Moretto: Theo Hernandez could have ‘more than four options’ with price set – the situation

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have not yet opened talks with Theo Hernandez over a renewal and there is more than just Bayern Munich when it comes to interested clubs, a report claims.

One of the Milan stars that is attracting a lot of speculation and attention in view of the summer is Theo. The Frenchman is often at the heart of what the Rossoneri do, which has been shown through his high level of performances and when he has represented the side as the captain.

According to Matteo Moretto’s latest for CaughtOffside’s Daily Briefing, titled ‘Theo Hernandez could have more than 4 options this summer’ it is ‘still the same story as it was a few weeks ago’ when it comes to Theo’s situation.

At present, Milan have ‘not yet started talks’ about a contract renewal. Bayern Munich ‘really like’ the former Real Madrid man, who they see as an ideal replacement for Alphonso Davies given that he continues to be linked with a move to Los Blancos ahead of the summer.

However, it’s not just Bayern who are keen because there are Premier League sides interested, and teams in Saudi Arabia have come forward too.

Milan ‘will ask for €70-80m’ if a club does make their interest concrete and begins negotiations, but there is ‘nothing advanced with anyone’ at this stage as per the journalist.

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    1. Don’t tell me you actually believe this bs article?

      Even if we are selling him, no way were doing it for less than 100m this summer. Except if we cant renew his contract and next summer he leave… maybe 70m is enough.

      1. Or we let him leave for free and keep the best LB in the world for as long as possible?

        Helped win us the Scudetto.

        Not that you could tell with all the moaning that goes on.

        But people do seem to care more about money than winning.

        1. That’s what we came to be – it’s all about timing.

          Donnarumma, Calhanoglu left when we didn’t win anything : everyone moaning that the director is stupid for losing important players for free.

          Kessie left when we won scudetto : great decision, helped us win the scudetto.

          Kessie case can happen – but more often than not, we will moans when important players leave for free. Except when they’re already old and not as important.

          Tonali case : our bandiera, one of the most important player in the team – but his selling for club record fee will be remembered as shrewd business for the team – bordering daylight robbery for Newcastle, considering the 10 months ban.
          Imagine if he stayed for us – we only signed one or 2 players instead what we got last summer – and then the 10 months ban comes with us so depleted in midfield.l

          Considering this, I bed to disagree that selling Theo will means care more about money than winning – depends on the way the money used, it can be a way to win everything, both in field and out field.

          Remember that Klopps Liverpool didn’t win anything before they sell Coutinho – arguably their best players at the time, to fund the purchase of Van Dijk and Alisson – two players that’s great at the time and currently among the best in the world at their position. (And considering the way Coutinho career went afterwards…)

          All in all, I want Theo to stay with us as he is one of the best in the world – but if he won’t renew contract, I’m more leaning to sell him, especially if he asked to leave himself.

          Dont forget that keeping him for the last year and not selling him, can also be counterproductive. Keping unhappy players will ruin the mood in the room, and he is not guaranteed to win anything – and won’t leave us with transfer fee to replace him.

          God that was long… lol

          1. The money obsession is mostly driven by the obsession with the transfer market which has replaced interest in the actual game of football.

            We’re not going to win the money game (unless we get bought by despots).

            So this whole money obsession is just fighting a losing battle.

            Theo is irreplaceable. There’s no other left back like him in the world. That 100m or whatever cannot replace him.

            So we keep him as long as possible.

            And we also stop throwing money away with a scatter gun to transfers.

            We follow the Barca model. The 1999 Man Utd model. The great Milan sides. Most successful sides before the oligarchs and despots turned up.

            We actually use our youth players as a base and build on that with targeted signings.

            We show loyalty to our players and demand loyalty in return. And if they choose to follow the money and play for clubs owned by countries that stone women to death – fine.

            We have them for as long as we have them.

            We take control of the situation to the extent that we are in control (and a contract puts us in control). And we stop trying to play the wrong game and being played over and over again.

          2. With no money how do you replace a player once he is gone ? A player of Theo’s qualities is gonna cost north of 80M or even more, from where do you think the club is gonna generate this money if it lets players go away for free.
            I’m all for loyalty, players playing for the same club for more than a decade and I have a lot of admiration for players like Maldini, Baresi, Zanetti, Del Piero, Giggs, Totti, Gerrard,… because for them renewing with the club was pretty done in a heartbeat and I don’t necessarly think that players like that are extinct, but we can’t have everything.
            If you know, for a fact that a player wants to leave the club, might as well make money out of his departure. At least with some money you can replace him.
            Barça 2009, Manchester 1999, 80s and 90s Milan are nice and all but till 2009 an All Time Great player costs somewhere between 50M and 90M. Nowadays, even prospects or slightly above average players have been brought for more than 100M.
            With that said, I don’t know about all the rumors, but we should definetly try the MAXIMUM to renew to Theo. Enough with this 5M cap salary bs, we should definetly offer Theo something in the 6 to 8 M. The only player around his level is Davies, and we’re not getting Davies, so pretty much any LB who is gonna replace Theo is gonna be a downgrade.

