Moretto: ‘Unanimous agreement’ – Ibrahimovic approves Lopetegui after ‘very positive’ talks

By Oliver Fisher -

Julen Lopetegui seems to have convinced everyone in the AC Milan management and talks are ongoing over his appointment, according to one journalist.

This morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport claimed that Lopetegui is now the big favourite to replace Stefano Pioli and that owner Gerry Cardinale has even approved his potential appointment, suggesting that things are moving quite quickly.

According to the latest from Matteo Moretto of Relevo, Milan have decided to focus on Lopetegui for the post-Stefano Pioli era. The latest contacts between the parties were ‘very positive’ he states.

The Spanish coach generates ‘unanimous agreement’ within the Rossoneri board, bringing together both Gerry Cardinale and Zlatan Ibrahimović plus the rest of the management.

Lopetegui has given his priority to Milan and is ready to refuse the advances of West Ham who are offering him a much higher salary than the Rossoneri.

Other clubs such as Manchester United and Bayer Leverkusen have explored the idea of hiring the Spaniard in recent months as well.

Milan and Lopetegui are in total harmony regarding the objectives for next season and the value of the squad, one that is already considered as being able to compete for the Scudetto.

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  1. The squad as is, is not strong enough to compete for the Scudetto.

    Cardinale and his crew of Yes men (including Ibra) will keep this team just good enough for top 4, that is it.

        1. Right, but Flick will go for trophies, he wont want his best players to be sold and work with new mediocore players every season. So thats a big no no for the american money ball.

    1. Sarri team for the last few years are shades of his former teams. I don’t know, Im not sure Sarri will be able to bring us higher than Pioli.

  2. There’s a reason why the “below 60% win avg”
    coach will be signed. We dunno yet. But stats will prove him somehow, let’s see first half of the season shall we 😀 .

  3. Presumable an Alpha can smell another alpha in the room. I’m hoping this is what’s happening with Ibra and Lope.

    Apart from that, his candidacy is inspiring zero confidence so far. Yea, EPL isn’t Serie A and who knows, maybe he’s better fitted for Italy. But again, is he the BEST option out there?

    1. He managed to get himself sacked from Real Madrid who had the same backbone from when they won 3 UCLs in a row minus C.Ronaldo (which is admittedly a big loss).
      He’s been coaching since 2003 and only managed to win a Europa League with Sevilla. You could Pioli has never coached a team as good as ours prior to 2019, but this man already failed with better filled teams.
      If we want to go the path of not so successfull coaches, at least take a young coach.

  4. Milan sinks lower and lower.

    I didn’t believe it was possible for Milan to sink lower than the firing of Maldini & Massara.

    My views on the current management and especially Moncada are very low. They are destroying Milan.

    This is why Maldini & Massara were sacked, they didn’t want to go this direction. They wanted to keep slowly making Milan better and better each year. But that cuts in Cardinales EGO & profit margins, and we can’t have that.

    I’ve lost a LOT of respect for Ibra these past few months. I thought he was a Milanista at heart but I was wrong.

    Lopetegui is not the right coach for Milan and we all know it. He is at best a sideways shift but in truth, even Pioli is better than Lopetegui.

    Again profit margins. Moncada. Buy low, sell high. Winning? Milan? Tradition?

    NO. Only profits in Cardinales bank account matter.

    1. what have they destroyed? if you wanna talk destruction just look at the banter era… now that was incompetence 101

    2. LOL. So much profit! That 6.something million profit made last season for the first time in a decade is going to make these guys who spent 1.2bn to buy a club rich!

  5. Can Lopetegui better than hardworking Pioli? That’s big question mark

    Pioli really hardworking guy, He even don’t have time to comb His hair.

    1. All this “noise” around the team should be silenced. It can affect the players and Pioli. Besides, if all of this is true, I think it’s disrespect towards Pioli. He’s still there and he’s still in charge.

      1. Absolutely agree with you Marianne. Pioli deserve respect after what He achieved, even if management want to sack Him. He is legendary Milan coach in last decade of Milan.

  6. Nooooooooooooooooooo! They’re going to get it wrong again. I’d rather have a younger coach with fresh ideas. Lopo isn’t even a top 5 option for me. I guess we’re ok handing over scudetto #21 to inter before the season starts.

  7. Opet ponavljam !! Milanu treba čvrsta ruka neko poput Diega Simeona ili nekog NJEMAČKOG trenera Klop i slični njemu !! Pa ne može Leao i ostali – čast iznimkama – šetati se po terenu stalno prigovarat dobijat kartone ostavljat klub na miliost i nemilost kao sada na primjer !! a za sve to primat od 5 do 8 miliona eura ! I još gore tražit povišicu za sljedeću sezonu – ! SRAMOTA !

  8. 1.4 ppm in big club like Real lol, and 1.3 ppm in his last club Wolves. Just as a comparison good coaches have 1.9 ppm on average (Like Motta), and top coaches like Gurdiolo, Klop have like 2.2 ppm.

  9. It’s time to treat Milan to a club like Roma etc. We are not a serious club with a desire to win, I hope the Curva could do what they did 10 years ago.

    1. I think even Roma is better at this point. At least they are trying and signing big players like Dyabala, Lukaku, Abraham. We didn’t even got free Dyabala smh.

  10. This owner doesnt want Milan to compete till the end in champions league. Why Lopetegui? He even fail in Madrid and Spain. Just pick conte ffs. Now, we are just like Arsenal before arteta coming. Just try to finish in 4 rank and doesnt have enough quality to winning the scudetto. #cardinaleout

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