Official: January transfer window closes – Vasquez the only move for Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

The 2023 January transfer window officially closed for Serie A clubs at 20:00 CET tonight and once again AC Milan had a quiet winter.

Last year Milan decided to only close a deal for young striker Marko Lazetic from Red Star Belgrade to supplement their Scudetto bid, one that ended up being successful, but this time around there were calls for immediate action given the awful run of form to begin 2023.

However, there was only one signing in the end in Devis Vasquez, a Colombian goalkeeper born who is 24 years of age and arrived from the Paraguayan side Club Guarani for a fee of €400k (as per MilanNews).

There were links with players such as Houssem Aouar early in the market and then Nicolò Zaniolo, Hakim Ziyech and Dario Osorio as the time went on, while back-up goalkeepers such as Marco Sportiello were also tipped to potentially join, but in the end there was only one move.

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    1. Lol who did the other serie A top teams buy? No one made any moves this is not specific to Milan. And if you look no one across Europe outside of EPL made any significant moves. To expect 6 players to come in the winter window is absurd.

      1. Not saying, they should’ve signed six players.. But, atleast they could’ve signed Sportiello for a mere €7m! And sign Zaniolo or Ziyech on a loan..

      2. Oh just stop with that nonsense.
        Milan are in free fall, are you blind?
        What will the precious books look like when we don’t make top 4?
        Penny wise, pound foolish

        1. 35 million is not pennies, didn’t Milan spend €60M in the summer? What good is money if you don’t know how to spend it. It’s probably best Zaniolo didn’t join, besides Roma are gonna tank themselves now just to prove a point. That will definitely help Jose in recruiting. Europe needs to realize the era of large transfers and wheeling and dealing players like trading cards is ending and “free agency” will be the name of the game. Teams with healthy accounts will win out in the long run and teams like Juve will crumble and fall.

      3. @Rubbinio Nobody on this chat is asking to compete with the EPL friend or other leagues. What we ARE saying is that given the current situation and the risk of missing out on CL next season – a reasonable investment in a few players was warranted – a back up goalie (Sportiello – 5M; and perhaps a player like Aouar who is out of contract in 6 months). Doing NOTHING was not reasonable. Never heard the Yankees say we spent everything in summer so we have no money at trade deadline if they are in the middle of a pennant race. Further, the summer/winter spend argument is misleading and quite frankly BS. You CAN spend for this current year (2023) to save your season (and technically still compete for a Scudetto – extreme long shot but def not out of it with half season left to play) and CL spot and invest less in the upcoming summer. Similar to what Juve did with Vlahovic. They spent large in January of last year to secure top 4 finish and less last summer – all in the same year. So saying well we blew our load in summer is fine. But January is a new year and in 2023 we haven’t spent anything (except for a no name kid goalie from Columbia?) . Rather spend some of the 2023 budget NOW in winter if it means we can secure a CL spot – because the consequences of missing CL far exceed the cost of a reasonable spend now. So with all due respect Redbird’ s reasoning is BS and sends a message to the fans that they don’t really care if they win. So that my friend is what we are arguing about and not about trying to keep up with EPL teams. It’s about doing something that is reasonable NOW. What is not reasonable is doing NOTHING – which is what Redbird did. Nothing. So when we miss out on CL cause we wouldn’t spend our 2023 budget in winter and waited till summer – it will be too late – CL gone and with it many players who won’t want to stay without CL and under a wage cap. Maybe that was the Redbird/Elliot plan all along. Makes them look good. Players will ask to leave and they will sell for big $$ – Theo Leao, etc…so they make the players the villains and not them. “They wanted to leave so we had to sell” lol. Just don’t think that when that happens they will reinvest ALL the $$ from player sales back into new players LOL. That would be DELUSIONAL my friend. They will buy more 18-19 year olds so the wage cap stays the same and the cycle repeats itself. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Man that “dirty” oil money would be nice right about now …Newcastle doesn’t seem to mind 😝😝😝😝😝

        1. Except that is not how it works and its not how FFP works. You can’t just borrow revenue from the future hoping it will happen. Also you can only spend on wages, transfers and agents’ fees up to 70 per cent of a club’s total revenue. Unfortunately in Italy those revenues are not that high specially around TV money. Couple that with the fact we did not play in Europe for years and with the loses we have been having and the picture is not as rosy as you try to paint it.

