‘Not gonna forgive this’, ‘Europa once again’ – Some Milan fans fuming at Cagliari draw on social media

By Oliver Fisher -

Large sections of AC Milan fans are not happy after Sunday night’s horror show against Cagliari in which the team spurned the chance to secure top four.

The Rossoneri went into the game at home off the back of three straight wins without conceding and scoring 12 goals in the process, against a team that had already secured survival and were basically in party mode, but they could not score and get the three points needed.

Below are the reactions of our followers on social media after the game, which paints a pretty bleak picture…

@hmegandana: “Positive Milan’s fans be like: Calm down, this is Pioli’s Mastermind. Get draw with Cagliari to give extra Champs league hope for Juve. And then on the final minute, – beat Atalanta (to revenge); – get a runner up; – and champs league spot for sure. That’s it.”

@bobdeboss: “And some people want Pioli to stay. Absolutely poor preparation and decision making today. Took off Diaz and left on Hakan for so long when he’s definitely play to ensure his future teams gets into the UCL.

“Just goes to show you their ambitions. Alot of these players and Pioli himself feel like just to be part of Milan. They’re satisfied with this achievement so winning and competing for trophies are not in their minds.”

@silolomasilo: “Keeping Pioli going into the champions league (if ever we will qualify) is suicidal. He’s a weak coach for that level.”

@prince17425935: “Pioli can’t last in Milan once we start playing champions league football will definitely b replaced.”

@animaniak891: “I hate being a Milan fan”

@JLPietroniro: “HORRIBLE substitutions! They mostly did nothing! Very sad when you DO have quality on the bench. Seems like it’s another season out of the CL…”

@juancarlosseam1: “Not gonna forgive this.”

@ayschad: “Europa once again, Juventus ain’t dropping points in the final game, Napoli too, and we cant beat atalanta”

@cvitkovic_pavle: “If you cannot beat Cagliari you don’t deserve to play CL football. We buried ourselves and handed Juve CL ticket…masterclass…”

@_madsemil: Should have changed tactics after 20 mins. When seeing the solid backline from Cagliari + the subs. This is Piolis responsibility…

@ofrossonero: “When you are coaching AC Milan finishing out of top 4 must always be considered as a failure, this is wrong mentality and everyone who thinks same should go”

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  1. carra says:

    Its time for Pioli to go….

    He is not knowledgeable enough to change the game depending on what happens on the field … Stereotypical games all the time no matter what happens out there … He is also predictable for other skilled coaches …. If we want to move forward we must have a more competent coach ….

    1. Xeno says:

      100%, from the very start he had no intention of winning the league, what kind of mentality was that. All he had to do was follow up in the same stride as the first half of the winter season. We were First in February and now we are struggling to even get top 4. We should have signed Ralf Rangnick instead of this bald head.

  2. Marius says:

    Pioli doesn’t inspire conffidence. It is time for him to go. He hurts Milan in the big way. Against Cagliari he buried us with those substitutions. He doesn’t know to appreciate the quality.. he often use players in wrong positions, he insists with players not worthing milan shirt, he only knows obsolete tactics… Against Atalanta the defeat will not be enough… I am affraid we will be humiliated again.

  3. Cesar says:

    As always and again, I have been saying for 6 months now that Pioli is the weakest link in Milan and that is obvious, what is worse has not raised the players’ consciousness psychologically so that they understand how important every game is. In Milan we have 5-6 players who think that they are good players now and that Milan cannot do without them. Of course, Pioli did not see that while we are a few million fans, unfortunately the Milan management does not see either. Teo, Kesie, Calabria, Salamnkers, Meite, Leao are exactly the players who play 2 games well and then the next game they walk around the field and because of that Milan lost a huge number of points. Milan need to think about these players and solve this problem over the summer, or they will play every game with their heart give 100% their contribution to the team in the game or they can go on sale, that is the only way Maldini should be set up at this moment and of course hand over Pioli’s dismissal

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