Official: Inter vs. AC Milan starting XIs – Kjaer in for suspended Tomori

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli has named the expected starting line-up for the derby against Inter, with just one change from the first three games of the season.

With Fikayo Tomori suspended and Pierre Kalulu injured, Simon Kjaer gets his first start of the season alongside Malick Thiaw at the heart of the defence. Mike Maignan is in goal, with Davide Calabria and Theo Hernandez the right-back and left-back.

In midfield it will be the same trio that have started all three games thus far with Rade Krunic between Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Tijjani Reijnders as the two box-to-box players.

In attack, Christian Pulisic gets the nod on the right wing, with Rafael Leao on the left side and Olivier Giroud the centre-forward, having shrugged off a sprained ankle.

Official Milan XI (4-3-3): Maignan; Calabria, Thiaw, Kjaer, Theo Hernandez; Loftus-Cheek, Krunic, Reijnders; Pulisic, Giroud, Leao.

Bench: Mirante, Sportiello; Bartesaghi, Florenzi, Pellegrino; Adli, Musah, Pobega, Romero; Chukwueze, Jović, Okafor.

Official Inter XI (3-5-2): Sommer; Darmian, De Vrij, Bastoni; Dumfries, Barella, Calhanoglu, Mkhitaryan, Dimarco; Thuram, Lautaro.

Bench: Audero, Di Gennaro; Bisseck, Carlos Augusto, de Vrij, Pavard; Agoumé, Asllani, Cuadrado, Frattesi, Klaassen, Sensi; Arnautović, Sánchez.

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      1. I think there will be scored several goals but it can go many ways but 3-1 or 3-2 sounds like a great possibility but who knows it might also end up as a 0-0 draw.

        Suiper excited.

  1. that ref or the linesman or for that matter the var judges should dangle in a tree for ignoring two freekicks up to the inter goal

          1. Just because they check it doesnt mean its a correct decision as we have seen several times before so whos the clown here,? hold up a mirror and you will see for yourself.

          2. If anyone is a babie its you for disregarding the fact that its people who makes the decisions in the var room and people does make mistakes but sure im a baby while you blindly believe in the decisions they make. head back to the serpent of madonnina as it seems to be where you belong.

          3. Man, you’re sad. I know 10 year-olds with more composure and sense of reality. Yes, Milan is losing because referees are for Inter. Not because of mediocre midfield. You are 100% right.

          4. i dindn say that, i said the first goal should have been disallowed thats all i said but please keep twisting my words. Boulden ?

          5. Sure, you are calling me boulden. That is the guy that attacks anyone who says anything against Milan, or any player or coach. Who is that right now? 😀

    1. That could have gone 50-50, both were moving, Thiaw was shielding while moving but didn’t have full control of the ball. And because it’s 50-50, there no clear and obvious error by the ref. VAR got it right. Thiaw needs to learn how to draw that foul better. Take a note from Krunic playbook, shield the ball THEN come to a complete stop so any momentum from the other player is an automatic foul. Plus the goal came when Thiaw was already back, that central marking wasn’t up to scratch.
      Even that “foul” on Theo wasn’t clear and obvious
      Sorry bud

  2. Inzaghi owns Pioli. First 20 mins and we’ve thrown out our style play from the first 3 games lol. Hopefully we loosen up and play our game.
    I did say temper expectations 🤷‍♂️

    1. Called it in June lol….Thurman to score in the derby smh 🤦‍♂️
      I’ve seen many a seasons, many a derbies. This is how these things work out. Don’t be surprised if Arnautovic comes on and score. It’s football

        1. It was my phone’s stupid Autocorrect lol 😂. Even when I write it correctly it sometimes wrongly corrects it afterwards on its own 🤦‍♂️

          But yea I’ve seen so many seasons to know to that 3 games is not even a fingertip of games to be played. Plus derbies can ruin the losing team on a psychological level for the next run of games. I tried to warn lol
          What I hope is that we can concentrate on beating everyone except Inter kinda like Man Utd back in the days. Take care of the small teams, you dont even to win vs top 4

  3. What did I write for the past 4 weeks? This midfield is a JOKE. Wait for any top team. And here it goes. Exactly what I said.
    Reijnders and RLC are not the players to win titles. I won’t even mention Krunic. Barella is worth more than all 3 of them and I don’t mean financially.

    Just check their stats after the match, and add Giroud the ball waster. Thuram is 107 times better than him in ball control.

      1. Are you 12? I have been criticizing these mediocre midfield signings since day 1. Same for missing out on Thuram. I said this will happen when you all were praising Reijnders and his 100% passing accuracy against low team. If you don’t like reading the truth and you get emotional like a 12 year old kid when mom doesn’t want to buy candy – DON’T READ what I write.

