Mundo Deportivo: Milan star wants Bayern Munich move – the situation

By Oliver Fisher -

Theo Hernandez has given his approval to the idea of joining Bayern Munich this summer but difficult negotiations with AC Milan beckon, a report claims.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Theo would like to join Bayern but the Bundesliga club face a tricky task in finding an agreement with Milan, even though the Rossoneri ‘know of the player’s intentions to leave’.

Given that Theo has a contract until 2026, Milan want to obtain a substantial figure that could go towards helping rebuild their squad. The full-back has several offers but it is Bayern that he most wants to join.

He would arrive to replace Alphonso Davies, who has not renewed his contract with the Bavarians with one season left before it expires. The Canadian has decided to sign for Real Madrid who now have a stronger negotiating position, but they don’t want to pay more than €50m.

If Davies were to move to the Santiago Bernabéu would mean that Carlo Ancelotti could consider selling Ferland Mendy, who is attracting interest from teams in the Premier League, Serie A and Ligue 1 (PSG above all).

Theo has five goals and 10 assists in 43 games with Milan this season which has attracted clubs such as Manchester United and Chelsea as well as Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia. The former Real Madrid man wants Bayern though, who have his priority.

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  1. If I were Theo I would do whatever possible to move to BM. There winning many trophies is guaranteed, and also serious challenges in the UCL. Plus a higher salary.

    1. And if I was Lautauro Martinez or any other Inter player I would strap a bomb on myself and send myself to kingdom come just for the mere fact for being an Inter player.

        1. No I dont but neither do I need to be him to bomb the inter players 😛

          As I said previously to you as long as you doesn’t mock AC Milan or messes with SempreMilans users you would be tolerated and some of us actually did treat you well but after the scudetto you have become somewhat snooty so let that sink in and act in accordance to that and then there is no issues in between us but otherwise you will end up as my next pet project on this website after boulden and even he understood it and I tend to think you are more smart than him after some of our conversations.

          1. I have not become “snooty”; maybe you have become unwilling to read other points of view. If so, you do not have to read my comments and respond to them. Re me becoming “your pet project” or being “tolerated”, it made me laugh with tears. Do not compare me neither to Boulden nor to yourself.

          2. Well with all do respect and regardless of your affiliation which i actually can accept you are are making a post about probably the most liked milan player who you pretty much says should go to bayern of course ill take offense in that and every milanista will probably do the same in our current heartship. nothing more or less. You are here on our turf so of course u are tolerated. as long as that last.. I have at least been one of those people who has treated u well for now,
            indeed as i said i expect you to be smarter than boulden but in the end if you isnt ill ride you as a mare on each and every comment you make in the future, thats my warning even if you dont care its a clear one.

      1. better to sell our bunch of squad players to get that money rather than sell our core (best) players & hoping that random newcomer/ rotation/ mediocre players settling down.

        1. Maignan is vulnerable due to his constitution, while Theo is in the descending branch, he also needs a change, but he is more good in attack, not in defense.

      2. No offence but 100 mil ? are you insane both of those players combined should at the minimum fetch us 140,-150 mil

        1. Look at the Transfermarkt values. Maignan 40, Theo 60. But I think Maignan 30, Theo 70 and we can be happy.

          1. But there has been several reports that milan wouldnt sell theo for anything less than 100 mil so i think it will end up in that level in the end if we were to sell both of them.

  2. The downgrade of Milan begins. I will miss him very much. Though this season has been a worse from him, both offensively and defensively. But we won’t find another like him ever again.

  3. It’s something the players already know that we fans don’t – there’s no real ambitions in the club. If there was any slight ambition of this club to go and win titles I’m pretty sure he would have stayed – nice city , nice country , loved by the fans plus his family and new born son. But at the end everybody wants to win and if he leaves it’s because of that – Bayern can offer it and Milan obviously not. I guess we have to get used to it until the Americans are here – we just gonna be a stadium money machine for Gerry

  4. if the management sell him i will stop supporting ac milan until the dumb owner sell the club , im done torture myself with stupidity of others
    Theo Hernandez should be the only player that safe andwe can’t offered to sell his unreplaceable and he is 60 % of our strength , if they really sell him im really done with those owners and i supported milan since 1998 , football should be enjoyable and entertainment first if i can’t find that i wont torture myself no more

    1. Same. I wouldn’t be able to support Gerry and his bankers if they sell the whole spirit of the team. Do we event think they’d reinvest the money properly? With the Tonali money we barely strengthened the team at all 😅

  5. I thought there were reports saying he wanted to stay at Milan because his family wants to stay in Italy. I think this is reporting sensationalism. But at the same time, I can see Theo, Maigan and Leao all leaving this summer. Again, another banter era coming

  6. Bayern doesn’t even know who their next coach is, just like Milan, but Theo is pushing for a move there? 🤔
    Marotta paid media keeps inventing nonsense regarding Milan.

    1. Nonsense story indeed. As things stand, Bayern are slowly being pushed aside – league, cup, and Champions league. The future is bright with Milan, except Theo is going for more money.

  7. Nothing wrong here, it’s what we signed up for right?

    Buy low, sell high and in the meantime do best to sell “the American dream” to the fans. Who needs trophies when we can sell overrated and overpriced merchandise overseas. We get more money from touring USA in the summer then winning the overrated Serie A.

