Official: AC Milan vs. Frosinone starting XIs – Pioli opts for intriguing defence

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli has named his starting line-up for the game against Frosinone at San Siro tonight, and it features a rather interesting defensive department.

Given the injury crisis in the centre-back department there had been reports claiming Jan-Carlo Simic would get his first ever Serie A start. However, Pioli has instead chosen to go with Davide Calabria, Fikayo Tomori, Theo Hernandez and Alessandro Florenzi, with Theo playing centrally.

In midfield, Yunus Musah comes back into the side after being suspended against Dortmund and he is down as being on the right of the three, with Tijjani Reijnders in the middle and Ruben Loftus-Cheek the other mezzala.

The attack is stretched thin too with Leao, Okafor and Giroud all unavailable. Samuel Chukwueze starts on the right wing, Christian Pulisic on the left and Luka Jovic down the middle.

Official Milan XI (4-3-3): Maignan; Calabria, Tomori, Hernandez, Florenzi; Musah, Reijnders, Loftus-Cheek; Chukwueze, Jovic, Pulisic.

Bench: Mirante, Nava, Simic, Jimenez, Krunic, Bennacer, Pobega, Adli, Chaka Traore, Romero, Camarda.

Official Frosinone XI (4-2-3-1): Turati; Monterisi, Okoli, Romagnoli, Oyono; Garritano, Barrenchechea; Soule, Reiner, Ibrahimovic; Cheddira.

Bench: Frattali, Cerofolini, Brescianini, Baez, Lulic, Pinto, Caso, Gelli, Garritano, Kvernadze, Vanzelli.


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    1. None! Theo’s lack of positioning will cost us a goal. At this point I predict Milan 1-2 Frosinone. Then Atalanta for the 5-0 thrashing next weekend to bring the Pioli cycle full circle to a close four years after the first Atalanta 5-0 thrashing that launched it.

        1. This one is sick,why won’t he just trust this Simic guy,if this is the actual line up,he should fire immediately after this match and Abate should be place on interim duties and if he performs then should be retained and if not, a substantial Manager should be signed by summer and Abate should return to the Primavera cause I believe Pioli has lost with this purported line up.

        1. As much as i strongly disagree with Vero Rossoneros comment I don’t think there is any reason to question his AC Milan loyalty as i’ve probably known him from various AC Milan forums for propably roughly the last decade and he do actually wish the best for the club even though i find his comment above grossly misplaced.

          1. I don’t question his AC Milan loyalty buddy.
            We all, well majority of us, or maybe many of us truly want Pioli out, but to wish a 5-0 trashing on my one and only love is too much for me to bare.

            Well, we are all different, and we can choose to apply different approaches, but ultimately, we are all here to banter because we damn love this club, if such kind of thinking works for him, then there’s a divide.

            I’m here, cheering, hoping that no matter how badly we play, let’s try to scoop up the points and hope the management see that we aren’t playing well. That’s my thinking, I only want to see Inter and the rest get trashed 5-0, so wishing it on the team while I cheer doesn’t align with mine.

            It’s ok, no hard feelings, I know he’s loyal to AC Milan.

          2. Thats ok and I didn’t really see it as a wish but more a prediction and him trying to be funny but sure i can’t accept either if people actually straight up say that they want us to lose just for the sake that they want Pioli sacked. It would be better to hope for better times instead and wanting us to lose absolutely goes against our purpose as supporters,

          3. It’s all semantics @Martin.
            Out of a prediction, a WISH and a WORRY spor out.

            Look at it this way:
            Prediction 1: Atalanta 5-0 Milan. This outcome should (will) lead to a WORRY for Milanisti worldwide and a WISH for Tifosi.

            Prediction 2: Atalanta 0-5 Milan. This outcome should (will) lead to a WISH for Milanisti worldwide and maybe a WORRY for the Tifosi.

            No matter what, either a prediction or a wish, we should try to sound positive to the club, and be constructive in our criticism, the toxicity is unbelievable in here too often.

          4. Well maybe so but i definitely agree with the toxicity part of what you are saying and commend you for taking a different road in your critique.

      1. I saw in my dream few days ago Theo asked pioli not to pay Simic and offered to play as forward playing CB 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. The award for the biggest pussy of the year in Serie A goes to one and only Mr. Pioli . Shut down our primavera, we don’t need them obviously. At least,it’s clear now why the other biggest pussy in league Furlani know as Judah has full support for πoli.

  1. It should at least be Florenzi-Calabria-Tomori-Theo. Calabria already played central before.

    And he’s risking all our fullbacks at once.

    1. Calabria at CB is as bad as Theo – if I was Simic, I’d be gutted and annoyed that the coach is more trusting in an out-of-form LB in my position, than me.
      I said this was coming and I hope I’m wrong…

  2. Pretty soon Pioli isn’t going to have a choice and will HAVE to play a bunch of the youngsters all at once…

    He really is shooting himself in the foot.

    It’s like he never learns that if he plays his trusted players too much, they’ll get injured.

  3. This guy called Pioli had no balls…so he prefer Hernandez than Simic? This is a huge joke. Don’t know what’s he still doing on Milan’s bench.

