Musah lifts lid on his midfield idol, where Pioli wants to use him and areas he can improve

By Oliver Fisher -

Yunus Musah has spoken about his decision to join AC Milan from Valencia, as well as explaining the role Stefano Pioli wants to use him in and where he can improve.

Musah became Milan’s eighth signing of the summer transfer window as he signed on a five-year deal from Valencia, where he had spent the last few years after leaving Arsenal’s academy.

He made 33, 29 and 32 league appearances respectively from the 2020-21 season onwards as a member of the first team of the LaLiga side, before deciding to join the Rossoneri.

We analysed what the 20-year-old should bring to Milan in a piece yesterday, but it is always best to hear it first hand from the player. Musah spoke to reporters at his unveiling press conference at Milanello, with MilanNews relaying his quotes.

Did you have the opportunity to talk about Milan with Gattuso?

“Gattuso sometimes spoke to me about what was happening here at Milan. He gave me advice on how to play as a midfielder. With Riccio [Gattuso’s assistant], we joked about playing for Milan this year… Then it happened,” he said.

You speak Italian…

“I’m delighted to be here, I can’t wait to play and help my team-mates. I’m delighted.”

What kind of midfielder are you?

“I like to do a little bit of everything. I like dropping deep, carrying the ball early by dribbling, being aggressive in defence… I like being a midfielder who does a little bit of everything. I think I have power to carry the ball forward.”

Who smiles more between you and Chukwueze?

“I don’t know, he smiles a lot too… It’s very good to have someone like him in the dressing room.”

Did you speak to Gattuso after the official announcement?

“No, I haven’t talked to him, but now that you’ve told me, I’ll have to call him.”

Your journey has taken you from Giorgione (the Italian town where he grew up) to Milan…

“I would never have dreamed of it. It’s a very beautiful story: I traveled around a lot after Giorgione and now I’m back here in Italy, in Milan, in a club with a very great history.”

How does it feel to be in this dressing room?

“It’s a dressing room full of players with a lot of talent, who have already done so many things in football. Working with them is a privilege. I want to improve and learn from them, reaching my best.”

How was your childhood here in Italy?

“I had a great time in Italy. I played a lot of tournaments, we played often and then when I was hungry we went to my mother’s shop to get some snacks. I had a great time.

“I can immediately fit in here in Italy knowing the language. My brother is from Milano, we always play together and we know many things about Milan.”

Who has impressed you the most at Milan?

“All the players are top-level, I’ve been watching them on TV for the past two years. Being able to play with them is a privilege, I’m very happy.”

Have you spoken to Pioli?

“I’m talking to the coach, he’s teaching me how he wants me to play to help the team. Pioli is helping me a lot in inserting myself.”

What are your emotions?

“Many emotions. I want to raise my level. Milan is growing and I just want this to continue. This is a great opportunity for me.”

What position will you play in?

“Pioli is asking me to play as a mezzala, he’s explaining the positioning and how to get into the box.”

Who do you have as an idol?

“I really liked Yaya Touré, he was a reference for me and I keep watching his videos: he had technique and power, everything.”

Where do you need to improve?

“I can do more in the finishing phase, maybe score more goals. There’s a high level of tactics here, I’m missing this a bit… Now the coaches are helping me.”

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  1. Fake news.
    Experts in here like Gigi and Giancarlo have clearly explained that he was brought to play a regista and that there is no point in having more than 2 mezzalas in the squad (Reijnders and RLC).

      1. Look another moron. So many coming out of the woodwork.

        Interesting I have been calling for another DM for well over a month now and only stated Musah played as a DM for his national team. It’s up to Pioli what role he will play. Not me.

        1. These guys are morons and think we’re time travellers giving guarantees when in reality we were just giving our insight into where they could play considering where they have been effective in the past

          1. I can’t speak for everything giancarlo says but I always try to be civil and positive when I can be, unless people take jabs at me like above

      2. Me: I didn’t say they were going to sit Musah though, I just said there has been no indication from the team that they are expecting to play him in that role. There has also been no indication from the team that they were gunna play RLC as a 10 during the preseason so I suppose anything is possible.

        Giancarlo: I think you’re going to be entirely mistaken.

        Still can’t figure out what mistake he’s talking about. No other details…

        ..Are there moderators around here?

      1. Oh look a stalker who can barely put together a coherent sentence. You’re a sheep who worships Pioli/Krunic. You start crying anytime there is any criticism for your idols.

      1. Tbh I wouldn’t bother with the guys in these comments as 80% of them haven’t got a clue of what they’re talking about, there’s far more competent people surprisingly on Twitter like kierre palulu, karim, bdair, Martin and Rohit. Milan twitter is far friendlier and more competent than these sheep

      1. Also I said Musah COULD be played as a DM since he has experience there from the US national team, not that he is a GUARANTEE there.

    1. I’m not a time traveller I can’t predict everything, I was just giving my insight considering where Musah has played in the national team, but thanks for remembering me

      1. You said, and I qoute:
        “He’s going to be a 6 mate, trust me I’m more competent than you”
        I found that extremely arrogant and it stuck with me.
        So yeah, I remember you.

        1. I admit I lost my head but that’s because you said thats because you were equally arrogant and disrespectful by being the first to dismiss my opinion and say “tell me you’ve never watched him play”

          1. Yeah, but while other people were giving arguments and examples to support their opinion, having discussions based on facts, while you were just like: “Musah is going to be a 6”.
            Sometimes I get carried away too, but it’s ok, no hard feelings, at least from my side. I’m not here for this kind of personal arguments.

        2. As I said, f**knozzle, is Musah can play that role. If you choose to bring up my name, I will defend myself. Know your place.

