Official: Cardinale smiles as Program Agreement is initiated for Milan’s stadium project

By Isak Möller -

After it was ‘approved’ by the San Donato council, AC Milan’s stadium project has now entered the Program Agreement phase. This was confirmed by the council in an official statement this afternoon and it is great news for the Rossoneri. 

In case you haven’t kept up with the latest developments, the technical committee of the San Donato council found no issues with Milan’s stadium project. The club also made amendments along the way, which helped accelerate the process, and the council had no objections to the project as a whole.

Now, as confirmed by a statement from the San Donato council (via Anto Vitiello), the Program Agreement has been requested for the project. Essentially, this involves the Lombardy region and other involved parties, with infrastructure set to be the main topic.

“This morning, the administration of San Donato formally sent the request to initiate the Program Agreement for the AC Milan stadium in the San Francesco area.

“The objective of the Program Agreement is to address all the strategic aspects to arrive at a plan for the construction of the stadium, overcoming the critical issues that the Administration itself has highlighted with the actions taken so far,” it read.

If you want to know more about the process, we would advise you to read our latest Substack piece on the stadium project. The Program Agreement will take a long time, more specifically 1-2 years, but this is a huge step (a leap even) in the right direction.

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    1. “Real Madrid new €1 BILLION BERNABEU STADIUM set to enable it to compete with the premier league.
      Madrid bigwigs hope the stadium will pay for itself and more.
      A new retractable roof and pitch allows the stadium to be used for large-scale events, including concerts, business conferences, e-sports tournaments, and even basketball and tennis matches.
      A shopping centre is attached to the stadium, with a Real Madrid museum, multinational shops, and various Michelin star restaurants, all maximising commercial potential.
      All these additions are expected to increase Real Madrid’s revenue streams and enable it to better compete with the financial muscle of the Premier League, which has finally started to overpower the Spanish titans in the transfer market after years of being in their shadow.
      Once works are officially completed, Madrid hope to bring in a healthy €300 million in ‘members and stadium’ revenue, which would be almost double what they earned in 2018-19, the last time the Bernabeu was fully operational.”
      How is that for wifi and dunkin donuts?
      They should listen to you and stay in that p!ss hole and continue paying rent.
      If you want to compete for trophies you have to be up to date with your infrastructure and you have to get revenue from the stadium.
      You only comment here when it’s about the stadium or ownership like they are building the stadium on your land or in front of your house.
      It’s happening, deal with it.

      1. Yeah well it’s happening like a lot of stupid stuff on this planet and I’m not clapping for it but good for you, you’ll be able to drink 20€ beer and watch a movie at the stadium, maybe also a ride in a hot balloon. Enjoy my man! It won’t change anything, it will just continue the escalation of players value because top clubs will have more money, get ready for players sold for 1B€ soon.

        1. And you whinning and complaining in the comment section will change what? Huh?
          That is the reality of the situation.
          Adapt or perish.
          Every club does it, including the biggest club in all sports, but we should stay in the status quo and write critical comments about the Milan ownership.
          Great plan. Complain, criticize, without solution.

          1. What’s the point of a comment section? Are you telling me that I’m not a good fan because I don’t shut up and spend my money in pink-blue jerseys? Well we can agree to disagree.

      1. No man I have a big smile like Jerry today. Thanks to STADIUM, I forgot the lousy loss in a weak European competition and also that Inter will probably get its second star in the derby.

        1. Well the stadium will set the stage for the future and ensure tha Inter and others will no longer have the edge on us.

          Every big team has a new sradium now, Milan deserves one. If you go to Tottenham stadium you will realise what it means.

          1. Tottenham stadium, good example. Prices for food and drink have increased by 3. There is a paper from The Athletic I think where you’ll get all the details about the stadiums being cash cows for “football” clubs/brands. Great fan experience. I have one question also, who among the people commenting here go to the stadium on a regular basis?

          2. Bartholomeo the only reasonable person here. Bunch of americans screaming for a new stadium, wonder how many been to San Siro. I rather play with only 1 home and 1 away jersey on San Siro in Serie C than being another shiny comercial barbie consumer machine with prices for the upper class.


    2. Well atleast ACM fan can enjoy wifi ,dunkin donut ,hot dog,burger in their own stadium not rental stadium like IM or AS Roma. It is not like IM can equal juve scudetto in italy and ACM only different 1 scudetto from IM while Roma ?? Lets see if they can knock unbeaten leverkusen . Roma trophy in europe only 1 UECL , nothing to talk about

  1. All of you saying the stadium is going to magically make us win, look no further than Arsenal and their twenty year drought in big titles, sure a stadium is necessary but when everything else is run like garbage it’s not going to help us go back to the top.

    1. Stadium isn’t going to magically make Milan win.
      But the money that will be brought in from the stadium will all go into Milan’s pockets, and not into that of the Milan government. Not to mention not having Inter Merda sharing the pitch means we halve our costs for upkeep and replacement of the turf, saving money to be used elsewhere (like buying better players). Overall this raises the value of Milan as a club and brings in better sponsors as a result. More money comes in, and more money can be spent to buy better players.

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