Report: Negotiations ‘in progress’ between Chelsea and Milan over Lukaku – the latest

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are in talks with Romelu Lukaku and Chelsea over a possible shock move late in the window, it is claimed, but there are several obstacles to overcome.

Carlo Pellegatti was the first to report that the ‘crazy idea’ of Lukaku turning his back on the Nerazzurri and Bianconeri to move to Milan is something that could be achievable given the relations between Gerry Cardinale and Todd Boehly.

During his comments in today’s pre-Bologna press conference, Stefano Pioli made it clear that another centre-forward could arrive, and the name of Lukaku is once again doing the rounds.

According to Florian Holsbeek, negotiations are ‘in progress’ between Lukaku and Milan, but there are still some things that must be unblocked for it to become a realistic possibility.

The first is the formula of the transfer, because Chelsea want a loan with obligation to buy whereas the Rossoneri management are pushing for a loan with option.

The second issue is the salary that the Belgian would then earn if his loan deal were to become a permanent, given the high amount he currently gets.

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  1. OH SNAP! That would be a twist!!!

    Say what you will about this guy interpersonally but as a footballer he is VERY good. If the numbers make sense, I would take him in a heart beat. Massive upgrade over Giroud – Big, strong, YOUNGER and decisive (unless we play a CL final, then he needs to be benched LOL!!! ) I’d pick him over any target we’ve been linked with so far…

    Now financially speaking, this could be a challenge, but seeing as to how Milan could be a Last-Chance-Saloon for him, I’d keep the wages low if I were Romelu.

    (Imagine playing him against Inter at the derby LMAO!!! )

      1. LMAO!!! You’re right, let’s use 37yo Oli instead 🙂 He’s definitely not crap, but he does bring in a lot of drama to the locker room.

        1. I’ve no problem using a 37yo Giroud. He’s a proper man and does his job with flying colours.
          Better to tough it out this season and buy a proper young ST next summer or even this winter.
          Lukaku is a lost cause, nobody wants him. nobody

          1. He can’t play every single game. And I love Giroud. I love his commitment and heart, but you don’t risk your investment on a 20 year old Colombo and a 37 year old that clearly can’t play a full season.

            Your judgment is horrible as always and you really don’t have the best interests of this team in mind.

          2. o really? And its in the best interest of the club to bring in a dude with a 16.9M pounds gross salary?
            Its pretty obvious Milan has no interest in Lukaku and this is just the media pushing it…
            Told you already dont bother me. Instead go tell people how Musah is a DM its the only thing you’re good for

          3. “a 37 year old that clearly can’t play a full season.”

            Didn’t he just play a full season last season PLUS the World Cup where he outperformed 90% of the other strikers in the contest?

          4. Giroud is overrated, shouldn’t play for Milan because sucks at finishing, can’t beat man one on one he ain’t, we are better relying another CF !!!

          5. @bb, but he tailed off a bit at the end didn’t he? He’s a year older now. I rate Giroud, but I’m for someone younger who can score coming in as well.

            @flyingturtle, it doesn’t have to been another Higuain if they get him on loan with an OPTION. I think it could be a win/win. Either he comes in and is mediocre at best, but provided some over to Giroud and then he goes back to Chelsea, OR he’s great and we sign him permanently in 2024 to be the experienced striker when Giroud’s contract ends. Again, only IF it’s an option to buy. If it’s an outright purchase or obligation then the risk is much higher obviously.

    1. True. If the Numbers are on our conditions i would prefer him over all other CF we were linked with. Colombo then can Go on loan. But i want to See Many Minutes from okafor too.

    2. He is garbage, and you are clueless if you think otherwise. There’s a reason why no one wants him or likes him. If you would rather have him over someone like Scamacca, then this fanbase is r*tarded.

      1. “If you would rather have him over someone like Scamacca, then this fanbase is r*tarded.” R*tarded statement, since Scamacca is not available. Who can we get that is something of a known quantity and doesn’t cost 40m? The r*tards are the ones that expect a 40-50m signing after a summer in which we’ve already spent 110m. This is clearly a stop-gap signing until 2024, when Giroud is of a contract, and most if not all funds can go to a striker, since we sorted out the rest of the squad this summer.

    1. The only difference is, we don’t need him to profess his love for Milan, in fact we put it in his contract that he is not allowed to kiss the badge.

      We just use him like the mercenary that he is.