          1. See, here’s one @Gio. He’s the most reliable expert, he follows Musah for like a month now and knows everything about him. Even more than Pioli and Musah himself. Ask him.

          2. But you want to force players to stay as a back up to a back up to a back up. If it was up to you we would have 4 LBs and 4 RBs.

  2. “Pioli is asking me to play as a mezzala…” Interesting, another mezzala. Well there goes balance. If Pioli is indeed playing all three of Tijjani, RLC and Musah, it’s going to be severely unbalanced if Musah is going to be another mezzala. Unless he comes out with some crazy innovation where everyone runs around doing a crazy press

    1. I think he just wants depth. Musah is just 20, he needs time to develop. Remember Kessie when he was that age? He was being mocked by the fans.
      Anyway, RLC is injury prone and Reijnders can’t play all minutes. Musah will be the first alternative. He’ll get plenty on minutes.
      Also, when Krunic won’t be available, we’ll probably see Reijnders as regista and Musah as mezzala.

      1. @A That was my concern too. His age and adaptation. Thank goodness he grew up in Italy though so knows the culture. But he will take time to adapt. But I def think he will come good. Both him and Tiji. Where do u think he’s going to play though and in what system?

        1. Based on what we’ve seen, the system is 4-3-3, confirmed by all the new midfielders that have arrived and what we played in the friendlies.
          Krunic will be the regista, confirmed by Reijnders and the friendlies.
          Reijnders and RLC as mezzalas, based on what they played until now and what they said Pioli promised them. Musah as rotation option for both, together with Pobega, although I have a feeling Pobega is not exactly what Pioli wants and we’ll see more of Musah instead.

          1. Exactly. And till Bennacer comes back Krunic is going to play as the starting regista. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Krunic a lot and give him credit for what he brings, more than what many here are willing to admit, but we definitely need better. And with Bennacer’s fitness issues, I don’t see him staying for long at AC Milan after he recovers. Pioli has used Pobega as the last man in midfield a few times so let’s see. And we all know he isn’t going to play Adli anywhere on the pitch. So perhaps a new player can arrive, hope it’s Ricci

          2. I believe that sometimes Anguissa is moved to the deeper role despite mostly playing box to box. Its good to have two way players or players that can play multiple roles if needed.

          3. Right on 👍
            I think someone had pointed out, can’t recall who, that it looked like a 4231 when defending and 433 while attacking while I was saying it still looked like a 4231 and showed some timestamps in the Barca gm that showed a clear 4231. But then I realized it was during defending. He might have a point..seems like Tijjani moves forward to support RLC and co in a quasi 433 (like a 4123 variant). But it also leaves a hole in the back if at least one of the mezzalas don’t track back. Over time I think they’ll figure it out though. If we only figure out that defense, man it’s going to be alot of problems for teams

          4. @IKWYDLS I also denied there is a switch to 4-3-3 after the Lumezzane game, based on the positioning in the pressing phase. Maybe Pioli just wants a smooth transition from the old pressing shape into a new one, given that the players are still used to the old formation. Or he could keep it that way permamently, who knows?

          5. @A that’s precisely what I’m thinking too. Transition between the old and new setup

            Btw, no need to engage with certain folks here. I’m gonna ignore from now on tbh. Look at how lovely the discussion has been 🙂

          6. There is no position on the pitch that Musah can’t play better than Krunic. But, hey let’s renew him and give him a raise! Thanks Pioli.

          7. IKWYDLS – Well said – 433 = 4231 (with the midfield triangle turned 180 degrees). It sure looks like the second one to me…. I’d argue RLC is playing closer to a second striker than a 10 and the vertical space between his average position and Krunic is leaving the defense wide open. I wonder if he can just play striker?

            RLC is at the top, Tijjani connects the defense to the offense, Krunic holds it down. The fact Pioli isn’t addressing it is weird. Either the press is supposed to be higher and more compact or RLC is supposed to track back, but the midfield unsurprisingly still has lot of work to do. RLC may be best as a super sub if in need of a goal, But hes too talented to just be chillin unless thats where hes been told to stay. Curious what the distance metrics will look like.

      2. That makes perfect sense.
        I also think that they will make a move for a deep lying playmaker before the end of market even though Pioli said the department is complete.

  3. Some people here think Milan will find their playstyle with all these players in just a day, are you insane? This will take time, all of these are young players and we’ll integrate them as slowly

    Stop trying to come up with new things to complain about before the season even starts

  4. I have called for another DM, including Dominguez, for well over a month now. Musah can play several roles. But that’s not up for me to determine.

    I’d rather we sign another DM to see Krunic, a fake DM and a fraud being sat on the bench.

    1. How when you were so convincing and so confident that Musah is the chosen one for the DM. I mean you heard about him and followed him extensively for a month now. You must know everything. I mean mezzala? Pioli is such a clueless coach.

      1. You wanted to force Gabbia to stay and said our squad is doomed without him. And it’s an irreparable hole we can’t fix at all. You’re an idiot who rants like a lunatic. You don’t even know anything about this game.

        I Said he could play the role, you tool.

        You went on and on about holes. You seem to have one on your face that spews out nonsense.

        1. That’s laim defense mechanism you got there. Breathe man, you gonna have a heart attack. It’s ok, you got it wrong. We don’t really take you serious around here so it doesn’t really matter. Although you called us idiots when persuading that Musah is our DM. Now that’s just funny! I’m gonna write that down so I can shove it in your face everytime you try and be wise again. Cause you have no clue about football whatsoever.

          1. “He’s going to be a 6 mate, trust me I’m more competent than you” – Giancarlo

            Oh man I’m going to enjoy this so much.

  5. As now we are active in out going transfer we have to get a 15m or 20m DM we will be strong because we can you use both 433 and 4231 but if we go on like this then no problem because musah can play 4

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