Official: AC Milan unveil new third kit for the 2023-24 season – photos

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan and PUMA have unveiled the official third kit for the upcoming 2023-24 season, and it is certainly a bold one.

The official website writes that the kit colour combination celebrates the culture of inclusivity and diversity that has been at the heart of AC Milan since day one, seen through the multicolour pattern on the front and back of the shirt.

It also features a monochrome rendition of the iconic Milan badge too, while the shorts and socks are a blue colour and the printing of the name and number is in white.

Mike Maignan’s goalkeeper kit is the same template as for the home and away kits but in a black/very dark grey colour.

Casper Stylsvig, Chief Revenue Officer of AC Milan: “This Third kit is more than just a football jersey. It truly stands as a symbol of inclusion, celebrating the power of diversity with its unique design and colours.

“We are proud to launch this kit with our long-standing partner PUMA and to provide our fans with a fantastic looking jersey, which does not just allow them to show support for their favourite team, but also to make them feel proud of their identity.”

Marco Mueller, PUMA Senior Head of Product Line Management Teamsport Apparel: “The shared rich history between PUMA and AC Milan is embodied in the spirit of football.

“Our latest kit pays tribute to the fans, a unifying symbol that encapsulates not just their unwavering devotion to the club but also their love for the unique and unconventional. This jersey signifies more than football, it’s a testament to the power of sport in bridging cultural divides.”

The new Authentic jersey features cutting-edge technology to provide optimal performance and comfort on the pitch. Engineered with ULTRAWEAVE fabric, the kit boasts a structured, 4-way stretch design that reduces weight and friction, allowing players to move freely and comfortably.

The new Third kit will make its debut on the weekend of 24 September when AC Milan will take on Hellas Verona at the San Siro in the second home game of the season for the Rossoneri.

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      1. Gives off a mesh of 80s aesthetic and more modern style. Im just a fan of the former i.e. the color scheme.

        Ill personally only get the away kit, since I like that one the most. Home kits were a total miss for me

  1. I actually don’t dislike this. The only issue is the back that splits the pink with the blue which disrupts the design of the rest of the shirt. I think it also lacks football shirt characteristics, the collar and the cuffs could have had the same shininess as the badge. This looks too much like leisurewear.

    They could have gone more wacky, more crazy and more bold on this one.

    2/5 for me

    1. It’s a shame really. All in the name of inclusiveness people start walking with their heads.

      I’m disappointed, but not surprised. Actually I should have seen it coming when these Americans took over. In any case it’s a global pressure from handful minority. It’s only a matter of time this bubble will burst.

      Hopefully I’ll keep enjoying my football, while they continue in their delusion.

  2. I love the shirt (except for the red and white badge), but it looks awful with plain blue shorts and socks – someone needs to rethink that part

  3. Sports is a business. It has been like this for over a century. This goes as well for collegiate sports. The Olympics; why do you think countries want so desperately to host them? For the love of sport? This world where sporting was the first and only concern over business only ever existed in your head, nowhere else.

    1. No need to trash me, I agree with you overall but it doesn’t mean I have to agree with that, it’s a matter of personal conviction. Sportwashing has a long tradition, see Hitler with his Olympics. I’m French, the 2024 Olympics in Paris is a big topic right now. But you can probably feel the difference from not so far, let’s say fifteen years ago. It’s getting worse and worse. Some football teams are now bought only for business purpose and not for trophy chasing or glory. Berlusconi bragged about Milan being the most successful team worldwide, now the management is bragging about jersey sales or profits.

      1. I think you do have a point about the commercialization of football, but conflating the Berlusconi era with this one is a red herring. Berlusconi bragged about Milan being the most successful team worldwide, but a.) The club was almost a political/status tool for him, which he had no trouble leaving in the hands of Galliani three times to go be prime minister (note some transfer splurges coincided with his campaigns); b.) he bankrolled them out of pocket, and sold the club when he could no longer afford to do so. Which leads us to today’s football.

        Clubs need to generate revenue, and that happens to be by doing things like putting out crazy third kits every season as a marketing tool. The club would be dumb not to tap all possible markets. And why should anybody get left out? The current ownership can’t “brag” about “Milan being the most successful team worldwide” without the funds needed to make it so. Berlusconi had his billions from other businesses. Milan is now a standalone business that needs to sustain itself. Finally, comparing what Milan is doing to Nazi Germany’s sportwashing is messed up. Milan and Redbird are not a racist organizations bent on taking over Europe by force needing to burnish their image. Marketing to marginalized groups is not the equivalent of hosting the olympics to cover for your violent policies.