  2. Lakaka is a no for me. Not because of his qualities but his attitude sucks ass. Meanwhile Veliz would be spending most time in bench this season, as I saw Tottenham even opted to have Richarlison as their ST.. idk I haven’t seen any mouthwatering profile linked with us lately. Ekitike maybe? Damn STs are quite a rare breed lately.

        1. Oh yes, I def agree with you about his age and our need for an actual striker in our ranks to be younger as a starter and for the next 5-8 years if possible. Problem is all these young stop gaps aren’t going to overthrow Giroud anytime soon. Not even Okafor.
          This might be an unpopular opinion but we should have cough up some money 70-100m for Oshimen. You know he guarantees goals unlike most of the strikers we’re linked to. And he fits our tall striker with size set up

          1. But I’d rather try Okafor than keep relying on Oli. He is still vital but he is a liability to the system. Apart from his goalscoring ability, with him in our starting 11 we would be lacking 1 on-field player 😆. That’s why I think it would be wiser to have him on the last 20 or 30 mins to unlock tiring defenses.

  3. I do not believe that this transfer could be realized, there are too many obstacles, mostly financial of course! I think the real fact is that Lukaku is still a first-class striker, but a lot has been happening around him lately, and I think it could have left a psychological mark on him! From Inter to Chelsea and then a forced transfer back. Then there was talk of negotiations with Juventus. And in the end he ends up in the Milan jersey! I would feel rather strange in his place.

      1. Not regarding the coming back, but more about the personality and other things outside football reasonings. Many members here were against Kessie’s idea because he ‘betrayed’ Milan, prefer bigger money, yada yada, all emotional factors. While Lukalu, well, to cut things short he’s far far worse from a personality pov.

        If we use emotional reasoning for Kessie, we should do the same for Lakaka. If we use more football less emotional factor for Lakaka, then we should do the same for Kessie. If not, that just shows the finest double standard.

  4. Im doubt he is willing lower his salary. He get 12m euro nett at chelsea. He must lower his salary to 4-5m euro nett / year to make this deal happen . He probably choose bale path ,stay until his contract expire in chelsea

    1. Yes, 4-5mil are realistic, but he will get nowhere else more. He dont want to Go to arabia. PL-Teams have no interest in him. No other club, Who is playing CL will pay him more than 5mil.

  5. Um… if he’s committed to us and yes, he’ll score plenty of goals… I suppose. I have questions about his attitude.

    Still, would be a twist in the story and because of our close business dealings with Chelsea, I wouldn’t doubt that it could happen. We will see though.

  6. He’s certainly a better player than of the strikers we’re linked with, but I’d rather have a player who will respect the club.

  7. Guys a loan fee for around 5mil, a salary for under 5mil net, and an Option to buy for 25 would be a very good Deal. For These Numbers a no brainer. Chelsea want to get rid of him and he Need a new destination. Relations between Chelsea and Milan are good. Lets see.

      1. obviously not. it would have to be on Milan’s terms. Nobody is paying face value for this guy. Lukaku might agree too just to spite Inter.

  8. Jeez Lukaku… It feels like most of people want him to join just to p*as inter off but is that really a good enough reason? What happened to Tehremi? Or Dia? Or anyone else?

      1. Not objectively,. I guess we have different definitions of the word “great”. I would not use that to describe Lukaku. Great strikers are in high demand, yet nobody seems to want this guy. Chelsea desperately need someone who can score goals yet they don’t want him. Inter don’t want him. Juve passed on him. He has little skill, relied mostly on strength and speed which now at his age are starting to decline. Not to mention he chokes at the biggest moments for club and country. Not great.

  9. Whoever wants him hasnt seen his misses in the CL final

    he also doesnt fit our style we need a strong striker yes but we need a striker that can bring people in, not with someone who has the first touch of a deer.

      1. We dont need stronger we need smarter, have you ever seen Lakaka play or are you just going off his numbers? lmao

        If he is as good as you say, why the fk doesnt anyone want him?

        1. I have. He is a fantastic hold up play guy. He has pace. He has strength and a great shot and generally a lot still left in his tank.

          What’s the down side here? Drama? I’ll take it if it comes with 10-15 goals this season. Until we find the next sure thing.

  10. If Milan sign Lukaku we will definitely win the Serie A this season. I said it before and I will say it again, Lukaku fits the system Pioli plays. He will give more space to Leao, Chukwueze and Pulisic. Good signing if Milan can pull it off.

