CM: A ‘new cloud’ forms over Leao’s future – the current situation including truth about meeting

By Oliver Fisher -

There will be no in-person meeting between the AC Milan management and the entourage of Rafael Leao today, according to a report. report that there are ‘new clouds over Rafael Leao’s future’. In recent weeks a lot has been written about Milan’s confidence in reaching and agreement and the Rossoneri are convinced that they have at least found the right ground on which to conclude things.

The Portuguese winger has shown a willingness to continue his growth at Milan and even from an economic point of view the feeling is that the €7m net per year (including bonuses) is an amount he would accept.

However, despite the fact that sources close to Leao’s entourage stated they will be present in Italy and that a meeting could take place today, direct confirmations have never arrived and therefore a summit is not expected. There will be no meeting in person, but this does not mean that contacts have stopped and talks are going on digitally.

There are a couple of knots still to be untied and the first concerns commissions, which Milan cannot and do not want to pay in two forms. On the one hand there is the lawyer Ted Dimvula – who holds the power of attorney for Leao – while on the other Rafa’s father Antonio continues to rely on the advice of Jorge Mendes, who boasts excellent relations with the Rossoneri.

The other problem revolves around the €150m release clause in Leao’s current contract, while Milan would like to keep or even raise in the new agreement, while the player’s entourage would prefer to remove it or lower it, thus boosting the possibility of a transfer at lower figures.

There are obstacles, but Leao’s willingness to stay – also publicly manifested on several occasions – keeps alive Milan’s confidence in being able to give this story a positive outcome.

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  1. Leao can’t play the same in Milan vs any other club. Milan should remove clause and be prepared to sell Leao like any other player, for any fee. Same thing happening to many Milan players now who are not in good shape this year .
    American management is stupid. They will probably win money 💰 but, they can’t win anything else. Just like in Manchester United.

    1. Removing the clause would be worse from Leao’s perspective than doing nothing at all. The point is they want a lower clause. Your entire comment makes no sense, which is funny considering you’re calling the management stupid.

      1. My comment doesn’t have sense, but American leading Manchester United in tearms of field success, and American releasing best Milan players for free does have sense ?

        Yes, you said enough. Your father must be American.

  2. You can tell these are lies from the fact that they said he wants the release clause removed.
    Why would any player want that? It’s a guarantee that he can leave for 150 mil, but can also leave for 10 mil if the clubs agree on that. That 150 mil is just the amount needed to end the contract unilaterally. The lower it is, the better for the player. If It’s gone, then the club can ask for 500 mil to let him go.
    Obviously the person who made this story up doesn’t understand how release clauses work.

  3. stale info. it’s not news anymore. why is he getting all this airtime? if he wants to stay , sign. what’s so damn difficult? he ain’t on last seasons form, none of the squad are and all the press writes about is leao this or that… Pioli should have upgraded his right flank, every idiot can see that our right side is weak. when both flanks are working we become more unpredictable. as it stands know everyone knows, we rely on leao and he requires space to run… block that and Milan suffocates

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