Nesta explains why rules must change as Milan struggle with Kessie’s renewal

By Isak Möller -

Franck Kessie’s contract with AC Milan will expire at the end of the season and a free transfer is looking increasingly likely. The Rossoneri legend Alessandro Nesta recently shared his thoughts on the matter. 

The Ivorian now famously promised to sort the renewal upon returning from the 2021 summer Olympics. Nothing has happened since and his demands remain very high, which Milan cannot satisfy amid their efforts to stabilise the balance sheet.

The situation hasn’t gone down too well with the Milan fans and it’s looking like yet another one of the club’s stars will leave for free. Interviewed by Gazzetta Dello Sport (via MilanLive), Nesta spoke about the matter.

“I understand that he has an international market, he can play for any team. In terms of quality, there are very few like him. The rules are wrong, you can’t be two years from contract expiration and ask for excessive amounts to renew.

“A club cannot afford to keep the player or even lose him. If the rules don’t change the clubs will always find themselves taken by the neck by agents and players,” he stated.

It remains to be seen if there will be an opening for the renewal but it’s looking very unlikely for the time being. Although Milan’s offer is relatively high, Kessie can go abroad and get more, which makes sense if he’s only after the money.

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  1. “A club cannot afford to keep the player or even lose him. If the rules don’t change the clubs will always find themselves taken by the neck by agents and players,”


    There’s no rules that limit agents & players excessive demands. In the end, club can’t do anything; either agreed with the demands or losing the players.

    It’s a very difficult situation for clubs like Milan who’s aiming for stable financial and also avoiding FFP while in the same time are building a good team to stay in the top table.

  2. I agree with Nesta, that there is an issue, but I don’ t see how you could change the rules to solve the problem. In most countries, the max. length of a contract is 5 yrs. If you buy undeveloped players, then naturally you will end with some situations where their breakthrough seasons coincide with contract expiration. The market dictates a players value and some clubs and countries are just economically stronger than others. Noone cries when we try to snatch players from lower clubs.

  3. Now that the bosman rule is used as a weapon to strangle the club, there must be a new regulation that does not harm both parties.
    For example, a new club must pay compensation of 1/4 or 1/2 or so on from the total contract value of players at the new club. this might be better than the salary cap which might be detrimental to players.
    or remove the free transfer system. when the player’s contract runs out, it is replaced with a month-to-month contract. but maybe there will be a lot of problems

    1. Imagine you are working for a company and they did that to you (“it is replaced with a month-to-month contract”). This argument is ridiculous. Nothing is wrong with the rules has it is now. Clubs should renew the contract of players when they have 2 years remaining that way if the player does not want to renew you sell them and if they want to wait until their contract is up so that they get sign-on bounes then you send them to the stands all season so that their market value decrease and they wont be a valuable asset to any club. AC Milan for the past two years are playing the game incorrectly. Kessie is in the right.

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