  11. I’d be very happy to see Lukaku come in, objectively I think he’s a very good player – he’s never been known for ‘big’ goals but it’s the smaller teams we need to improve against and he’s always done well in those sorts of matches. Some people make out like the guy has personality flaws but honestly I don’t really see that too much and he’s from a really humble background.

    From a few years ago, but give this a read:

    He wouldn’t have been my first choice, but it doesn’t look like Icardi is possible and Scamacca has gone to Atalanta. If we can get Lukaku with no long term commitment and a point to prove then I say it’s a great deal.

  12. You all make me so annoyed why would we want him.
    We have Olivier Giroud,,,he should be our main man this season ..I don’t think some of you are real fans .
    Not at all …You have short memories indeed two seasons ago I said if we signed Olivier Giroud we could / would win the scuddeto,which we did ..part of the reason was the form of Olivier Giroud..last season we reached the semi final of the champions leauge ,Olivier played his part in that also .The man is still technically brilliant and he holds the play up so well ,and allows others alongside him into the game .
    He knows exactly where to be at the right moments in a match ,,,another reason I like him ,is that he is committed to his cause …He will score goals this season ,no doubt about that ..I have watched this man play for many years ,and he still has got what it takes .
    We will challenge for honours again this season but the way some of you are …You just don’t believe .

    1. Look, many of us here love Oli and would love nothing more than to see him play on a regular basis. But he is 37 years old. We cannot expect him to perform as he did. And moreover as it is evident on this blog, many of the fans would turn against him if he underperforms. It wouldn’t be fair to expect him to be our protagonist.

    2. Absolutely Giroud is class and our leader – but at 37 he can’t play every game and will get hurt and will need rest – and we only have Columbo as a true #9 and he will get loaned out and needs playing time and isn’t ready for a big club – so we need another #9. Whether that’s Lukaku or someone else you cannot solely rely on just Giroud – that would be career suicide. Fault is on management for waiting this long to get someone when many alternatives at the beginning of the transfer window existed. Now season have begun and we have little to chose from. Zapata would be my choice since we are choosing not to spend big $$ on the position this summer

    3. Giroud is also 37 and can’t play every game. Nothing against him personally. But he can’t run away from time.

      What’s this “real fans” nonsense? 🤣

      1. The “real fans” remark gets dropped way too often here haha. I think everyone likes Giroud, but he’s 37 and we need an adequate alternative. There are a lot of games this year and the top 4 race will be intense. Depth will be crucial

    4. footballfocus20 I think most Milan fans appreciate Giroud alot for all the reasons you’ve provided but I think their concerns are with his age he’ll start to decline soon so there needs to be a succession plan

  13. I wonder what Ibra would say to that idea 🙂

    Noobkaku is a cursed player,i really hope he dont come to Milan,i would compare him to Balloteli and when Papa Silvio said that he is like a rotten apple,same goes to Noobkaku,pls dont buy him.

  14. This ONLY makes sense under the right conditions – LOAN with OPTION to buy and a serious REDUCTION of his salary to 4M. Max 2 year deal at most – this year and next. He can still contribute in Italy and considering the alternatives and the fact we WAITED till the last minute to get a striker and instead blew all of our transfer budget on midfielders – we have little choice left. Worse case we have him for one year then dump him. Anything longer than this year and next is bad considering his age and propensity to put on weight. But short term he could be useful. However, For me I’d rather us just go for Zapata instead for 10M and be done with it. Less headaches reasonable salary big and powerful and healthy again.

    We are starting to see it’s not so easy to buy players when you don’t have $$$ any longer lol. Now you have to be creative and now the same criticisms M&M we’re receiving for “waiting” or “not being able to sell players” or going after “high risk players or older players because they are cheap” are starting to resurface. Not an easy job for anyone.

    1. Exactly under those circumstances. Not a permanent buy. Basically solid patchwork until we find a better CF. But on any given day, Lukaku is a better buy than Zapata.

  15. Just to give a perspective on how ridiculously impossible a permanent move to Milan would be – at a current annual salary of £16,900,000, Lukaku earns FOUR TIMES as much as the highest wage earners at Milan. And, his guaranteed contract runs for THREE more years with Chelsea until June 2026.

    Blubber Butt only has to sit on his Fat Ass for three more years to collect £50,700,000 – so why would he agree to a permanent move to Milan at a wage scale one-fourth of what he is making?