        Btw, the reason football is where it is today is because of all the billionaires who have bought in to the sport to turn it into a cash cow. You think the Arab sovereign wealth funds are doing what they’re doing because of the “glory”? No, it’s about soft power which in turn translates into money. Before them you had the Russian oligarchs. Berlusconi was just the OG.

        1. I was taking you seriously until you mentioned “marginalized groups”. The LGBT comunnity is one of the most powerful groups in the world right now, with huge finance sources, so please spare us the non-sense. This is not 1950 anymore

        2. Still a lot of people is still vilified, mistreated and worse so what you are saying is also a truth with modifications.

      1. As a guy who pretty much always wears black clothes id deffently take a back shirt design instead. Even though i wouldnt want the one above i can also from a marketing perspective understand that they try with some variations if it makes people buy more shirts but damn its really ugly and i for one miss designs from the late 80ies to the 90iies ones. In recent years i really didnt like the duomo one even though that was our main one.

        1. …black shirt design instead.

          ….In recent years i really liked the duomo one even though that was our main one.

          1. My comment was in regard of the shirt design not that it apparently is in support of the lgbt movement. Still looks horrible though.

  4. Don’t buy any jerseys in the near future if Puma is the sponsor.

    I’m from the US and with Pulisic being one of our best players and him playing for my boyhood team, I figure the away jersey looked good enough to buy.

    Boy what a surprise I got when it arrived.

    Authentic jersey with patch and Pulisic kn the back ran me $206. Not horrible buy still more than my Arsenal Odegaard jersey.

    The bad part. It’s made like a cheap suit. I couldn’t figure it out until I researched it. It’s made from recycled material. It’s flimsy, tight and feels like it’ll tear and the slightest yank.

    I want a quality jersey but it’s a piece of crap unfortunately.

    This one is worse that it looks like crap as well.

    1. As someone who has gotten a replica and the same authentic one, you will like the replica much more for wearing as a fan. It is the material you likely had in mind when ordering and they look very nice.

      PS I didn’t realize there was an Omaha in Wisconsin?

  5. But that is a pretty idotic saying because politcs is a great part of sports for example when a country is allowed to organize a competition. Taxes pays such competitions so already at that point its politics.
    Look at how putin used sports both football and winter olyhmpics or how quatar or now saudi arabia is trying to whitewash their images. pre ww2 german olympics. peron in argentina and we could propably keep mentioning when sports has been used by politicians or dictators to put themselves in a better light.
    Personally i dont see that shirt as being woke because if it actually was in regard of lgbt movement which i assume it was a jibe at id imagine it actually had some more colors in it to actually look like a rainbow. That would have been better and actually make a statement, instead they released a horribly lookg shirt,

    1. Truth be told i hadnt read the article by then but yeah the intend seem to be exactly that but i just saw an ugly shirt which i still see. Actually i wouldnt have an issue if the design had been more clearly in favor of the lgbt movement by having a shirt in the full spectrum rainbow colors, Well politics is ALWAYS part of sports, Should ac milan stop taking a stand against racismn or should they stop wishing the muslims supporters a happy eid ? or whishing a mery chrismas to the christians or whoever ?
      All of that is pretty much also politicial statements to an extent.

      1. Yes. Yes, they should.
        I don’t see them giving their best wishes to satanists, scientologists, pastafarians or the likes. It’s not about inclusion or diversity, it’s about pushing an ideology.
        They should stop catering to social and political movements and just concentrate on football.
        Imo, the so-called lgbt movement is a sham. Many of the l’s and g’s want NOTHING to do with the t’s, yet they are all forced into the same category by these self-righteous activists.

      2. Well i have no basis to comment on that as im not part of the lgbt movement myself bus a a devil worshipper i dont feel slighted by not being mentioned 😀

      3. Well, you did comment on it.
        You said that you wouldn’t have an issue if it was more clearly in favor of the movement.
        Now you claim ignorance and try to play it off with a joke, which is no surprise.

