Official: AC Milan announce Pioli will leave at the end of this season

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan have announced that Stefano Pioli will leave the club at the end of the current season, following a tenure of nearly five years at the club. Tomorrow’s game against Salernitana, therefore, will be his last with the club. 

Milan communicated their decision to Pioli earlier this week and the official statement was only a matter of time. On Friday morning, on the eve of the clash against Salernitana, Milan announced the departure on their official website.

“AC Milan and Stefano Pioli announce that the Mister will be departing after the end of the current season, after having been in charge of the First Team since October 2019.

AC Milan extends heartfelt thanks to Stefano Pioli and his entire staff for leading the First Team over the past five years, securing an unforgettable League title and re-establishing AC Milan’s consistent presence in the top European competition. Stefano’s professionalism and human touch have significantly contributed to the growth of the squad, embodying the Club’s core values from day one.

Stefano Pioli expresses his gratitude to AC Milan for the opportunity to be part of the history of this glorious Club. He is deeply thankful to the ownership, management, team, staff, and everyone at Milanello and Casa Milan for their support and outstanding commitment. He also extends a special thanks to the many fans who have passionately supported AC Milan over the years, demonstrating unwavering dedication,” it read.

Pioli joined the club in October of 2019, taking over from Marco Giampaolo, and managed to bring them back to the Champions League, win a Scudetto and reach the semi-finals of the UCL. In short, although this season was frustrating, his tenure must be celebrated.

Tomorrow’s game against Salernitana, which will take place in front of the home fans at San Siro, will be an opportunity for the fans to say goodbye to the manager. That’s also why Milan decided to announce the departure today, and not after the game.

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  1. Would love to hear the crowd sing PIOLI on fire one last time. He always gave his best people here have a short term memory but I wish him all the best!

  2. TBH I wasn’t sure/convinced that ACM would actually fire Pioli, as he is a guarantee for CL qualification, and that is were the money are, and the only thing Gerry cares about.

  3. The end of an era. Thanks mister, for bring us out of banter era. Thanks for instilling winning habit again. Thanks for the Scudetto. Thanks for the consecutive European place at the league. Thanks for your help in laying foundation to the team, for improving the players and team over the years. Thanks for everything.

    No matter what haters say, you have given a lot to the team. You don’t deserve all the hate – you tried the best with all that happening around you. So thank you very much. Hope for the best in your career and life after Milan.

    Grande Pioli. Grazie.

    1. With you 100%… Apart from all that you mentioned on a sporting level, on a human level you can’t not admire the guy.
      Incredible positivity that is contagious.
      Thanks Pioli for the best summer ever after winning the scudetto.

    2. I agree.
      As much as I am for getting a new coach, we should be thankful to Pioli. He was the coach who got us out of the banter era and made the team competitive again. And however what people will call it “lucky” (I don’t) he is the coach who brought our first and only scudetto in more than a decade
      So grazie Pioli.

    1. Not a big fan of Pochettino honestly, not a very succesfull coach (I don’t count whatever he won with PSG) and I don’t feel he has that winning mentality we need.
      Although, he is way better (on paper at least) than most of the names we’ve been linked with.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Pioli, for bringing us out from the dark ages and laying the winning foundation for the team. Wish you all the best in the future.

  5. Honestly, we saw it coming, from miles ago. Grazie mister for everything. Fonseca as his replacement feels like getting closer and closer. Just hope that Fonseca turns out to be the literal next Pioli who also got so many doubts at his appointment but brought a silverware along the way.

  6. Pioli will be remembered fondly by us. In reality, we need changes. Milan is a hard team to watch especiallya against some teams such as Inter, Dortmund

    1. We do need changes, and it’s time for a new coach .
      There were many difficult games to watch, this season and last but let’s make it clear that the game against Borussia at the Signal Iduna was incredible. End to end stuff , I felt being away from home we were the better team, it’s insane both teams didn’t score in such an open entertaining game.
      It felt like we can play on par with the heavyweights again away from home ,super feeling.
      Then came the game at San Siro and we all know how that went.

  7. Fantastic coach who has consistently achieved at or above any realistic expectations since joining us. Title winner, UCL semi-finalist and played a huge part in developing many players and bringing respectability to the club.

    Always seemed passionate about the team but respectful of fans, players and Milan and never tried to be bigger than the club.

    Thank you Stefano, for all you have done for AC Milan.

  8. Thank you Mister, you are in the books of Milan history with golden letters.
    Maldini and Pioli were the architects of Milan resurrection.
    They took a mid table team and turned it into champions.
    They took a team which was absent for 10 years from CL, barely playing in Europe and reached CL semifinals.
    All these, with limits resources, without any support from anyone.
    None can this from them. Any mistake they made is much smaller compared to the positives they brought.
    It was time to go though. We wish nothing but success and good luck in anything you do.

  9. Thank you Mr pioli for everything you took this club from an average team to winning the scudetto and even taking the club to it’s first UCL semi finals in years. With you we were consistently qualifying for the UCL and you created a part for the next coach(whoever that may be) to work on

  10. Grazie Mister❤️🖤.
    Hio my sono arreso, questa societa non vuole spendere niente, si vede dalla scelta del allenatore.

  11. For some two years Milan was the best team in Italy and even if it weren’t 100% on Pioli he was a key part in it. Thank you for the scudetto but it’s time to move on and FINALLY add some tactics to our game. Exciting times ahead.

  12. Considering the club is an organisational basket case with very little money these days, he did an amazing job to win a scudetto. Grazie Pioli.

  13. Thank you Mr Pioli for EVERYTHING you have done from player development, steadying a rocky club, leading us out of the banter era, consistent UCL qualifications, your humility and professionalism, and most of all the beautiful Scudetto. You’ve done extremely well and you will be missed.

  14. Finally it’s announced.
    It was so obvious that this was coming. They should have just announced it weeks ago.
    I don’t see how this ridiculous charade of not announcing his departure gave him more respect. If anything it did the opposite with him having to face questions about his status as coach in every press conference.

    Overall I think he has achieved a lot considering the situation when he started and our budget limitations.
    But it definitely seems like time for a fresh approach.

  15. With his limited mercato, lot of injury players, he raise the standard mentality, UCL spot and also revenue. Can we expect more than this with the next milan manager?? not sure… Actually milan should stay with Pioli but management have different of view. Grazie Pioli !!

  16. You whiny entitled kids got what you wants after screaming fired Pioli over and over. I hope the new manager give what you all wanted cause i don’t wanna see crying “fired the manager! Bring Pioli back!” when the season just start.

    Thank you mister Pioli for all you’ve done for Milan in the past 5 years 🙇‍♂️

    You always gave 100% for the club. It’s just sad that a lot of Milan fans doesn’t appreciate your contributions and treated you like garbage. I hope you good luck with your new club. Grazie.

    1. “i don’t wanna see crying “fired the manager! Bring Pioli back!” when the season just start.” 😂😂😂That is exactly what will happen lol. I’m gathering up the popcorn as we speak

    2. ForzaMilan you have been here so long that you should know that is exactly what will happen if a new coach ends up in a slump of form. Same goes for players we sold cdk and paqueta comes to mind.

  17. I’m honestly surprised there’s this much Praise for Pioli on this thread, given how much criticism he has gotten over the years. That’s awesome.

    He did better than anyone could have predicted. Yea, the wheels came off the bus at the end, but it was an adventure.

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