CM: Newcastle make mega offer for Botman – Milan’s response after Massara talks

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan appear to have turned their attention away from Sven Botman after Newcastle United significantly surpassed their offer, a report claims.

Botman will have to wait a few more days before understanding what his next club will be. report that he still would prefer to join Milan but Lille are closing a deal with Newcastle on the basis of a transfer fee worth €40m plus bonuses.

The Rossoneri’s offer is about €10m below that and they have no intention of matching the amount that the Premier League side have put forward. There were talks two days ago with the entourage of the Dutchman during which the sporting director Ricky Massara reiterated that he wanted to make another attempt with Lille.

The hope of the Rossoneri management now is that Botman’s desire can weigh on the negotiations, so they will present an official and final offer and if it is not deemed enough they will turn to Gleison Bremer of Torino.

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  1. For those of you who were against Investcorp and Arab ownership – and some clowns who said they wouldn’t want us to be PSG – LOLOLOLO. We likely have no chance to sign players like Bremer or Botman as Redbird doesn’t have the financial muscle of Arab ownership. Be prepared to see players we have been linked to disappear as we sit back and wait for all the richer clubs to spend their $$ and we take what is left over. Not surprising at all to me – but for some clowns on here who kept posting their racist garbage about not wanting “Arab money” or “petro dollars” I’m sure will regret making those stupid statements as all the good players sign with rich Arab clubs lol. And by the way – how is that argument holding up about “debt” and not wanting to have Investcorp as owners cause they would pay 800m cash and debt finance 400m? Probably not to well considering Redbird is financing 600M of debt from Elliot no less LOL – AND Elliot keeps a 30 percent stake in the club so if Redbird default on the loan – Elliot can swoop in and take over again for pennies on the dollar (like they did w/ Li) lol. Brilliant business by Elliot – not so good for the club IMO. Oh well. We will see what happens but dreams of Bremer, Botman and CDK – seem extremely far fetched IMO.

    1. Yeah I said the same. Those owners are just greedy and don’t want to pay. I’m gonna predict that Leao will leave bc they don’t want to pay him his 6 or 7M. I will probably be laughed at my comment now or comments like “you are a hater” no I’m just realistic. This ownership could be worse than Elliott. And those 600M debt I also shit. We will go from Bremer to Botman to that Chinese guy from the last post. And everyone who dreams of CDK should wake up bc we wil not pay 40/50M. Idk why people think we will get a discount bc of Lang and him, they will only ask more. Lang is just a overhyped shit player with a poor attitude. 8 goals in Belgium, 8! He’s lucky that he play for the best team in Belgium bc that’s the reason he wins a league there. His attitude is also very poor, and he takes stupid red cards. If tought that we would make steps after the title but we are only sitting on our money

    2. Nah mate, even if we have unlimited fund, I would prefer us to be run professionally and responsibly. Botman at 55M, even if we can afford it, would be such a luxury. Sure, we might be missing out on the next big thing, but we’d never know. What we do know is at the current bid, he is already overpriced for now.

  2. I do not know why so much negativity in the comments !? And that’s after a season like this in Serie A. We can’t really pick the players we want like candy out of the box. This isn’t a video game! All this has to be paid for. I’m impatient too, but Maldini and the team convinced me they could be trusted. Just look at Inter and their financial problems. We have to spend as much as we have. And we’ll have more and more if we keep this up. Patience guys !

  3. After last season, Milan proved to the world of football that you dont have to spend tons of $ to win the league, i agree that we need beter players in some areas like a cf and someone to better tgat messias ans Sele. But we don’t need to spend $40 Mill on defender, when we have Tomori, Kalulu and Kyer, we just need a decent back up, and a decent back up for Theo, the squad we have is competitive even in Champions, last season we got robbed, we just need a couple of strikers that put on the back of the net almost every oportunity the get, and a good right winger that can score and assist, the middle of the pitch is more that full. I believe that with 3 more good singnigs on those areas we can move further in to champions league.

    1. Yes but what do you think “a couple of strikers that put on the back of the net almost every oportunity the get, and a good right winger that can score and assist” cost????? Strikers that consistently score cost 50M + and a “good right winger” costs 40M + my friend. So that’s fine if you dont think we should spend 40M on a defender – but the point is we need to spend 40M on someone to get real quality like the names being mentioned (CDK). The issue is not WHO we spend it on or in which POSITION. The issue is WILL we spend 40M+ on a key player that we need. I highly doubt we will. So players like CDK, Bremer, Botman, Marhez, etc….seem like far fetched drama IMO

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