Official: Ballo-Toure and Rebic sustain injuries in Milan’s friendly loss – recovery times

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan have been dealt some bad news as Fode Ballo-Toure and Ante Rebic sustained injuries in the game against PSV Eindhoven. For both, in the worst case, the recovery time could be around a month.

The Rossoneri lost the friendly 3-0 after a very poor performance and the injuries added insult to injury. As confirmed by AC Milan to the media, Rebic injured his adductor in the right thigh and he will be evaluated again in seven days with an MRI scan.

As for Ballo-Toure, he received a knock to his shoulder (and was forced to leave the game) and it’s been confirmed that he dislocated his right acromioclavicular joint. The recovery time could be up to a month, by the looks of it, and surgery will take place tomorrow.

It’s not what Milan needed especially since Theo Hernandez and Olivier Giroud have only just returned from vacation. They could be thrown straight back into action, which is far from ideal.

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    1. Agreed. I feel like he’s been injured for the last 1.5 years. Oh well, add another player we need to replace (or time to give Chaka Traore some minutes).

  1. Come June, a lot of players need to be shown the door and get whatever money you can get for them.
    Tatarusanu, Mirante, Ballo Toure, Kjaer, Florenzi, Dest, Bakayoko, Rebic, Messias, Origi, Ibrahimovic should be gone for good.
    Don’t care what people feelings are for those players, but all they do is collect checks while being unavailable. Some of them are among the highest earners on the team.
    Adli and Lazetic need to be loaned out.
    I’m not a fan of Pobega, but you have to keep him since we don’t have enough homegrown players.

    1. kjær usually delivers when playing so i dont see any point of letting him go at the end of the season and his contract lasts untill 2024. He would also be even more important to keep within the squad if a player like ibra were to retire,

      Florenzi would be very difficult to sell considering his salary at around 3 mil a year and a contract lasting untill 2025 and that in combination with his injury history. The same can most liikely be said of origi as well as he earns 4 mil a year and has a contract lasting to 2026.

      bakayoko will automatically be gone as we wont exercise his buyout clause,
      maybe one or both of the goalies will be gone.

      dest isnt owned so seems unlkely to stay unless on very favourable terms.

      One of Messias and rebic might be gone but i would be surprised to see both of them leave in the same transfer window.

      ballo toure would seem like a likely departure,

      Think you will have to brace yourself to see both florenzi and origi in the squad next season as well.

      1. Kjaer usually delivers when he is playing, but how often is his fit enough to play? Besides the 6 month stretch after the covid stoppage, he has been mostly unavailable.
        My comment was mostly wishful thinking because outside the players whose contracts will expire at the end of this season, I don’t think any of the other players will be moved.
        One, because they were signed on long bad contracts and two, because the man who signed them on those bad contracts can’t sell water to a thirsty man in the desert.
        Can’t blame Mirabelli, Leonardo and Boban for those bad contacts. Outside of Rebic and Ibra, the rest of them were signed by Paolo. And even in the Rebic case, he was only on loan under Boban. Paolo gave him the current contract

        1. Well i think kjær has been pretty much as instumental to our resurge as ibra has been and is of great importance in the locker room, if ibra were to leave it would leave a vacuum and in that sense kjær would become more important. Clearly he is getting older and the last year hasnt been a very fortunate one for him but i also think we should at least see the later part of 2022 as an anomaliy in how the players has had to test their fitness. Kjær has a salary of around 2.5-3 mil a year if i remember correctly so think it wouldnt be just straight forward selling him but im confident he will still be of value for us when hopefully a bit more fit.

          Glad you say its wishfull thinking because it otherwise would be setting yourself up for disapointment,

          I think the rebic deal wasnt that bad considering how lethargic silva looked when he did play for us but unfortunately rebic has often been mared with injuries but nevetheless been instrumental in some situations for us, I wouldnt oppose selling him though and then aquirring a young winger to nurture and with promise to become a star player. Preferably one who can play on both sides so his development wont get hampered by leaos presence in th club.

          Every management makes some mistakes as its unavoidable to not run into some road hurdles on your way but id prefer the current one to all those you mentioned including roughly the last 10 years of berluscónis ownership.

          1. Ibra, Kjaer, and Rebic have absolutely been instrumental for part of the last 4 years.
            But that’s past time. We can’t live in the past.
            Ibra and kjaer are a year older, and they will get only worse, not better. And Rebic over the last 2 years have been an absolute doo doo. People tell me, “If it wasn’t for his stolen ball vs. Lazio, Milan isn’t winning the scudetto.” He gets paid for 38 games, not only for 1. And if that’s the case, let’s bring Castillejo back because if it wasn’t for his awful cross, that ended up being an own goal vs. Verona, Milan also doesn’t win the title.

          2. If i remember correctly then there recently was an article here on sempremilan that mentioned that something like in the last 11 matches kjær played for us the 9 of the matches there wasnt scored against us so it indicates he still is of great importance for us in my view,

            Well i havent said that but clearly rebic is of another standard than castillejo so i see no reason to make such comparison and clearly players shouldnt be judged on 1 good match either.

            Football isnt only about players onfield qualities though as its just as much about creating a tight-knit group that works as a collective and in a group of young players its even more important to have some older players to be a beacon of light for them and simply cutting away all the older players at once would most like have great repercussions for the group dynamics. The fact that the older players might not be expected play as much isnt necessarily a bad thing in my view because it will give room for younger ones and those older plays propably are more patient in regard of limited minutes than young ones which again adds to the group as a whole.

  2. Someone has to give answers for this situation with the injuries now, this is ridiculous, it doesn’t even make sense anymore. Time to redesign the entire medical staff and training approach, this is unacceptable and beyond what should be considered normal and it’s not new, this has dragged on for far too long.

  3. Sell both of these bums, especially Rebic. Haven’t seem someone’s level drop this much after injury in a long time.

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