Musah admits he was ‘surprised’ by San Siro noise but ‘it helped us a lot’

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan midfielder Yunus Musah has said that he was actually surprised by the noise that fans were able to generate at San Siro on Tuesday night but he knows that it helped the team to the victory.

Speaking during an interview with Milan TV after the match (via Milan News), the American midfielder reacted to his first taste of a really big Champions League night at San Siro where the team simply had to win.

“I was surprised at how noisy it was. For us it’s nice, for PSG it was difficult. It helped us a lot,” Musah said.

Milan fell behind early on thanks to Milan Skriniar’s header but as Musah explains, the team reacted well because they knew they were still firmly in the contest.

“Even though we took the goal we knew we were in the game, we had to continue like that without giving up and that’s what we did,” Musah explained.

He also explained that the defeat against Udinese at the weekend gave the team a determination to prove themselves.

“We were very united after the defeat against Udinese. To come back and win against PSG is a great thing.”

The next game comes against Lecce in Serie A, meaning there is a good chance to build some form.

“I’ve always had confidence, it was only a matter of time to return to this level. We have to prove it in every game,” he said.

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  1. Good thing these fans didnt do Anti Manager chants like some of the people here wanted huh? This is how help your team win big games

    1. Hey man, my family has our own Hospital. If you want some help, I can do that. I can’t have my fellow fan stay re$arded at such an old age. At least read the comments before saying this bull#rap because I read all comments and don’t remember a single comment asking fans to do anti-pioli chants.

      1. Go to San Siro and try your bullsh*t chants about Managers and owners, see if you come back without a punch to the face

        Come on dont be a pu$$y

        1. Lol, I am not even anti-pioli. I just want us to play good football and win. I am the type of person who always believes in winning, other than that it means I did something wrong, I guess we both have lived completely different lives old man. You should take care of your health, man, hatred will not take you anywhere and why not use your brain a bit before commenting all this crap.

          1. you talk to me about hatred when all you do is hate on everything here 24/7 lmao, one loss and its like you hate the whole squad

            are you daft?

          2. @Boulden When did I do that lol? I didn’t say anything about the Juve loss but losing to a team like Udinese who was yet to win a single game wasn’t a good thing for a club of this size. Sorry man, for uncivilized people like you winning mentality, being a perfectionist might not be a thing, but that’s not the case for everyone here. Learn how to accept other people’s opinion before thinking everyone will agree with your opinion. Have a good day (Maybe not).

          3. As mentioned, any idiot who comes into contact with you is in for a bad time, feel bad for any human being you interact with day to day

            so toxic

            winning mentality my foot

    2. The whistles at the end of the Udinese match were for the whole team, not just the players, so technically they did already make themselves heard.

  2. Bro I could have felt the energy from the crowd and I was at home. It gave me a push, I could well imagine the players. Like Pep once said, when the San Siro shouts, It SHOUTS

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