan have a different set of rules to United which surely requires that investigation

    2. Well… There are rumors Kia raised his demands from 6M€ to 8M€ and then again and again. So… Which is the truth?

      1. Judging on Kia’s past.

        I think him raising his demands is the truth.

        He is trying to get as much as he can before the new laws come into place capping his commissions.

        Only from Serie A apparently though. Man U is apparently not paying the 15 million should they get Zirkzee.

        I would have moved on Dobvyk ages ago.

      2. Possibly right mate, which again, is him basically trying to remove Milan from the table….that can’t be allowed

        1. Judging or not Kia just sold Douglas Luiz to Juve and his commission was in line with the new commission law. So at the end this narrative about the commission is just bullshiet and it shows incompetence of the management in closing a deal. Every new upcoming striker will cost what Kia is demanding from the teams and even the Tevez situation we saw how many goals he went to score for Juve and what was his impact on the team. Even if we go to this “alternatives” Gimenez has scored 20 in eredevise which imo is like 10 in Italy , I don’t even wanna comment on Lukaku and Abraham links. When you search for a striker and you identify a profile you go for it at the end you are paying 45 or 50 million does it make such a big difference unless they plan to use the 5 millions on the next generational talent like Pellegrino. Idk most of this forum is brainwashed into the bulshiet of this new management. Last year we were bypassed like a small stop by Inter and the way it goes next year we will be bypassed by Juve and Napoli as well

          1. Aston Villa had to sell because of PSR rules, that’s why the commission was lower and the deal went through. Paying the third highest commission in history is incompetent.

          2. Looks like they may have Kehphren Thuram too

            Aren’t they skint and us the most financially buoyant club in Italy…….

  4. Well if it is true that the agent screw Milan over, then the management need to do something about it. Forget the player, but if you allow one agent to play with you like this then they all will. If the comission was different as some say maybe even a lawsuit can follow. Eliot and Red bird are big organizations and im sure they have more then enough means to show this agent why he cant play with them and embarrass them like this.

  5. Milan will be miles better without him.

    First, he is not so great when we look from different angles – one season wonder, mediocre numbers, already 23 yearls old (for a “wonderkid” this is some age already).

    Second, not even good enough to be backup in mediocre Dutch team this year at Euro. Even guys like Weghorst are before him. Embarassment.

    And third, if his agent makes so big fuss right now with ridiculous commission, you can only imagine what would happen if he would actually join Milan and after 1/2 years wants a big salary raise and another commissions. Or when “better” club (say City or even Bayern) makes a poor offer but agent starts spinning like a devil and threaten Milan that they want this deal to be accepted. As Milan fans, we’ve seen that already. We’ve seen that with Donnarruma, later with Kessie, and with Calhanoglu as well. Do you really want the same thing to happen?

    Imo it’s just not worth it. He is not Messi or Haaland, just a regular striker that maybe will be better in the future, and maybe not. Just get someone else instead.

  6. He is young and promising striker but it is not like ACM must go all in for him. If he choose go to MU become rasmus back up , then it is his choice and he have no ambition just all for money . Dovk, scamacca, david or new name striker still available

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