Official: Milan redeem Jimenez from Real Madrid with four-year contract signed

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan have officially redeemed Alex Jimenez from Real Madrid after the full-back spent this past season on loan with the Rossoneri. A four-year contract has been signed and there is also an option for another year. 

Jimenez exceeded expectations with his performance for the Primavera side this past season, even making appearances for the first team. He looked quite good in some of them and it’s clear that he has a bright future ahead.

Although it was expected, Milan have now announced that the season-long loan has been made permanent, paying the buy-out clause to Real Madrid. The 19-year-old has signed a four-year contract with the club and there is an option for another year.

“AC Milan is delighted to announce it has exercised the option to sign Alejandro Jiménez Sánchez from Real Madrid on a permanent deal. He has signed a contract with AC Milan until 30 June 2028 with the option to extend his stay until 30 June 2029,” the statement read.

It is believed that Real Madrid have a buy-back clause, even if the amount hasn’t been revealed yet. In any case, this is a great signing for Milan as Jimenez was one of the best players for the Primavera, above all showcasing tremendous acceleration.

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  1. I guess we believe in this kid. I hope he develops at Futuro, and bridges to the senior team soon. Along with the rest of the talented kids…

    (Please fix your site for crying it loud)

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          1. As the other guy said. Cloudflare crap servers. If you’re going to host a site like this you need to invest in infrastructure. Not a site hosted by 2 bit scammers like cloudflare. I work in the cyber security industry and the majority of the certificate takedowns we do on phishing sites are hosted by cloudflare using DV certificates which don’t require any form of organisation validation.

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          2. I’m impressed you don’t have a smart phone. My wife has gone the same route. It’s hard to escape technology these days but is important to do so, lest we turn into complete automatons

  2. From what I read Madrid have a 10m buy back, so minus the 5 he is costing that is a 5m development fee for 2 years, if he works out. Not including his wages

    1. Reports of an incremental buyback up to 12mn in 2026. I don’t mind it if it was a bit higher, like 30mn or so, that way even if he turns into a top class full back at least we’d get paid for having a useful player for 2 seasons.

  3. Good deal without buyback clause, but if the clause is there then I’d say not really. This way we are just cheap satellite club of Real Madrid that will develop their player and if he turns out to be a top one, they will grab him without hesitation. For them clause of 10, 20 or even 30 milion is nothing. And Milan will be one to spend time and effort in development of a player.

    Club like Monza can do it with young Maldini, not Milan with Real.

  4. He can play both left back and right back. Great addition but needs to continue with more game time in first XI

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