Official: AC Milan vs. Hellas Verona starting XIs – Leao captains new-look Rossoneri

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan will take on Hellas Verona in just over an hour and Stefano Pioli has decided to make quite a few changes to the XI. In addition to six new players, the manager has also switched to a 3-4-3 formation. 

The likes of Davide Calabria and Theo Hernandez are struggling with fatigue, due to the tight schedule, and it’s believed this prompted today’s formation change. Yunus Musah and Alessandro Florenzi will be the wing-backs instead.

Rade Krunic and Olivier Giroud will both play from start after it was initially believed that they would be rested. Although Simon Kjaer is starting in the heart of the defence, Rafael Leao will be the Rossoneri’s captain for the day.

Official Milan XI (3-4-3): Sportiello; Thiaw, Kjær, Tomori; Musah, Krunić, Reijnders, Florenzi; Pulisic, Giroud, Leão.

Bench: Mirante, Nava; Bartesaghi, Pellegrino; Adli, Loftus-Cheek, Pobega, Romero; Chukwueze, Jović, Okafor.

Official Verona XI (3-4-2-1):

Bench: Berardi, Perilli; Amione, Cabal, Coppola; Charlys, Saponara, Serdar, Suslov; Bonazzoli, Cruz, Djurić, Mboula.

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  1. Some of the starters should’ve been rested.. I bet they’ve been forced to start just to show off the new kit.

    Hope nobody gets injured..

    1. I Disagree, these are the so called easy matches were points are lost because of thinking the opposition is not good enough for our first eleven . Think back how many times Milan have lost to small teams and dropped precious points . There is no easy opponent in football these days. If you dont produce your best with the best players in the pitch you probably wont win the match.

  2. Omg I thought it was a joke. Didn’t realize they’re actually going with 3 at the back AND not resting players like Leao, Krunic and Giroud who has been playing many minutes 🤦‍♂️

    1. You have Florenzi and Kjaer on the pitch, and you gave the captain’s armband to Leao instead of them. Heck, I wouldn’t have mind Tomori with it.

    2. It’s all inclusiveness marketing. Leao has been the poster boy for their Jersey. My only problem is that instead of focusing on football they may be focusing on useless ideologies.

  3. I’m tired of this manager and his braindead formations and lineups. He’s clearly not capable of managing a team with players of this caliber. No Okafor? No Chukwueze?

  4. It’s great Olivier Giroud is starting do you know why , yes poili believes in him ..Also we need to win this game hopefully by a few goals .
    It’s a changed line up and a very good one at that ,but pioli is wise and knows exactly when to rest players .
    I expect there will be changes also in the next game .
    Yes give Rafeo leao and Olivier a rest in the next game .yes Olivier didn’t score against Newcastle,,but either did anyone else ,,,but it was a much improved performance than against inter ..
    I have so much confidence in the squad of players we have ,.and all will get opportunities.
    Can we win the scuddeto again this season why not .
    Inter will lose a game soon …
    We are AC Milan .Start believing.

    1. Agreed , i dont think we can drop points for the sake of some players not getting injured. We need the strongest team out there. If we are winning by 3 goals at half time then substitute the best players .

  5. This coach will be the death of me. Giroud has no business starting this match. How brain dead does he have to be to do this? What was the use in changing formations?

  6. I think it is good that Pioli tries new things, however, if u try new formations and tactics u should let Leao and Giroud rest and put Pulisic on the left, Chuck on the right, and Okafor or Juvic starters.

    His best decision on this XI is Musah.

  7. Musah wing bk, he’s a midfielder and what’s point buying all these players if we not going to use our squad depth. Could have rested giroud for jovic and Brough okafor in and chuck, hope it works anyway.

  8. I’m not a fan of this tinkering so early in the season. We signed and sold players to accommodate a 4-3-3. There is no need for this. We are not going through a crisis like last season (which only worked short term) so why? Musah was not signed to be a wing back and Florenzi did well on the right against Newcastle. Are we throwing away the that 4-3-3 worked in four of five games? Why? Is this a one off formation? Why?

    1. Musah played as a winger a lot. So, you think he shouldn’t try him as a wing back because of some stupid reason? Which one? If you don’t know what you’re talking about better to be quiet.

  9. i don’t understand why do we have romero, okafor and jovic if pioli doesn’t have a bold to play them at all. manager without tactics, just depend on individual skill of the players.

  10. Milan 4 HV 1

    3-0 at the half.
    Leao, Giroud and Puli each with a goal.
    Puli and Dlo with assist.

    Changes at the half – back to 433
    Oka – Giroud
    Chuk – Leao, Puli to the Left
    Thiaw -Bart, Flo to the right
    Pobega – Krunic

  11. What worries me is Pioli saying Milan will need to adjust to Veronas tactics/approach. Perhaps the reason for the formation changed. I believe he must have been analyzing the Inter defeat and came up with this idea that back 3 opponents must be countered with a similar formation. Coward of a coach! Why having to change so much for team like Verona?! Teams should adjust to us Pioli you freaking coward. A good courageous coach can rest half of Milan starters and still comfortably beat Verona with our default formation.

  12. Bumch of fair weather fans. What a disgrace from some of you hoping milan lose. Nothing but plastic fans. Shame on you. Forza milan sempre

  13. Pioli would say I’ll play my reserves next match then a day before the match he’ll start over thinking about the opponents strength, get scared then just fill in all his stars!

  14. This is pioli 2.0 clueless, thoughtless, shortsighted, and always regretting after he had chosen his lineup for the match..Milan have Romero, chukwuze, jovic, Adli…yet Giroud , leao and kjaer starts despite glaring evidences that they need rest….so it’s until they get injured he will understand he needs to rest Giroud….what a dumb coach

        1. Of course he scored. Stop being clowns and disrespecting the best Milan player by far. Dude makes one mistake after dribbling past 4 players and there is a bandwagon of complete idi**s talking meaningless crap about him…

          1. Yeah, now unemployed dog starts barking. Mate, he obviously deserved the criticism after his performance against Newcastle. Why are you being a dumb cultist here? Is Leao some cult leader that we can’t criticize. That’s not how things work in the professional world.

          2. “Yeah, now unemployed dog starts barking.” What is that stupid sentence? Are you special? Honest question. You always have these stupid meaningless idi**ic sayings that mean nothing.

            Regarding Leao, he wasn’t bad against Newcastle. The newsreporter that gave him 4.5 should have been fired instantly. He was actually better than most players, but he didn’t score. If you can’t admit that you are a pathetic liar.

  15. Interesting formation. I hope to se Bartesaghi last 10 minutes if the result is positive. Maybe I would say something positive of Pioli, who knows.

    I thought Okafor will play instead of Giroud but I really hope not to see Jovic. Dude is literally fat, he was so eager to join Milan he forgot to train…

  16. Our manager seem not to understand that the Milan brand is to play with style and win convincingly not some Hellas Verona outplaying you at your own backyard! This match is aweful so much chicken head players running everywhere without purpose! Malick Thiaw must be cursing and swearing deep down on the workload he is undergoing man! ….our best player by far

  17. Acmilan won 1 -0 please Acmilan should change this formation we are used to 4-2-3-1 at least if Pioli start with 4-2-3-1 sometimes he change the formation to 4-4-2 to accommodate two striker but our main line up should be the 4-2-3-1 formation using musah or Pulisic at no 10 and again the coach also give Bartasaghi and Romero playing time Loftus cheek should play as defensive midfield now musah is kessie replacement the guy is Good in attack and can bring a perfect brand in the 4-2-3-1

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