Official: Milan handed boost with Juventus set for 10-point deduction

By Isak Möller -

Juventus have officially been handed a 10-point deduction as the new trial regarding the capital gains case has been concluded. The verdict was announced this evening and it’s a big boost for AC Milan. 

Milan are fighting for a top-four finish and with just two games left of the season, there aren’t many points left to play for. Many fans were waiting on the verdict on Juventus, therefore, and it has now arrived.

As reported by ANSA (via Simone Cristao), FIGC’s Federal Court of Appeal gave their verdict on the capital gains case this evening and Juventus have been handed a 10-point deduction. Rumours earlier today suggested it would be 11, but that’s not the case.

In any case, it’s a huge boost for Milan as they are now in the top four, which means Champions League qualification. Missing out on the competition would be a huge blow for the Rossoneri financially, but they can now head into the final two games with a lot less pressure on their shoulders.

The standings right now (*one game in hand): 

  1. Napoli 86
  2. Lazio 68
  3. Inter 66
  4. Milan 64
  5. Atalanta 61
  6. Roma 60
  7. Juventus 59*
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  1. Lol, we’ve been handed yet another lifeline by external forces. The game against Juventus is now a “must not lose” vs. “a must win”. Then win against Verona on the last day and we’re in.

    1. With juve player mentality are down because lose 4-1 from empoli & point deduction , i believe AC Milan can win vs juve and hoping atalanta beat or atleast draw with IM so we can finish higher than IM in serie A

  2. Nice, but either way we cannot lose to them on Sunday.
    If Juventus win vs Empoli today they ll be only 2 points behind us. So in that game Sunday Milan cannot lose. If they do lose, even with the penalty Juventus will have more points than Milan.
    2 more wins to save this season is all we need

    1. It WOULD be kind of unbelievable that Milan had to enter into a financial agreement with Uefa agreeing to forfeit a season in Europe for basically spending too much money, if Juventus doesn’t get sh!t for cheating. And the Prisma case hasn’t even come up yet.

      1. Exactly. Milan lost a season in Europe for spending too much. Juve didn’t just spend too much, they falsified(cheated) the numbers and tried to get away with it. -10 points is really a slap on the wrist for them. They should be banned from UEFA for a couple of seasons. But knowing Juve they will try to bribe someone in UEFA too so they will prob get away with it.

  3. Even if Juve make fourth they’ll still.get kicked out of Europe because UEFA is going to give their judgments outside of what Serie A does. So even if they make European spots my guess is that UEFA will slap them with a ban anyways. So best we ensure we can End up in fourth as best as possible

    1. 2-0 Empoli now! If this holds then Milan will only need THREE points from the final two games, as we own the head to head vs. Atalanta.

      1. Even if they draw 2-2 we’d still only need 3 points. We’d still be 4 points ahead of Juve. Basically we’d be able to lose to Juve and beat Verona and we’d still be in; nobody else would be able to catch us (4 points ahead of Roma, 3 ahead of Atalanta but with the tie breaker).

        1. We’re wrong. See below re Roma and Inter winning their cup finals. We still need to win both games and hope Inter loses against Atalanta (so that we’re third) to GUARANTEE we participate in the CL. I think it’s a long shot that Inter beats City, but it’s possible.

          1. We will still qualify by being 4th place as Iong as at least one of inter or roma stay inside top 4. In that case, 5 teams will qualify for CL: Napoli, inter, Lazio, Milan, and roma. The CL qualification rule have been altered after Tottenham-Chelsea case.

  4. Empoli 3-0 Juve…. When it rains it pours! Feels kinda wrong to dance on their grave but as a Milanista I’m here for it…😆😆☠️

    1. im pretty sure its a final verdict as it was already an appeal and they risks further punishment from uefa as well.

      1. Thank you, Martin. I really hope so. Qualification to the Champions League is of so vital importance to us. I wish we did not need these deductions to Juve to make it in Top 4, but whatever it is, I am fine with it.

        1. No problem but yeah it would be a shame not qualifying for cl next year thats for sure but i think we will get there and juventus is actually currently down 0-3 against empoli so things looks good from my perspectiive.