      4. No i did not try to mock it, i can still support peoples human rights and not being part of that group myself, In that aspect i do support them in spirit but as im not homosexual then no im not part of it.
        My comment in regard being a devil worshipper is that i often frequent underground black metal concerts so it wasnt really a joke there either.

      5. I didn’t say you were trying to mock it.
        Anyone can say they support ‘human rights’, but clearly this movement infringes on the right of women to have their own spaces. So whose human rights are more important?
        And saying you don’t feel slighted as a devil worshipper is clearly a joke. Weather you meant is as such or not.
        Anyway, it wasn’t meant to be personal. Just wanted to give my opinion on something I see as wrong.

      6. I can understand your argument which i suppose you are hinting at using women toiilets/trans genders or for that matter trans genders born as men particpating in women sports, well its not really that i completely disagree with that part either BUT i just support peoples rights to love those they want to without religious groups infringing with their rights to do so and if they actually want to have gender operations as well while still paying for it themselves who am i to argue against that. Thats pretty much where i stand on that matter.
        As i explained i do actually frequent black metal concerts which are heavily blasphemous so yeah i actually meant what i said even though added a laughing emoji.
        Well i didnt really take any offense with your last comment to me so no malice intended from me either.

    2. There is no “woke agenda”. People have a right to not be harassed, discriminated against and even killed for being who they are. Anything like this, is an attempt to raise awareness and acceptance. The only agenda is that of those who are constantly trying to put people down. Should we also stop the kick racism out of football campaigns that are visible at stadiums? It’s crazy how we need those still, how we still have monkey chants and banana peels thrown. How about stopping to sell shirts tailored for women? Maybe we should even cancel the women’s world cup? 100 years ago you would have been one of the one’s saying there is no space for women in sports.

      1. Oh god… Is Serie A going to start taking a knee before every match now? Or maybe some other hollow symbolic gesture that accomplishes nothing other than making the people who do it feel like they are doing something virtuous. It’s so f’ng boring and pretentious.

      2. You don’t know me as well as you think you do.
        I disagree that there is no ‘woke agenda’ and I believe that conflating that agenda with the fight for the basic human rights, you just mentioned, is a major problem.
        This agenda is trampling the right to free speech.
        I don’t know who you are thinking about, that is trying to put people down, or what their agenda is.

        The racism issue, I have addressed before. I believe race is just another button for trolls to press and any reaction that would give the antagonist more power is a bad move.
        The ultimate reaction was Alves eating the banana.

        What rights do the lgb part of the movement advocate for, that they do not have in the western world? At this point, it’s more about social acceptance, than legal rights, and when you start to force social acceptance with threat of legal force, society becomes authoritarian.
        If you know your history, the authoritarians are not usually the good guys.

        I don’t believe forced societal change is to be taken lightly and I’m more worried about the pushback if and when it comes.

    3. I agree with all the comments you have written in this discussion. Inclusion my a$$, it is about power and politics. And yes, politics must be out of sports always

      1. But politics is and always has been part of sports and as long there are huge sums involved and is as popular as it is it will continue to be so.
        Anyways i have a difficult time seeing why modern people in the year of 2023 would oppose other peoples rights to live as they please and in that sense its good good to do stuff like this regardless whther the shirt is ugly the idea behind isnt,

  6. It’s a shame really. All in the name of inclusiveness people start walking with their heads.

    I’m disappointed, but not surprised. Actually I should have seen it coming when these Americans took over. In any case it’s a global pressure from handful minority. It’s only a matter of time this bubble will burst.

    Hopefully I’ll keep enjoying my football, while they continue in their delusion.

  7. You could just… not read the little statement from the Chief Revenue Officer? Lol. It’s not like anyone is imposing anything on anybody here.

      1. If you hadn’t read this article, you would just see it as a third jersey. The “inspiration” being diversity and inclusion is not being imposed on you or anyone else. Get a grip.

        1. None of the money for the shirt are going towards an ideology. It seems to me like you have become so obsessed with an ideology that you see it as oppressing you when that is completely invented in your own imagination.

        2. This jersey design could just as easily be “inspired” by Theo’s hairstyles. To be offended by it is honestly laughable.

        3. I don’t know why you are trying so hard to deny it. It’s right there on RedBird’s website. You can go look.
          And I never said I was being oppressed. But I’m not surprised that you would use such a term.

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