Official: AC Milan vs. Slavia Praha starting XIs – one change from Lazio win

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli has made one change to his starting line-up for the game against Slavia Praha compared to the team that beat Lazio.

Pioli has decided to name a back four of Alessandro Florenzi, Simon Kjaer, Matteo Gabbia and Theo Hernandez in front of the goalkeeper Mike Maignan, with Davide Calabria staying out given Florenzi will be banned for Sunday’s game.

Tijjani Reijnders comes into the midfield to partner Yacine Adli with Ismael Bennacer dropping to the bench, and Ruben Loftus-Cheek the more attacking of the trio. Loftus-Cheek will be flanked by Christian Pulisic to his right and Rafael Leao to his left, and Olivier Giroud leads the line.

Tommaso Pobega is the only absentee for the Rossoneri, which means the likes of Fikayo Tomori, Thiaw, Calabria, Yunus Musah, Bennacer, Noah Okafor, Samuel Chukwueze and Noah Okafor are ready to come off the bench.

Official Milan XI (4-2-3-1): Maignan; Florenzi, Kjaer, Gabbia, Theo; Reijnders, Adli; Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek, Leao; Giroud.

Bench: Sportiello, Mirante, Calabria, Bennacer, Jovic, Okafor, Kalulu, Chukwueze, Tomori, Thiaw, Terracciano, Musah.

Official Slavia XI (4-2-3-1): Stanek; Diouf, Zima, Holes, Vlcek; Dorley, Masopust; Zmrzly, Provod, Doudera; Chytil.

Bench: Mandous, Sirotnik, Ogbu, Wallm, Tijani, Van Buren, Jurecka, Schranz, Jurasek, Konecny.


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    1. They probably want another shutout. Seems to happen most often when Kjaer starts.

      First post in 2 days and I’m apparently posting to quickly and need to slow down.

  1. I’m watching the Qarabag vs Leverkusen match. I must say the team Azerbaijan is really impressive in front of the their fans. We need to be careful tonight. Play this match as a final. ForzaMilan

    1. I’m watching the roma match and those guys are playing like they’re possessed against a team coached by Zerbi. They’re tearing BHA apart it’s scary.

      1. Watching that too. Roma is a completely different team under de rossi. Hope mourinho and his butchering tactics never coach again.

      2. That road to the final looks like an up hill battle. Every team are in this competition to win it. Hopefully we’ll be at the top

    2. Watched one half Roma one half Bayer. Quarabag should have put away their chances. They could have had much more. Now going back to Germany with a draw ( at writing ) is going to be tough

  2. At the end of the season, the best thing is for Pioli to leave, at least give Jovic a chance, Gieoud has been used, and is clearly tired

  3. If anyone is unsure about DeZerbi please Watch the Roma game. This is why he isn’t fit for our bench yet. Still too raw.

    1. Context bro. I’m Not pro-DeZebri fyi, but he has a zero name squad, squad quality is vastly different. Most well known name he has is Welbeck. Apart from celik and Svilar, all other 9 players in Roma are better and more well known than any of the Brighton players.
      Also, DDR has been a revelation so far as a coach. He might be the next DeZebri lol 😂

      Maybe we should go for DeRossi instead 🤔

        1. I’ll have to check out more of his games then 😁 but again not for or against dude. I’d prefer to stay put and see how we can play in a season without injuries tbh

      1. Saw the whole game. DDR is doing incredibly well with Roma. They are a completely different side. They always had the talent, they just needed a coach that didn’t want to play 10 men behind the ball and assault the referees. Lesson for the Conte crowd.

        1. True. And this is one of those things where I wonder what a different coach can do in all honesty. But man DDR, major props to him

      1. Nailed it 😂😂😂
        Had a feeling too. And he didn’t do anything whole half except the goal. But that’s what counts.
        Hopefully his next good game in is vs Inter 😁

  4. hopefully a clear cut win of 3-0, even though we shouldnt underestimate them it should be within our means at a full san siro.

  5. Does anyone know if yellow cards reset after this around (or at all)? Mike being on a yellow is unnerving for later rounds…

  6. For the love of god. There is 0 movement off the ball in the buildup play. Game after game same thing. Everyone just stands there. Football 101, ask for the ball.

          1. You can tell when even our guys were surprised too.
            To be fair, the studs were high but in the context of the match…wasn’t really warranted

    1. Again IKWYDLS arguing against Milan getting calls from the ref. Could have broken his ankle. No problem with the red. Like Milan haven’t had enough bad calls go against them this season anyways. It’s clear who you are rooting for and it’s not Milan.
      And you must be really upset now that Reijnders and RLC scored. Rough day for you.

      1. Cought him with the studs shown on a sliding tackle, dangerous play =red card. I’ve seen calls like that go yeallow but thats because sometimes the ref don’t wanna kill the game. But thats 100% red.

  7. I guess Di Bello called the referee told him a thing or two 😀 anyway to anyone who says Pioli is without plan you are wrong.. the game plan is totally clear – Gabbia and Kjaer pass the ball between them selves and then Kjaer passes it to Pragas goalkeeper to reset then do it again. Master class !!!

  8. Very harsh red on Slavia.
    Pity for them and the tie, they were giving it a good crack.
    Its good for our players to see what it means to play like a team

    1. Even though i want ac milan to progress i kinda find it disgraceful that it was scrapped as it tips the scale further in favor of the bigger teams as i see it.

  9. We always look worse than the team that’s one man down cos of Pioli’s tactics. Just passing around our own box and let the other team get back into their positions and then lose possession. smh. I’m tired of watching this team under Pioli. We’re not an inspiring team under this man.

