Mourinho on Milan-linked Zaniolo: “He will unfortunately stay with us after all”

By Euan Burns -

AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho has admitted that Nicolo Zaniolo looks destined to stay with the club this month despite the interest of AC Milan.

Speaking during his press conference ahead of Roma’s big clash with league leaders Napoli (via Roma Press), the Portuguese coach did not hold back when talking about Zaniolo.

He made it abundantly clear that the attacker wants to leave the club and has done for the entire transfer window, which is why the coach is not happy that he now seems destined to stay.

“Unfortunately, what I said after Spezia seems to be becoming reality. Looks like Zaniolo will stay with us after all. Zaniolo has been saying he wants to leave for a month,” Mourinho said.

“He told me he doesn’t want to play for us anymore, that he doesn’t want to train with the team—so that’s why I say he will unfortunately stay with us after all.

“I gave him the green light after Spezia. For me it’s a real shame when a footballer tells everyone he doesn’t want to wear the Roma shirt. The ideal situation is for the player to be happy.”

The likes of Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United were linked with him but they have since looked elsewhere. Milan showed interest and are thought to be his favoured destination, but the board will not provide the extra funds to sign him.

He would provide another wide attacking option for Stefano Pioli but Roma want an obligatory purchase for a fee Milan can’t muster.

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  1. Roma are stupid holding out for a price he is not worth.
    Good luck getting 10m in the summer!

    Uninjured and on form he could be a 100m player.
    Given his actual form and fitness his max value 50m.
    As any contract runs down it loses value (amortisation)
    So if he is 50m and has one year of a 5 year contract left, hes worth 10m.

    We need reinforcements though, so hopefully get someone in. That Dario Osorio looks very exciting, reminds me of Pato

  2. And then people say that players leave purposely on free because of bonuses.
    Nah, man, players leave because clubs mishandling the situations.
    You have a player that wants out, you find a way to sell him to a club he wants to go to, even if you have a higher offer from another club. All they are doing now is just lowering his value. How much do they think they ll get this upcoming summer when he is on 1 year contract and frozen out. Even less than what Milan offered.
    Players are not an Amazon package where you put a shipping label and send him wherever. They are human beings with families.
    You can’t just tell him you are going to bournemouth because they offered the most money.
    Zaniolo reaction was probably WTF is Bournemouth and Where is that.
    Same with Inter and Skriniar.
    Skriniar wanted to leave last summer when PSG was offering Inter over 60 mil for him. But Inter was playing hardball, miss reading the situation and now they will end up losing him for free.
    Same with Juventus and Dybala.
    Don’t even wanna go into the players we lost on free

    1. Yeah this is a huge problem in Italy especially. Remember when Torino could have gotten 80M for Belotti? Instead the insisted on 120 or whatever stupid valuation they put on him and ruined his career

    2. Taken into our current situation if we sell benacer for 20mil and leao fot 35m can we gurantee to get their equal that will instantly fit into the team?.. we are too reliying on our 1st 11, the coach must find balance to the team to enable us to sell player like them.. but where is talent to do that.. so back to the owner investment policies.. they need to invest to enable us to sell

  3. Little Gerry Cardinale, when a player like Zaniolo, rejects every offer (even from PL earning 5mil per year) and stating he only wants Milan , putting his career at Roma on the line….You just buy him, these cases are more than just a signing.
    But yet again you haven’t a clue of football

    1. Not for 30 million or whatever stupid price Roma want. The offer Milan made was good and fair. Zaniolo is definitely a high risk signing he has the potential to be great but also could end up being injured the entire time.

        1. Paid loan with obligation (with CL qualification) to buy in summer worth 18M, or they’re about. I think in total it would have been around 20M, which is a slight overpay IMHO. It’s funny that in order to try and make an extra 10 million they may have cost themselves 10M or more. Talk about not having a clue…

    2. Bro, you talk about this like Milan should go and shell out 30 million for Zaniolo, like he is the real deal and a fix for all our problems.
      The guy has scored 3 serie a goals in the last 18 months.
      The only club besides Milan that wants him is a relegation club from EPL. It’s not like the top clubs of Europe wants him and he only wants Milan but Milan doesn’t wanna pay.
      His options are bournemouth, Milan or the stands of Olimpico. What does that say about what teams think about him?
      I’ll be more mad if Milan wants to sign Aouar early and owners won’t provide 5 mil for it than about Zaniolo.
      I would also rather spend the money on Tommaso Baldanzi from Empoli than on Zaniolo. We already have underperforming players like Zaniolo in the squad like Rebic, Origi, Messias. We don’t need another one

  4. Haha he doesn’t want to play for you Mourinho. This is what happens when you alienate players. Zaniolo to Milan for 10 + bonuses in the summer. Him and Saladhead would be an improvement over the current rotation.

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