          And it doesn’t matter who the owners are they can’t pour money in without any revenue from the club itself. Again this is not the 90’s anymore where the owner can spend millions, the club has millions in debt and all is good. To play in Europe we need to maintain until 60 Mil loses over 3 years, we are barely there. Our finances are finally starting to heal and become stable and people want to throw it all out over 1 season.

          Maldini’s and Elliot’s plan has always been sustainability, healthy finances as the basis for growth and success and they are taking the right steps. Last years title was great but was not part of the goal so people need to stop getting ahead of themselves and expect the team to buy buy buy.

          Players who want to stay stay, those who chase money can go. All our core key players are signed to 2026 and 2027 which gives the team the time to grow and develop. People act as if finishing 2 or 3 or 4th this year will the end of the world which is not. We will make more money from CL, our loses are projected to be under 30 Mil, revenu projected to grow to 300 Mil for 3rd year of growth so the club is finally getting stable financially which will allow further development.

          As for dirty money they don’t matter. Look at what the previous owner did spent 196 Mil and 184 Mil over 2 transfer windows, had 250 Mil in losses and we were banned from Europe and had to sign an agreement to get finances in order. And now that we are finally out of that your argument is do it all over again?

  1. Laugh with me brothers for I perceive that the second half of the season is going to be a remarkable one however you want to look at it.

  2. This keeper that’s keeping our match now don’t even supposed to be a Milan keeper cos he is not qualified to be in milan

  3. Good luck next year to redo this whole upgrade again because next year we ain’t gonna be nowhere near to play CL Europa League neither Europa conference league so we are gonna finish 7 and down because he believed 50 M could maintain us to fight for a title when first needed depth second a real winger and third better players from messias salemaekers gabbia kjaer dest pobega rebic origi ballo toure tatarusanu mirante

  4. Embarrassing. Zaniolo was there for the taking, for a discount price, low salary, and a chip on his shoulder… could have been the spark. Now we have more of the same with no new blood. Great.

    1. Discount price? 30 Mil + 10% of any future sale is not a discount price for a player with a history of injury longer than the one of playing. Yes he is good when healthy but that is a big if right now. What Milan offered was high but at least if she was injured during the loan we were protected. What Roma asked for was insane and it was only because of the crazy money EPL teams are throwing around.

  5. Buy and use as ball picker? If I was poli, I might just throw this guy into action rather than let Tata concede more goals.

  6. LMAO – and there were some fools on this chat that didn’t want that “dirty” oil money from Investcorp LOL. Well you get what you wish for my friends

    1. Just the usual kneekjerk reaction from fortune teller-coach-business wannabe people every time a team is in bad condition.

      1. Well only the blind could not see the issues in the squad last summer.
        Nothing kneejerk about it.

        We had been short on cover at LB and goalkeeper. We had 1 AM on loan who was poor, a crap RW and 1 fit striker who’s ancient.
        So when those gaps are added to losing experienced high class players like Kessie and Romagnoli, you are left with swiss cheese.
        These problems were obvious for the last year and now we are paying the price!

        For all the amateur accountants out there, Benfica bought Enzo Fernández for 10m and sold for 120m 6 months later!!

        1. Talking here like you’re a fkin expert is not gonna solve the problem for a club who doesn’t have their own stadium and still in the red financially.

          1. I’m just tired of the garbage you are posting.
            Go read an accountancy blog!

            Every dog on the street knows the team needs investment.
            I guess you don’t understand how investment works.
            Read up on enzo and comeback and explain why it was wise not to invest in him

          2. Every club is in “the red financially” lol. Do you understand business? Out of 1000 Europeans teams only like 10 are “profitable” – so 99% of clubs are “in the red” – but yet there are all playing and functioning and world football continues lol. Shocking. So if you ate waiting for a club to become “profitable” BEFORE it spends money – you will be waiting forever potentially lol. It’s not about profit/loss but instead revenue. We like most Italian teams don’t generate enough. However, that has nothing to do with the spend in January. We WILL HAVE a budget to spend in 2023. Perhaps that is another 50M or less. Fine. So instead of spending that money in summer of 2023 – instead spend it in winter of 2023. So we are NOT increasing the 2023 budget rather we were asking to use it EARLIER (winter of 2023 vs summer 0f 2023) – so that we can make sure CL is secured for next season. Get it?? The fact that Redbird did not and took such a hard line in the sand is unreasonable and doesn’t indicate to the fans that they have the intention to win – and are willing to risk CL. Something that makes no sense.

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