    1. I felt so ashamed when I had written in the summer he has a decent long range shot only to come to us and shoot poorly smh. So glad he got it and personally happy it was an outside shot lol. I know he has it in him but man did he disappoint me so far

      1. I have overall been happy with his performances and still think he has a great long shot but things in that department hasnt gone as good as we could have hoped for yet but i assume he also had more freedom to shoot from the distance than he had at az alkmaar. Thats at least probably part of the equation.

        1. “i assume he also had more freedom to shoot from the distance than he had at az alkmaar” exactly what I had said in the summer lol
          Great minds

  10. Milan woke up. Good for them.

    1. Thy was not a red – feel bad for Czechs.
    2. Hell of a Slavia goal.
    3. Not sure why it took so long for Milan to wake up.
    4. Need more goals for contingency in the return leg.


    1. Yep. Need about 3 more. But I’m concerned knowing Pioli. The team will come out at 2nd half and be playing like we’re up by 8 goals in the second leg.

    2. 1. I think it was a red. Studs up above the ankle. Seen it plenty of times.
      2. I think Mike could have done better, but nice shot nonetheless.
      3. Clearly, we’re not properly setup for this game. Pioli again. We woke up when they went down to 10.
      4. 100% agreed. Two more would be nice.

  11. The only people who criticize Tijjani are people from countries with no football pedigree and Pioli..he’s been our best midfielder this season by far.

    1. He’s been our best midfielder this season based on what? I mean if you insult folks here at least come with some evidence to your argument.

      He scored and I am really glad he did but don’t talk as if he’s the second coming of Iniesta after one goal.

  12. We need another goal. Two would be great. Take advantage of the extra man while we can because based on 11v11, might be tough in Prague

  13. This is the perfect game to get Chukwueze on and run around for a significant amount of time. We’re in the lead, in control and up a man. His lack of defense will not be a factor. Get him on and get his confidence up. Thanks Pioli.

  14. Can’t understand why we are persisting with Giroud in this second half – surely the ball won’t hit him and go in again, will it?

    1. Yep. And instead of overwhelming midfield we have 5 guys standing in line with their backline. Can’t score chances if they’re not created.

  15. f’ing hell both goals against us has been great but basically also due to lack of concentration and man marking.

  16. This is Pioli, we can’t defend set pieces and we don’t know how to score from them. Players are poorly trained. This is something that goes back to all his teams.

    1. Unless you expect pioli to run in on the field and mark the opposition then both goals came down to lack of concentration and man marking and that is definitely not piolis fault but the players themselves,

      1. Bruv do you see any clear gameplay ideas implemented by the team today… Unless Pioli is a genious and our players are retards and can’t understand his tactics I just can’t find excuse for him. And if our team played 6-7 games ina row on high level and today we suck I would say it’s the team but no man it’s the other way around

        1. Im not saying pioli is without any faults but the players made some inexcusable errors that caused the goals and shouldnt happen at this level and that is down to them rather than him. They have their own responsebilities as well like for example man marking and keep a certain level of concentration. My biggest grief with pioli is that we often plays to safe and somewhat slow.

  17. I’m Italian and this is Pioli, we are here Purely on the quality of our squad, look at Pioli’s career, this isn’t our players, this is bad coaching 101.

    1. When you change 15 teams in 20 years of coaching that speaks a lot 😅 like why would u change Gabbia when Kjaer is lost whole game I just don’t get it

  18. I got bored of this so i picked up the phone.
    Bald Eagle can’t even send a third grade club home without us looking like fools

    1. Wait for the weekend when he’s gonna rotate 70% of the squad because we couldn’t beat 10 man Slavia Prague with at least 2-3 goals difference..

  19. Kjaer. Unbelievable. Why Gabbia and not him? Why? This guy should be 4th choice behind Tomori, Gabbia and Thiaw.

  20. Congratulations to Pioli – managed to sub himself into trouble once again – useless – get rid now and prepare for next season

  21. With this defence, we should rather resign ffs

    I am glad fans are whistling this trash defenders.

    It looks like we are down to 10 men, not Prague.

  22. We’re just not moving the ball fast enough
    We need a goal. Can’t go to these eastern European countries. It’s hostile in those parts

  23. I can count more than 10 times Leao made a run and instead of playing forward pass to get to Leao, Pioli is pointing for the midfielders to pass backwards.
    With 10 men, Slavia have created more from the middle while we are playing side-side-cross and backward-side-backward. Individual brilliance of Leao keeps saving Pioli from time to time. This long ball tactical genius called Pioli is terrible. our players are not bad, it’s Pioli’s tactics that’s bad

    1. the same leao that missed a sitter earlier in the game. Had he not gotten the second assist i think it would have been a pretty underwhelming performance by him.

  24. A bit disapointing as we could have won with more and that the goals against us pretty much was down to concentration blunders and some great executions from the slavia players. 3-2 had been hugely disapointing considering we was one man more for 65 mnutes but 4-2 should be enough to get us through in the end at least if the players turn up in the opposite fixture and doesnt make errors that pros shouldnt be doing at this level of the sport.

  25. Not convincing enough. Lions vs men out there and we weren’t the lions. How we ship out 2 goals to a team with a man down is frustrating but not really surprising, is it?

    Pioli STILL can’t sort out our defensive issues. 1st goal was magic. Maybe Oli could have gotten there a sec sooner

    But second goal, man unmarked at the back. Theo lost him. Didn’t close him down. Another rocket.

    It has been the story of the season so far: not closing down opposing players soon enough and allowing too many shots on goal.

    11V11 Czechs could have drawn or even beat us. They looked sharp and the return leg will be intense.

    But Milan again fell asleep in the second half. I don’t understand what’s going on…

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