Official: Camarda among six Milan youngsters named in Italy’s U19 European Championship squad

By Euan Burns -

Francesco Camarda has been named among the AC Milan players in the Italy U19 European Championship squad. 

The official squad announcement was made by coach Bernardo Corradi (via where he revealed which players will be tasked with defending the title that Italy won in 2019 in Malta.

The tournament is being held in Northern Ireland this time and the two most notable strikers in the team are Udinese’s Simone Pafundi who got five goals in the qualifying phase, and Francesco Camarda who is the only 2008-born player in the squad.

The Milan man continues to punch well above his weight when it comes to age groups, as many expect him to make some sort of impact on the senior Milan team this season.

In total, there are six Milan players in the squad which goes to show the strength of the Rossoneri’s youth sector right now, and the wealth of talent that Paulo Fonseca will be able to tap into when the season is underway.

Davide Bartesaghi, Vittoria Magni, Kevin Zeroli, Camarda, Tommaso Ebone and Diego Sia are the Milan players included.

Italy’s U19 European Championship squad

Goalkeepers: Federico Magro (Lazio), Renato Bellucci Marin (Roma)
Defenders: Davide Bartesaghi (Milan), Fabio Cristian Chiarodia (Borussia Monchengladbach), Christian Corradi (Hellas Verona), Vittorio Magni (Milan), Filippo Calixte Mane (Borussia Dortmund), Filippo Pagnucco (Juventus)
Midfielders: Aaron Ciammaglichella (Torino), Luca Di Maggio (Inter), Jonas Harder (Fiorentina), Luca Lipani (Sassuolo), Mattia Mannini (Roma), Marco Romano (Genoa), Kevin Zeroli (Milan)
Attackers: Lorenzo Anghelè (Juventus), Francesco Camarda (Milan), Tommaso Ebone (Milan), Simone Pafundi (Losanna), Diego Sia (Milan)

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  1. Every time someone tells the truth and says that the current generation of Italian footballers is ass because they haven’t qualified for the world cup in over a decade and just got embarrassed at the euro, someone will come out and say Italy are euro champs in u19 and u17. We’ll there you go, Milan has 6 players in those age groups, and this is without Liberali.
    The first Italian NT is ass and Milan rightfully so doesn’t have any of those players in its squad.

    1. The truth ? I don’t think anyone is claiming that Italy is of the standards of the past but you are also very selective in your points because as things stands Italy is still the reigning 2021 European champions after beating England in the final that is supposedly superior. I get its only for the time being but come on Z you cant disregard that fact.
      If Italy wants to get back to its former self then there simply is no way around that they will have to give their talents better chances of minutes otherwise they wont move forward either,
      At some point EPL had issues with teams not fielding any english/gb players and Arsenal comes to mind in regard of over utilizing French players so there was a change in regard of a minimum players from GB implemented within the squads and look that actually helped them in regard of their international teams.

      1. What will happen, and has started to happen, is the best young Italian players will develop outside of Serie A. Verratti was the first, then Gnonto and Udogie followed. Now Calafiori and Kayodeare probably headed to the EPL. Even if some of them play in the championship, like Gnonto, it’s still better than sitting on the bench in Serie A.

        1. Well sure its better than sitting on the bench than not playing at all but i really dislike that italian players leaving serie a as it doesnt really help improving their own leagues but obviously thats their own choices to make.
          When that is said if the italian players are to be developed and im also talking about the “lost” generations then the league should have put a bigger emphasis on developing their own talents rather than players from abroad. Who knows how many talent that could have been but never were because teams kept developing foreign talents instead of local ones.. We will never know the answer to that question by now.

  2. Just stop overhyping Camarda even more. He is good for his age, true, bo so were dozens of young players before him that ended up not good enough for senior football at that level. Guy did not even play a single season loaned to some small club.

    1. This is not true at all. There are not many young players that were excellent in youth international tournaments that didn’t make it.

      1. Literally first example of the shelf – Italian U19 squad 4 years ago when they qualified for last Euro and where they are now:
        Salcedo – Serie C
        Riccardi – Serie C
        Raspadori – Serie A (Napoli)
        Portanova – Serie B
        Fagioli – Serie A (Juve)
        Esposito – Serie B
        Greco – Serie C
        Gozzi – Ligue 2
        Bettella – Serie A (Monza, but not a single minute played)
        Bellanova – Serie A (Torino)
        Carnesecchi – Serie A (Torino)

        Literally only 4 from that squad are just good enough to be Serie A players. And you see the same trend in other National teams, this is nothing new and nothing extraordinary, it has always been like this. Being a good youth player does not guarantee being good senior player, left alone being “top” player like some try to hype-up Camarda. Just leave him alone and give him time, overhyping him can make it even worse (like overhyping Hachim Mastour in the past).

    2. Performing well in a U19 tournament means he is good for above his age. The 19 year olds playing in this tournament are far less likely to succeed given they have not been brought into the senior team. He has a trajectory that if continued, means that when he is 18-19 he will not being playing in U19 tournaments…16 year olds playing in U19 tournaments…those are the players to focus on…

  3. I believe Italy national team will return to it’s formal glory. With the new generation of players born at the beginning of the 21 century. The talent is their, but serie A clubs are not helping the matters by over relling on foreign players. At least give those that deserve to be part of the first teams a chance to prove themselves, imagine Udinese having a very young and decent player instead of them to be giving him team to establish himself they choose to send him out on loan with option to buy him. Only in Italy you I’ll see a 20,21, 22 $ a 23 years old is still considered to young talent, look at Califiore had he not left Italy to try his luck else where no one would have had of him. By he would be rotten in between serie B or C.. just take a look at Spain, France, England, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina playing young players of if players below 18 and 19 years old in the senior team at a major tournament. Italy need to go back to the drawing board. And start allowing players to be playing street for allow them to express their selves while still in the academy. Capello said something like that

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