Official: Rafael Leao signs contract renewal with AC Milan until 2028

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan have officially announced that Rafael Leao has signed a contract renewal with the club. After many months of intense negotiating, the parties have agreed to continue their partnership until 2028. 

Leao’s contract renewal has been a hot topic over the last few months, but the matter was more or less concluded in the last few weeks. To back that up, Milan have now officially announced the renewal of their star on the official website.

“AC Milan is pleased to announce the extension of Rafael Alexandre da Conceição Leão ‘s contract until 30 June 2028,” the statement reads.

“Arrived in the summer of 2019, Rafael collected 162 appearances, 41 goals and 29 assists for the Rossoneri and established himself in the Italian Championship as last season’s “Best Serie A Player”.

“AC Milan and Rafael will continue their journey together.”

The winger is expected to earn €5m plus bonuses until 2028. There will also be a €175m release clause in the deal, as was confirmed by our colleagues at yesterday. A good deal for Milan, especially considering the many big clubs interested.

Leao has found the back of the net 14 times this season and has also assisted an additional 15 goals. These are very impressive numbers and there’s no doubt that this renewal is a huge achievement made possible by Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara.

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  1. 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️oh yessss!! This is what we want to see from the management!!
    ForzaMilan .
    Let’s see what the window brings💪🏿

  2. great news even though it was pretty clear that it was just a matter of time before it was anounced,
    Nevertheless great for ac milan and i do believe its the wisest choice for leao as well.
    Now its time for people to find something else to complain about or preferably entirely quit complaining even if that is propably requesting a bit too much from people 😛

  3. I hope this is a sign that milan able to convince leao that they’ll do better in transfer market to be able to compete better next season

  4. I’m hoping that they made him some promises as to the sort of players we will sign in the summer, he was impressed and wanted to stay, and now we will sign these players. Fingers crossed.

  5. That is a seriously impressive bit of business by the club when he would be so much better off financially if he’d waited a year and left on a free. Great news! Let’s hope he can keep performing at this level.

  6. This is a masterpiece by Maldini & Massara. Kamada’s arrival is 90% certain. Now let us bring in SMS and a prime CF. Let’s gooooooooooo

  7. Rafa ! Rafa !! Rafa !!! “It’s a goal !!!!!!!!!! Thank you Leao. You are the man .You make us proud. You stood by us when others betrayed us. You have entered the AC Milan Guinness book of legends. Appreciate Leao. We can breath now ! Leeeeeaaaaaaooooooo.

  8. Good news and for the right wages. Now let’s sort out striker, RW and CM (assuming Kamada is a done deal for CAM).

      1. Ha ha Maldini fanboys obsessed with me.
        @IKWYDLS even a broken clock is right twice a day.
        Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.
        BTW The deal was done by the CEO but as always Maldini fanboys wanna assign every good thing that happens to Maldini and every bad thing to everyone else.
        @Juro maybe now you can stop bitching and complaining about the owners since they paid our best player and didn’t sell him and make profit as you constantly push your lies here.
        Thank you Mr. FURLANI

        1. @Poli There you are finally.. LMAO! Did you even, follow the negotiation? Why being, so salty dude? You are showing, as if Maldini, wasn’t negotiating Leao’s renewal right? Furlani only negotiated, Leao’s fine to Sporting.. But as expected, you will say obviously not give Maldini, the due credit he deserves right? See: now who is running, away from truth!

          You brag about, speaking facts and a rational thinker, but don’t want to accept others opinion!

          1. He’s sooo one sided. Doesn’t even make sense and is actual proof of his biasedness. If he came out and said congrats, I’d give him props for being a stand up person but 🤷‍♂️….

            Like give credit where it’s due. Maldini AS WELL AS Masara and Furlani as well as background team worked on it. But to outrightly deny that Maldini had any involvement in the renewal it’s just silly. You win as a team, you lose as a team both on the pitch and off. I’ve lost the little bit of respect I had saved up in the very event this happened. Smh 🤦‍♂️

        2. Oh there you are Poli. Thought we lost you to the great beyond after hearing this news. OH, it’s Furlani when we renew and Maldini when we fail to renew? Got it.👍 I forgot to take my Maldini-hating medication today. It’s prescription strength as you’re quite aware.

          1. Actually Furlani, negotiated Leao’s fine to Sporting, with Lille.. Furlani also contributed, his part in Leao’s renewal, so did Maldini.. But no mention of him, cause it’s @Poli! 🤡

        3. “Maldini fanboys wanna assign every good thing that happens to Maldini and every bad thing to everyone else.”

          Actually it’s quite the opposite.

          It’s @Poli who will always assign every good things to anyone else and every bad thing to Maldini.

          The problem is YOU and not Maldini!!

          At least the fanboys criticize and give credit to Maldini when it’s due.

  9. Leao could make double that sitting on the Man city bench… and that’s about all he would be able to do there which is probably why he stayed. It’s nice to know he cares more about the game than making the most money.

  10. Grande Leão! Grazie mille!
    Yes, it’s refreshing to see a player who cares about the club, the city, the supporters, and the ability to start, over making easy money warming a bench at the EPL or with PSG or Real. The rumor is that his agent wanted him to sign with another team but Rafa himself was decisive in saying that he wanted to stay with us.

    1. Ya “dude” I’m happy as should every true Milan fan should be. Secured our investment for now and future. When we sell we will get sizable transfer fee. Smart. The will of the player made all the difference unlike Donarumma, Kessie and Hakan. Hope all the Leao haters can now STFU and stop with the Leao hate and how he was supposedly “greedy” etc…and support the lad and the team. Forza Milan!

      1. well that last part depends on his performances.. He could run more, he is an athlete after all and football is a running sport.
        But we all Milan fans want him to do good and play well and score goals..

      2. But you said he cannot be our best player.

        You led a ferocious campaign with your fanboys for Leao’s sale.

        How results cancel insults my friend.

        1. @John the Baptist – Are u talking about me or @flyingturtle??? Surely not me – I was always an advocate NOT to sell Leao while some fools wanted to sell him for 40M like @bb. So I think your comment is for @flyingturtle if he was one of the ones that said sell Leao.

  11. But you said he cannot be our best player.

    You led a ferocious campaign with your fanboys for Leao’s sale.

    How results cancel insults my friend.

  12. Good. The contract numbers look good too. Good job by the Directors.
    Now once they get this coming mercato right, both departures and arrivals, we are good to go. We’re at the crossroads now

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