        2. Well that’s the romance of old school football – but I don’t think that’s fully applicable in current competition.

          Keeping best players for as long as possible is what’s the best for the club – but to lose them on their prime for free? That’s dumb. No matter your argument, for me that’s dumb.

          I’m not excited for the selling of our best asset but if we keep losing them for free, we won’t survived financially. And the sporting side will be affected too.

          If for example – a 24 y.o best Striker in the world, but on last year under contract on your club – what would you do?
          A. Keep him for one last year. Trying to win one or two last championship with him. Think about the replacement after he leave, with no income for transfer fee
          B. Sell him, as that will at least give some transfer fee to try to find the replacement.

          Plan A Will work if :
          – we have nearly unlimited budget and can shell 100-200m euro each transfer window – like Galacticos Madrid or City – but sadly we’re not that kind of club yet. And FFP won’t leave us alone too.
          – we are the best clubs in the world, every single players will be attracted to leave their club for us – like Barca and Madrid a few years back
          – our academy is so amazing we can produce great young players almost every year and they will instantly perform – like La Masia.

          Sadly we are none of the above team. Maybe the closest will be the last option, considering the amount of potential players coming out in last 2 years – but it’s a very high risk, especially considering how our graduate perform in last 20 years..

          Also the current football revolve around money. Best players will attract teams, and to fend them off, we will need to become the best club or giving insanely high wages for them – but without transfer fee from outgoing players and FFP lurking, we will be brought to bankruptcy soon. Just look at how Barca almost going bankrupt two seasons ago…

          And how much the salary best players in the world command…

          And still you want to grab ahold of the best players till the end of contract and losing them for free?

          If that’s really your opinion then good luck.

          1. It’s not ‘old school’ football, it’s basically how any normal business operates.

            If a rival comes trying to sign your talent you don’t cash in!

            You see them for what they are – your rival!

            The whole thing is just so misguided it’s not funny. We are currently looking to sign a DM having given up on not just one, but two completely free players (Cristante and Locatelli) who now play for our direct rivals.

            Darmian plays for Inter. We could’ve solved a RB issue 15 years ago.

            We spent over a billion not winning anything.

            Endlessly fiddling and trying to play the market, and getting played over and over again. It’s embarrassing.

            And all this time falling further and further behind the likes of Real, Barca, Juve, Bayern and Liverpool, who didn’t play the game.

            It takes YEARS to reach that level. There’s players in those teams who have played together for YEARS.

            Chiellini and Bonucci played over 200 games together. That is what it takes. That is why Bonucci didn’t produce the same performances for Milan.

            We will never return to the same level as Real if we keep chasing our tails.

        3. Wow, you can see into the future? We’ll win the scudetto in the next couple of seasons for sure if we keep Theo and run down his contract? What are the winning numbers of the next lottery? I need some cash.

          Money for Theo would be a sure thing, winning the scudetto is never a sure thing. So to ensure we have a better CHANCE of winning anything going forward, it behooves us to be wise with our finances so we can continue to compete in the future.

          1. I’m not predicting the future, I’m making an assessment based on the present.

            Theo is our best LB. Do you disagree?

            You’re making a future prediction because you’re predicting that:

            – we’ll sell Theo for X;

            – we’ll buy Y replacement for Z;

            – we’ll be in the same for better position.

            Stick to what you know.

      2. I don’t believe it but after what happened with Tonali and the money ball bs, any players is not off limit for the current management. So i expect our important players will be on sale in the summer.

  1. That’s how it is..when you have a great player he will be’s then the clubs job to convince him 2 stay.
    Maybe in 10 years we will be the one who’ll want top players from other clubs, until then… it is what it is

  2. There aren’t many players I’d say “hang on to regardless and let him go for free if we need to” but he’s such a difference maker I think that would be the wisest investment anyway, unless he’s begging to leave but I can’t see that or we have a replacement lined up (damn having Kerkes too early). He’s enough to make Champions League qualification more comfortable or to be the difference maker for a position or two in the league and a round or two in Europe.

  3. I agree with AR, we’ll need to try and keep him, but if he doesn’t want to stay, then we need to sell him. We cannot afford more than 5.5 million if we don’t want to fall on losing money again.

    That also depends on whether the club thinks that he’ll grow more or if he’s at the top and won’t grow more. From a business perspective, he needs to be sold once he reaches the top, otherwise you’ll lose value. Donnaruma comes to mind, we gave him a 7 mill salary (6 to him and 1 to his brother) and even though he had value, no clubs were willing to offer anything substantial.

    Point I’m trying to make is that if club thinks that he’ll leave in a year or two it might make sense to get it done instead of trying to renew him to a very high salary that would make him unsellable.

    Also Juventus sold Zidane, but with that money bought Nedved, Buffon, etc and made a very solid team.

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