    2. Because the first appeal agreed the club had violated Article 4 – covering fair play and sporting probity. So the violation by the club was never in question. This appeal trial was basically re-trying the case against certain individuals (those excused) who were confirmed to not receive punishment, i.e., Nedved, etc., and deciding the new punishment for the club. They can technically appeal again, but it would be wild for the table to change again after the season is over. If I were Uefa I would just ban Juventus for a season or two and make any appeal in Italy a moot point.

  5. I know some elitist dumbass crying waaa waaa waaa that we should not be happy that we are qualifying through because of Jube getting a punishment, just suck it up since its a decision by the FIGC court and hopefully more are coming from UEFA as well, nothing more but happiness seeing Jube getting their financial hurt because of it.

  6. What a day for Juventus!!

    Huge news for Milan.
    We probably don’t deserve it but we sure as hell will take it!
    Qualifying for CL keeps the project on track, missing out not only stalls it but sets us back years.
    We can keep and attract the better players with CL.

    I hope we invest and give Europe/Italy a big rattle next season!

    Forza Milan

  7. You guys forgetting that if Roma wins the EL, then we’re pretty much also out of CL. Our CL for next season is still a big doubt. Lazio has to lose 2 games or Inter has to lose too.

    And I think if Roma and Inter both win the Uefa competitions and Lazio stays ahead of us, then no CL for us next season.

    Correct me if I’m wrong please.

    1. Oh shiiiit. You are right. In the event Roma and Inter win their Uefa competitions we need to be in 3rd or higher to play in the CL. Uefa limit each country to a maximum of 5 clubs in a competition. So 4th place would drop down to the EL. GO MAN CITY!!!

      1. So basically it’s back to square one. We need to win both of our last games and hope Atalanta beats Inter so that we finish third to guarantee we qualify for the CL in case Inter and Roma do win their cup finals. Mamma mia how cruel would that be if we finished 4th and didn’t make it anyway.

        1. you all just having group insanity moment if we are 4 inter and roma won european cups we all qualify because inter is already in 3 place you all just tripping in the comment its just 5 teams
          napoli lazio inter , milan aand roma 5 so we all qualify we need one more win so chill gguys no 6 team that’s only in your head

      2. you all just have group insanity moment if we are 4 inter and won european cups we all qualify because inter is already in 3 place you all just tripping in the comment its just 55 ttem
        napoli lazio inter , milan aand roma 5 so we all qualify we need one more win so chill gguys no 6 team

    2. The max number of Italian teams in CL is five. Juve is out of EL so only Roma will be qualified as the fifth team. Inter is guarantee in top fourth so regardless of them winning CL or not.

      1. Only if Inter also win the CL. If Inter loses the CL final and Roma win and we’re 4th we’re still in. 5 clubs from a single nation are allowed, not 6.

        1. exactly hpw i percieve it as well as there can be max 5 cl qualifiers from italy so we are not far from a cl qualification, if we can win 1 of the remaining two games we will be there,
          Not really sure roma will win though as sevilla pretty much own that tournament by default.

          1. Lol, good point re Sevilla, but I was hoping that he Italian clubs would do well in the European comps. Ideally Roma and Fiorentina win their finals and Inter loses😜. Not sure who I would support in the CL if Roma loses their final. It’s almost impossible to support Inter, but I also want Italian football to do well in general and I hate plastic City.

          2. Well to be fair im not that fond of either inter or city so in an ideal world both would get beaten 😛
            If i have to cheer for any of the teams it will be for fiorentina but sure i get the point of improving the leagues level by success as well but iid much rather see the other teams have success after we have ebstablished ourselves a bit better 😀

          1. Damn, I’m wrong. Inter wouldn’t count twice, since they’re already in the top 4. So yes as Vic says top 4 + Roma. No problems.