    And that’s the win Gerry is talking about.

    I’m sure Billy “the magic” Beane’s algorithms will give us new Theo for peanuts.

  8. The next article will say he wants to stay here forever. On this site I read two contradictory stories back to back with regularity. It is all conjecture until the ink is dry on the new contract.

    1. 100% this. It’s actually getting to the point of being a joke, how frequently SM posts same-day or next-day articles that absolutely contradict one another. Anything for the clicks, I guess.

  9. While it would make perfect sense for Theo to want to move, I would take my eyeballs out with a spoon if I were to ever believe any football media source out of Spain. Fox News has more credibility than these guys.. heck.. the Soviet-era Pravda has more credibility than Spanish sports journals.

  10. Leao, Theo, Mike are all tired of this nonsense from the management and coach.
    There’s differences between knowing football and doing business. These management are doing business, if Theo leaves for another club every thing will back to banter era, another star will follow like Leao and Mike.
    Maldini with his football experience and DNA to Milan history. He’s trying to bring back his beloved club back to the glorious time, but must people won’t see that. Most people will criticise him for failure to sell some players due expire contract. Kessie for example, the club is not willing to increase salary cap for some key players and they expect Maldini tell such players that want increase in salary and most clubs knows the club management will increase there salary cap and will stay for the players due in six months and start making there plan to get for free same goes for PSG-Kylian Mbappé-Madrid situation. That’s PSG loss.!
    No Elite team will sell there best players for high profits and start buying some bunch of average players and hope they become a superstar, competitive and wins more trophies both in Europe and Seria A.
    Elite team continue to improve there team with good and quality players, so they can be competitive in every tournament they play.
    Milan owner, president, sporting director, coach don’t have a vision for the team.
    They all know Maldini will never agree the sell of Tonali. Since Kessie left and not properly replaced, Tonali has been the engine player in the midfield and see the process in Champions League last season.
    Pioli is a limited coach and Maldini saw that.
    Pioli can’t stop Tonali sell, but was talking all over there media how good Krunic was.
    They are all trying to build there own team from scratch by selling what Maldini has build in just 2-3years.
    Them gonna see how empty the stadium will be next season.

    1. “They all know Maldini will never agree to the sell of Tonali.”

      I watch Newcastle, and I gotta admit watching Tonali being amazing for them week in and week out, I wish Milan never kicked Maldini out of the door so he could keep Tonali.

      1. Huh? He hasn’t played a minute for them in 6 months and only played like 10 games before his suspension….

  11. Apparently Dumfries wants to move to Man U, does that mean Inter don’t understand football and are about to fall back to their banter era too? Onana wanted to leave and they replaced him with their backup keeper and all their star players left right? Bayern is selling Davies after a 3rd place finish. They clearly aren’t interested in trophies.

    Same crowd that said Milan would never recover without Tonali is back at it. You all b**ch about Leao’s effort and constantly call for him to be sold now you all cry over your own conjecture that he will leave. It’s a GD clown show on here…

    1. Davies is not sold first of all, he doesn’t want to renew from personal reasons. And Bayern is trying to replace him immediately with someone better like Theo. You see the difference ?

    2. Inter and bayern replace outgoing stars with exact to better options.
      Milan looks for cheap options that would definitely take time to get better.

      Please there is a massive difference between how these clubs are Operated.

  12. I’m not saying anything on a clickybaity news.. if it does happen in the summer it will be a huge blow, but we’d survive imao.. it’s just a lb after all

  13. This isn’t a story…. Theo being open to a move to Bayern doesn’t actually mean he will move to Bayern. I’m sure if asked, he’d be open to a move to any other big club too, who wouldn’t?

    That’s what media outlets do – they take an inch and stretch it a mile.

  14. Yeah right theo is pushing for a move to a club that doesn’t know who their manager is gonna be before the transfer window even opened. Who tf is mundo deportivo, I am sure that if a spanish journalist reports that a french player who plays in italy wants to move to germany and he is the only one then we should believe it.

  15. If Theo is to leave Acmilan should demand for musiala and chupomoting otherwise Theo is not going anywhere

  16. I’d be surprised if a player like Theo wanted to stay at Milan and it speaks to Theo’s character that he has been here until now.

    I wish we could keep him but Theo can slot into any of the world class teams and start winning immediately. Very tempting. It’s not about money because, in that case, he would’ve been gone a long time ago. This is about ambition – Or the lack it. Milan needs to push forward and show that we are indeed one of the big guns in football. Right now, Gerry and Redbird are treating Milan like it’s Ajax and that is not compatible with the best players in the world. This is the Summer where Garry needs to show us why he bought Milan, fired Maldini and appointed Zlatan. With the signings he will show what the ambitious will be, as they now have a complete management team with preparation to operate on all areas. If they can actually land the highest rated talents such as Sesko and the some established star players, then this is something that convinced OWN established stars to stay ✨

  17. We need to realise that a lot of the great players like Theo that we have now are loyal to Maldini because they know he was a champ and the only one who wants to win in Milan.

    The way Maldini was sacked affected a lot of the senior players. And even affected me as well. Selling Tonali and so on.

    Whatever Cardinale is doing I hope we don’t sink again. I just hope we don’t just become as bad as we were before. I hope Theo and Mike stay. I hope Pioli leaves. I hope Maldini is allowed back. I hope Cardinale sells Milan.

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