Official: AC Milan vs. Juventus starting XIs – five changes amid key absences

By Isak Möller -

Stefano Pioli has decided to make five changes to the starting XI for AC Milan’s clash against Juventus this evening. Some of the changes are forced due to a couple of key absences. 

Mike Maignan and Theo Hernandez are suspended and will thus miss out on tonight’s action. As if that wasn’t enough, Marco Sportiello is also injured and that means Antonio Mirante is the starting goalkeeper.

Alessandro Florenzi, meanwhile, replaces Hernandez on the left and will be looking to use his experience to help Milan tonight. Up front, Pioli has reverted to the usual attacking trio with Christian Pulisic, Olivier Giroud and Rafael Leao.

As for Juventus, Federico Chiesa and Dusan Vlahovic are both on the bench after recently recovering from injury.

Official Milan XI (4-3-3): Mirante; Calabria, Thiaw, Tomori, Florenzi; Musah, Adli, Reijnders; Pulisic, Giroud, Leao.

Bench: Bartoccioni, Nava; Jiménez, Kalulu, Kjær, Pellegrino; Krunić, Pobega, Romero; Jović, Okafor, Traorè.

Official Juventus XI (3-5-2): Szczesny; Gatti, Bremer, Rugani; Weah, McKennie, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic; Milik, Kean.

Bench: Perin, Pinsoglio; Cambiaso, Huijsen; Iling-Junior, Miretti, Nicolussi Caviglia, Nonge; Chiesa, Vlahović, Yildiz.

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  1. I was worried about Adli not playing for a minute there. Phew. I really think if he improves his positioning and defence, he’s gonna be or should be stellar and a starter

        1. With 10 men we need to get Giroud off the pitch, i was shocked when it was pulisic, tho he was poor himself.
          We need pace, Raffa and Okafor would be a good pair to counter

          1. still there is time for us but not a convincing performance, Krunic was unlucky and the same can be said about mirante but sometimes these things happens, difficult to guard against.

      1. Yeah far from convincing but we can still win it but we didnt really make it easier for ourself with that clumsy red card.

    1. Showed his lack of experience really. Should have stay behind and reaction with better positioning against faster attacker like Kean.

      Well, we can still win this. Leao shouldve gone straight shoot with that Flickr from Giroud.

  2. We need to make more use of our domination
    The crosses need far they’ve been low height crosses against a low block team

  3. I can’t understand why a defender would do such tactical foul (last man) like what Thiaw did in the first half. It will just bring hell to whole team in the rest of the game. If it is in minute 80s and the score is still draw or leading, it is worth it. In the case og minute 40 like what happened , I still prefer just let it be, dont do those tactical foul. Because even if we conceed, let it be, we still can win with complete players. Seriously, I cant understand

    1. Omg and he gets the deflection og 🤦‍♂️. Of course…hes not match sharp 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️You guys have a faster feed or something?
      Why Jovic too? Why not Okafor who has pace and dribbling

      1. I just said that in my discord VC. Didn’t get why Adli was subbed when he was doing a pretty good job, and don’t allow me to start on Jovic.

  4. Haha yeah because he could’ve done so much to stop that goal. Let’s all blame Krunic for an unlucky deflection. You clowns.

      1. Don’t let the fact that he was one of our best player before his injuries distract you from your hate campaign. I don’t even like the guy, he clearly isn’t good enough, but neither is 70% of our squad. I’m just not gonna hate on him for no reason.

        1. Haha he was never one of our best players, that’s a delusional take. He was dispossessed and then got an own goal. He is slow and zero distribution. Complete trash today. Defend him all you want but it’s facts. Open your eyes, take off the Krunic jersey and watch the game.

          1. It’s an objective fact that he was one of your best performers before he got injured. He barely made mistakes. End of story, I’m not arguing with delusional people. I didn’t say I’m a fan of his, either.

  5. On another note, Tomori-Kalulu-Calabria are decent at defending today.

    But nothing can be done by Krunic about the goal, his fault lie on losing the Ball, not making the deflection. Oh, and it wasn’t a right substitution for me, should continue with Adli.

    And it should be Giroud rather than Pulisic that’s taken out.

  6. Wth with this krunic character. Keeps loosing the ball to easily. Barely any distribution from. We can clearly see how we lost passing ability with adli coming off. Honestly, pioki should get fired even banned from the beautiful game for this ongoing very obvious mistake.

    1. He is clearly lacking match fitness and sharpness just returning from injury. His passing, game reading, movement, all were not on point.

      This is one substitution that Pioli did completely wrong. And show how little his faith to Adli is – so quickly turned to Krunic even when game is still 0-0 and Adli showed nothing wrong.

      And Mirante is actually decent GK. That double save from Vlahovic is really good.

    1. well i did notice allegri having a huge fit but in first half pioli also whent berserk so its not really correct what you are implying here but nevertheless a sh1tshow tonight from milan and juventus desservedly won in my view.

      1. Juventus deserved nothing , milan gave them this victory. Before the red card , do they look like they were going to win ? I guess not.

        1. Well i disagree even if we invited them into the match we should know the time to show up or other teams will win and they did. The red card obviously comes into the bigger equation but already before that happened we looked wonky. so yeah i think they were the better team today regardless of how much it pains me to say that.

  7. Enough of red cards already: Thaiw, Maignan, Theo… we can’t be throwing off points by being unavailable and destabilising the game.

    I’m sure we would have won this game if mot for this Red card. Juventus were no such threat in this game.

    1. Agree, too many red cards. Tomori makes 4.

      kalulu looked good off the bench. Tomori was a beast (again). Calabria looked better than solid. Florenzi was not the liability I thought he’d be with Weah and McKinney.

      Puli, Reinjders and Musah looked tired (international duty?) Adli is clearly improving on his defense and was making some nice passes forward. Not sure why he came off. Krunic clearly wasn’t ready to be in a 10 man situation. I like Krunic and Pioli but I’m not sure how this choice was made.

      Jovic seems to have the same issue as Chuk. Doesn’t know where to be. Does know where is mates are. Worse he doesn’t seem to work much.

      Glad to see Romero and his hustle. Wishes it had been paired with Okafur’s hustle.

      Bummer of game after the break. But learn what needs learning and get ready for PSG.

      Forza Milan

  8. Many people on here blasting about Krunic coming on. Guys we have psg and napoli to play this week!!
    So it was always likely he and kalulu came on to sharpen them up. We are going to need everyone!

    The main issue i would have is subbing off Pulisic instead of Giroud and then bringing on Jovic who again looks like a waste of space. With 10 men you need pace and workrate something Jovic and Giroud don’t offer. Okafor was that man

    Alll in all a really terrible game. We let allegri control the narrative. This Milan team needs to learn how to win games and i don’t mean Torino or Genoa.
    Wasted chance v Newcastle, same at Dortmund and tonight we wasted our dominance. For all the attackers we signed we look like toothless fools, particularly against the better teams

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