    That’s what caused his return to Inter to break down in the first place. Inter had already agreed to pay Chelsea €35 million for a re-transfer of Blubber Butt, but he never agreed to personal terms with Inter, and instead had his agent shop around for a better salary. That was when it came out that Juventus were negotiating with his agent, and that totally infuriated Inter, who pulled out of this deal.

    The reason that Blubber Butt went to Juventus is obvious – they previously had paid Cristiano Ronaldo a huge salary for one season, so probably his agent thought they might be able to afford more money.

    There is no way that Milan’s wage structure, which tops out at about €4-5 million a year, could ever come to terms with Blubber Butt.

    Think about it, he could sit on his Fat Ass for the next 3 years and collect his £50,700,000, or he could agree to give all that up to go to a league and team with a wage structure one fourth of that rate – he would have to stay healthy and play for the next TWELVE YEARS at that rate to make the same amount of money.

    Chelsea and the Boehly Clown Car are going to find themselves stuck with a very very expensive Immovable Paperweight for the next three years, I’m afraid.

    1. Or Chelsea will pay a big part of his salary just to avoid exactly that situation. Saving 25-eo% of a bench warmer is better than nothing. And if he is good they will be able to offload him. In the end he is still top notch striker.

    2. You’re right but Lukaku still apparently has things to prove. Rumors have it he was pissed off about not starting the CL final which (along with poor input from his mother) led him to talk to Juve in the first place.

      If he didn’t give a s*it about professional accomplishments, he’d be at Inter still, collecting $$$. If he comes to Milan, it woul dhave to be on Milan’s terms.

      What this mercato has shown us is that Milan have parameters and valuations that they will not exceed under any circumstances, which to be honest is laudable. So if this happens, it will be on terms that are very advantageous for Milan. Trust Furlani on that.

      FORZA MILAN ⚫️🔴

      1. Nonsense. He was passed about not starting so he missed a point blank header from 3 yards and then blocked one of his teammates shots from going in? He would be at Inter if they still wanted him. They don’t, Chelsea doesn’t, Juventus didn’t, and we shouldn’t either. I’ll take a 36 year old Giroud or even a 42 year old Ibra over this trash.

  16. TBH. I’d prefer Lukaku over Taremi, Morata, Sardar. Kean and so on.

    I’d like a youngster like Gimenez, but since that’s not happening.

  17. This is the only thing that can make me stop watching Milan. I can not support this guy. Sure he will score some goals, but then he will let you down in every big moment. Please don’t do this.

  18. If chelsea are willing to loan him and pay 50% lakaka salary then why not ? That will give colombo his desire too ( go on loan ) . Loan lakaka for one year and you can decide buy him or new striker next season . Win win solution for AC Milan

  19. Ibra’s ghost would haunt the rafters if Lukaku signed for us. But Lukaku is a proven ace in Serie A. The situation is similar to Hakan C. but in reverse. I think the Salary is prohibitive for the deal and I would like to see Columbo get his chance instead.

  20. Oh come on!!! Lukaku is the player who Guardiola laughed, because his clumsiness.

    I think Lukaku time is over. He is better to play outside Europe.

    If Lukaku really come to Milan, what a comedy.

  21. He is on the decline… while his attitude is not just about Inter.. he did it at Chelsea too. The club thay signed him for 100m was told that he wanted to go back to Inter . Inter didn’t mind because they thought he was like a lost child feeling homesickness. Then he did this to Inter.

  22. It’s a very possible move. Despite his age, Lukaku is a champion, have many International Caps, appeared in many top competitions in the world. So he is still in ACM’s transfer policy. He might brings new boost at player’s jersey too, because Lukaku is still have a good reputation in the world.

    An ideal profile to cover Giroud, obviously. One of the best Old-styled Target-man in the world.

    So yes, please make it happens.

  23. This board is making Milan worse by almost every decidion they made this summer.
    Ok some good signings are there like Okafor, Chukwueze or Reijnders but…medicore and injury prone players like Pulisić and RLC + medicore Musah,
    Selling Tonali (world class player),
    kicking out Maldini a club legend,
    loaning out CdK with a buy out clause..and now bringing this donkey (Lakaka) to Milan…

    I am getting the Man UTD vibes – hate the owner, love the club

  24. I don’t like him at all but I should admit he is a good striker. Pair this bunch of muscles with fast dribbler Leao and we’ll collect our points. Sometimes a good old brute force is the only thing separating us from goals.

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