  4. I don’t get this with Italian coaches they never give chances to the younger players. I mean how does a player even develop if you never play him.

  5. Pioli should just play proper centre backs in their right position and play Simic at cb. I am not entirely convinced with Theo partnering with Tomori as he likes to dribble a lot then lose the ball and dives when he lose the ball. The main thing is to get 3 points which we should although I get the feeling it is not going to be pretty to watch

  6. To be fair. Any option would have intriguing even Simic as it would intrigue me that Pioli would trust correctly positioned players in his team

    1. A lost opportunity for the kids to show their mettle….! Pioli will substitute in the last five minutes.
      Hernandez is not the same player since Maldini got sacked and needs a break.
      Jovic has had his chance(s).
      Florenzi is passed his sell by date.
      Pioli needs to go so we can salvage this season before it’s too late.

  7. Pioli please go and seat down and watch other teams that are performing in Europe you will know that your just fooling yourself and the club that put their faith in you you play 4-3-3 because your daft Acmilan have failed in all please Acmilan should kindly sack Pioli before it becomes late

  8. I knew Mr. Pioli won’t start Simic. Too naive a coach. With Pioli in charge, It would be hard to see any of our primavera players in the senior team.

    Why did we invest so much on feeder team without hope of integrating them in the senior team. it please Mr. Pioli to use one unknown players from France than play our primavera player.

    Mr pioli is losing my respect.

  9. Well i was hoping for Simic or Bartesaghi to start next to Tomori but we should not forget either that Pioli might already be preparing for the setup against Newcastle utd where neither Simic or Bartesaghi will be available to play. It would make sense from my view and some of those players we actually can use in the cl hasnt played much recently so it would be smart to get them un
    in gears and then maybe later on in the match give Simic some minutes.
    Either way we should be able to win this match regardless of our injury worries.

    1. That’s a good point Martin.
      I was thinking it’s a good level match to give simic a nice introduction but as you rightly say we need to practice our setup before Newcastle. ( just don’t see dortmund beating psg, they’ll focus on the league now)

      1. Thanks SJF but i do think you are wrong in regard of Dortmund at least in the sense that they will do their utmost to beat PSG at home because they will risk dropping down to second if they lose and that will most likely give them a more difficult fixture in the spring and even the coach said so in a recent interview. Its also fair to assume that they want revenge for their big defeat in the first match.
        Whether they will be able to do so might be a different matter though.

          1. yeah but PSG will also need the win so that should open up spaces a bit for them and they do play at home so its far from possible but at the same time we also need a win which makes things a bit more difficult but far from impossible.

  10. I got a bad feeling about this game, hope im wrong. Opponents smell blood. These bankers better have a replacement ready to go.

  11. Florenzi on the left side this is just terrible. This is a joke.
    Another struggling game without any idea in atack and mess in defence

  12. Useless and Enemy Coach who even caused Problems for Primaver by taking their stars and not using them.
    What Orice does Fllorenzi and Fernedez as center back increases.
    Pioli is against Youg stars to be gtoen in milan and enhemce the clubs economy

  13. JOVIC….. lets see if he can bag another one and see if the Okafor comments will be put to the grave P kidding aside the real critique of him should be in regard of his work ethics but at least in the previous match he did show some signs of improvement in that regard,

  14. Put Jeremy Doku, Haaland, Saka in this team coached by Pioli and they will look like they don’t know how to play ball.
    Jovic continues to position himself very well but since we’re only focused on long balls and back passes, he looks like he’s not a good striker.
    Frosinone looks more dangerous than us going forward, Leece looked more dangerous than us going forward. And other teams too. We just find one moment of individual brilliance to score and it looks like Pioli did a magic. We waste time passing around our defence and GK from the first minute of the game that you’ll think we’re already up by 5. Our players walk around the field cos the tactics doesn’t give them the freedom to work the ball on the ground rather it’s a long ball system.

    I repeat, Pioli is a useless coach and has no business coaching this team.
    Fire Pioli

    1. Neither team really did anything up until we scored so i disagree with that analysis and we are also now leading with 2 goals.

    2. You’re not far from the truth.
      Truth is we have always won on individual brilliance since Pioli took over, there were only about two to three months when we actually played beautiful football, but it appeared it was an outburst of confidence and morale from the players after winning a lot of matches.

      Pioli isn’t the man to take us forward, I was actually surprised when we extended his contract because luckily somehow we got to the semis of the CL, they failed to acknowledge that mathematically, without points deduction to Juventus, we wouldn’t be in the CL this season.

      But last night, we did well to contain Frosinone even though we didn’t play particularly well.
      We also should not forget, the horrible mistake by Tomori, if they had capitalised on that, we could have had a different game on our hands.

          1. Lol true true.

            Oh btw, just to make sure, my post doesn’t aim at you. You’re not one of those crybabies and one of the most logical commenter in here. This place needs more commenter like you to balance out the insane ones 😀

          2. I never considered it as a jibe at me so no worries and thanks for the kind words and i think this website could also use more commenters like you as well.

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