        2. 5 teams can go if 1 win European cup:

          We have napoli lazio and if inter and roma wins cups they go, and inter is third in serie a and fifth would be forth position in serie a

    1. If Roma finish outside the top four, but win the Europa League, they will qualify for the Champions League giving Italy five teams there

    1. funny seeing the juventus players faces they were truly shocked as most people propably is or would be.
      Juventus might end up having to dismantle the squad by sales or i at least hope so because they have the highest paid players in italy and risk further punishment from uefa so this is quite funny to behold and seeing them getting trashed by empoli was not something i really had seen coming. It might to some degree have been affected by todays verdict as i didnt see the first half butits also worth noting that lazio will also have to meet them 😀

      1. Yeah and i hope AC Milan can buy Dusan Vlaho. That guy recomended by Ibra and maybe available for 50-55m euro due to unhappy + bad season for him

        1. even though im not especially fond of putting cash in juves wallet vlahovic and chiesa would be of interest to me but not really sure if either is feasible at least i think vlahovic is propably bound for the epl.

  8. Mind blowing JUV – EMP match. Hope that Pioli doesn’t mess around for being clown in the remaining matches…fr

  9. Yeah your comment is wrong. If Roma win Eufa cup Serie A will field 5 teams as long as Roma finish out of the top 4.
    The only way 4th place drops from a CL spot is if Roma win outside top 4 and if Inter drop out of top 4 and win champions league. We would then have the top 3 plus champions league winner Inter and Europa winner Roma. This would give italy 5 spots.

    1. If Inter somewhow dropped out of the top 4 and won the CL, we’d finish 3rd and be safe, as long as we get three points minimum.
      Only Atalanta has a mathematical chance of getting ahead of Inter besides us.
      Basically, if we win one of the upcoming two matches, we’re in.

    2. extra spot for any nation. Inter should finish 3rd, we 4th. Roma prob finish outside of big 4. So, it is only Roma’s results is our concern. juve has mental breakdown, so they would prob outside 4th too.
      If Roma win EL, and we are 4th, we wouldn’t qualify. But They’re going to face Sevilla, one of the best ever in the tournament, so they won’t

    1. maybe someone can explain it better than me, but to my understand they have artificially inflated values of their out going players and therefor giving them more room in the market to buy players. in regard of ffp

      If im completely wrong please correct me as ive only followed it a bit.

    2. Agus they used to pay secret wages to their players 50% official another 50% they used to pay secretly and lying about the price they bought from their players + inflating their income ( revenue )

  10. I don’t believe Inter can beat City. I think City will teach them a lesson and defeat them with at least 4-0. I hope Roma and Fiorentina will win their finals.

  11. To be honest I feel bad for juve’s players and coach since they don’t know anything. The management of old did the dirty stuffs.

    But this shall be the final lesson for juve’s management since they were, are, and possibly would be cheating and manipulating again

  12. This is honestly quite the Get Out of Jail Free card!

    I hope we use this as a catalyst to a great summer of fixing holes with quality, and not as an excuse to forget how patchy we are.

    As for Juve – to be honest this punishes the wrong people (the fans and current players) but wow, just sort your house out! Miles better revenues than everyone else and still have to cook the books. Them and Barca are just awful.

  13. If we qualified, does that mean we buy Diaz and forget daichi signing for free or we get both with arnautovic

      1. Actually, all 4 teams qualifying through Seria A and tean qualifying through UCL/EL goes straight to group stage without qualification.

  14. Even tho this is such a positive news for us I must ask, how come only Juve are looked into and punished while teams like City goes under the radar?

    Im aware of the obvious reasons (money) and all but legally wise is there any answer to this?

    1. Manchester City were fined mllions. Juve are guilty of artificially inflating transfer fees, the cases against Man City are different.

      1. Ok, so I looked into it and according to my understanding Man.City has been charged by the Premier League over breaking financial rules across NINE seasons. They allegedly didn’t provide accurate financial information. Also they did not fully disclose the financial remunerations that were made to one of their managers over a four-year period.

        Neverless, for some reason they had the two-year ban from European football overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

        Again, with all of this in mind why does some teams get away with this kind of things whereas others dont? Is Juves crime much worse than eg Man.Citys?

        As a Milanisti I hate Juve deeply but UEFA should make sure to keep EVERYBODY who does these financial breachings accountable.

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