MN: New revenues, a stadium and Bayern Munich’s model – what Milan can expect from RedBird

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have officially changed ownership with RedBird Capital taking over 99.97% of the shares from Elliott Management for €1.2bn.

MilanNews reports that it was an operation conducted by Gerry Cardinale – the founder of RedBird – but one which involves large American investors such as the New York Yankees, the Main Street Advisors group and others.

What should Milan expect from their new owners? Firstly their plan is to continue the good work done by Elliott in cleaning up the accounts with the aim to further expand the Rossoneri’s brand in the world and to unlock further revenues.

Then there is the vision of a new stadium which could take place independently from Inter in the area of ​​Sesto San Giovanni where the former Falck steel works were. Cardinale has already visited the site in recent months and believes it to be a good location.

As mentioned the goal is to increase brand power which then increases revenues, which will be reinvested into the first team and improving all the infrastructure of the club. To be further competitive in Italy and in Europe, Milan need more money coming in to have greater spending power in the transfer market.

The model to follow is that of Liverpool or Bayern Munich and not either PSG or Manchester City, because the latter two have immeasurable wealth whereas to Milan’s new owners money matters and has an important value.

This does not mean that in the future when Milan are back among the elite in terms of revenues that they will still say no to making big-money signings though, but for now the youth project will remain the focus.

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  1. To put Psg and City in the same basket is not entirely fair, as the latter seem far more reasonable in their economic spending and strategy.

  2. Real Madrid won their 14 champions league titles by paying unproven players right ?
    i really want to know what’s the point of getting young players and when they reach their peak we won’t give them salary they deserve like we did with kessie
    now barcelona give him a salary that he clearly deserve to be their backup , and we can’t keep our important players ,
    letting kessie leave for free is going to cost the club 100 million at least this year i hope the salary you save by not given him salary he deserve was worth it
    and the derby with the merda you gonna see why i’m mad at the way things going with our club
    we got lucky last year with injury crisis we had on defense and Pierre Kalulu come up big and literally save our club from those greedy mf let’s see who can do that again this year if we can be in top 4 i be happy

    1. Don’t you understand our situation? Now redbird takeover. Surely we will renew our player but what’s the point of overpaying them?
      So you want to overpay kessie and his agent. While they disrespect us by telling lies after lies.

  3. red bird is going to destroy all good done by Elliot.It’s just a group of people who look after making profit,as soon as posible.By not investing in first squad is clearly said that there are going to be minimum/none investements.And the team is going to fight in CL again,with no significant signings.That is desaster!And the coming season is going to be desaster….Leao and Bennacer are delaying contract same way Donnaruma,Cahanoglu and Kessie did,milions are flowing by ,and new owner speaks about “politics of young players!”.Desaster!AC Milan is not a team from 7-th league who needs to level up with teenagers,they need at least half of team from experianced guys.And those you have to pay.I have very bad feeling about red bird group….very very bad feeling

  4. increase brand power which then increases revenues,
    how you can do that without reinvested into the first team first ?
    this is football Ac Milan become one of the most famous club in the world by getting van basten gullit rijkaard three of the best players at that time , every single big club become big by paying the best players in the world ,
    study history of football to understand the present

    1. They will be reinvesting in the 1st team, but not with outrageous spending like PSG, ManCity, Chelsea and ManUtd have done. ManUtd has spent almost 300 mil euros this summer and they won’t even make top 4. Their revenue is sky high because of the money they generate just by being in EPL , having their own stadium & along with RMadrid & Barca the top 3 brands in football. Milan’s got better success on the field historically than Barca & Utd but as a brand in todays age is nowhere near the top. You can barely find any club content in English. Most of the world speaks or understands English, outside of Italy only a small % of people understand Italian. Most people can’t relate. With the rise of social media and streaming platforms, It isn’t anymore just about what happens on the field . Milan prior to Elliott was in the stone age in that aspect
      Spending big money doesn’t mean success.
      Bayern usually doesn’t spend a lot of money & they are top 5 club in history . They are the most financially stable club in Europe.
      Until Milan builds their own stadium and starts bringing revenue from it don’t expect them to spend like those wealthy clubs, because all of them own their stadiums, even Juventus.
      Be mad at Berlusconi for not building Milan a stadium . Juventus did, and Berlusconi had the power to do it but he was too busy doing stupid stuff.

      1. New owners call Milan a sleeping giant, because they see the huge fan base the club has around the world. Fan base of mostly hard core fans not plastic ones like the ManCity, PSG, Chelsea etc fans.
        A huge fan base and the club over the last 10 years under Berlusconi, until Elliott, had done nothing to engage with them and make that fan base even bigger.
        Football and sports are business nowadays. The fans besides for cheering are also customers. You need to create an environment where more customers would wanna come in.
        Stop complaining and let the new owners work at piece. They haven’t even been in place for 1 whole day and people already criticizes them

    2. “how you can do that without reinvested into the first team first ?”

      Are you saying they should replace

      – Mike
      – Tomori
      – Kalulu
      – Theo
      – Tonali
      – Bennacer
      – Leao
      – Giroud

      Good players who won Scudetto for Milan last year?

      And did you not see how many new young players they bought for this season?

      – CDK
      – Adli
      – Origi
      – Thiaw
      – Vrankx
      – Dest

      Van Basten, Rijkaard, and Gullit already retired long ago and no one can replace them. It’s time boomers like you face the reality
      fvck off and keeps watching Milan nostalgia matches

  5. They just officially become owner for 24 hours and this guys just slender them for not pouring money, a big wow,
    Did they see what happens with big money spend by the Chinese? Where are they now?

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