        1. Yeah, our midfield is so mediocre, still we have 72% possession with 93% passing accuracy. Grow up kid we are in a transition period there will obviously be some errors and the match is not over.

          1. Yes, yes, everyone is a kid because you think differently. They lost possession 15 times in one half. Only 3 of midfielders. Amateur teams don’t do that. How many chances with possession? Inter is using the same tactics like last season and destroying Milan on counters. How much possession did Milan have in the last 4 matches? Pioli is a joke.

        2. blah blah truth you kinda sound like a trumpster, what the hell i dont give a damn push forward your agenda, im 44 and has supported milan for over 30 years clown, so dont give F what you have to say here,

        3. Nah man we aren’t 12, but you sure are 6 or something, you talk like the kid who wants to win arguments, even if you are wrong.

          1. You mean I said exactly when will they lose and why? What to reply to a joke of a comment like that? You are right, I wrote we will lose against top teams 3 months randomly.

      2. That was very Boulden of you Martin
        He does have a point that he was making for a while. Can’t begrudge because we’re losing.

        It’s like when I said “where exactly is Okafor going to play and how many minutes is he going to get”. Couple days later I figured journalists realized and then articles came out about his position and playing time😂😂. Happens

        1. one thing is to losing but there clearly was two faults before the 1rst goal.

          Play time is a different matter but as angry as im right now theres still 45 minutes left so hopefully we can at least get a draw. Stranger things has happened.

          1. Martin, we have Leao. We can score 4 goals in 45 minutes. Others just need to defend properly and give him the ball. We won a title like that.

        2. It is ok, he is getting emotional because Milan is losing. I am also mad but not at Martin. Pioli is the bad tactician that keeps getting destroyed by the same Inzaghi tactic. 5 times in a row.

          1. i was mad at you because youy called us clowns thats was basically your wording but peace out, im done for today gonna get hammered

      1. Wingers singed were good. Midfielders, horrible. No LB signed, Jovic as the backup etc. I don’t know what people got excited about. You can sign 30 players, means nothing.

    1. Without a proper 6 we will be exposed against top teams. That’s just something we have to accept for this season. The lesson will eventually be learned and the management will likely focus on this (and no.9) next summer mercato.

      In the interim, even if we lose away to say Juve+Napoli and 2x to Inter, we have good offensive options and will likely smash the lower teams, of which there are plenty in Serie A.

      It’s not all doom and gloom guys, just means in the big matches well likely be outclassed. Should easily finish top 4 this year as we’ll clean up against previously “tricky” mid table sides like Fiorentina or Sassuolo. And we’ve had plenty of possession against Inter, I actually think with a better CB and DM we would basically be on their level.

      It’s a work in progress, sometimes good to get a reality check.

    1. And Reijnders and RLC? Focus on the players that are going to “bring physicality and control to Milan midfield”. They were beyond useless. 2 of them managed to lose possession 12 times in 45 minutes. And lose most of duels.

        1. I do hope they can improve to the title winning level, but I don’t really have faith in them. I was waiting for the Inter match to see if I was wrong and seems I wasn’t.

  4. Our defence is suffering. Kjear+Thiaw+Calabria slow for Thuram.

    All inter need to be doing is counter and we are gone.

    Let’s see how the 2nd half will look.

  5. Told you! Simic would be better on Thuram than this jokes! This is not a problem of midfield! Both goals came from Thiaw direct mistakes and no coverage from others.

  6. Inzaghi’s starting game plan vs Pioli is always great. It’s his subs that does him in…..and he just replaced Barella and Thuram

  7. Im done for today, gonna head out and get hammered, anyways the season is long and i still expect us to have a make a move for the scudetto fight as all teams wiill lose some points regardless of this lacklustre match today.

    1. Yes. And why is he keeping Giroud in with 4-1? To get injured further and miss out on more games probably. Put Jovic or Okafor in, Giroud won’t be the difference to score 3 goals in 10 minutes.

  8. Lol at those who celebrated Maldinis departure and Piolo’s continuation and mid signings. If he is not fired and major changes implemented by the winter transfer market we can kiss Leao, Theo, and Maginan goodbye next season and any hope of being relevant in the top tier of football.

    #PioloOut #RedbirdOut

  9. Different players, same problems. Our midfield is getting outclassed and overrun easily. Every time inter goes forward spells danger. Our midfielders just don’t track back. It’s been a constant issue for us the last 2 or years and pioli hasn’t figured it out. Its just the beginning of the season. BUt i seriously hope he will fix it, doubt it though.

  10. I think the players play this kind of matches the way their coach tells them to. 5-1 speaks LOUDLY that Pioli just can’t compete against high level teams. It’s still early yeah new players blah blah but 5-1 is too much . For me Pioli isn’t the right coach for this new Milan and next year he should go.

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