Official: Only one Milan player in Italy squad as Tonali misses out

By Isak Möller -

Italy will take on Spain in the Nations League next month and Roberto Mancini has named his squad for the camp. However, just one AC Milan player has been included, and it’s not Sandro Tonali. 

The Azzurri will face Spain in the semi-final of the Nations League and Mancini announced his squad this evening. Alessandro Florenzi, despite the lack of playing time this season, has been included in the squad.

Sandro Tonali, meanwhile, has been left out but he’s instead expected to be called up by Italy’s U21 side. Davide Calabria hasn’t done enough to convince Mancini, who has never been a fan of the Milan captain.

Milan are currently focused on the final game of the season, taking on Hellas Verona on Sunday evening. The Rossoneri secured their top-four finish with the win against Juventus last night, and can thus head into the final game with less pressure.

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  1. Speechless tonali is the second best player for Italy yet this shithead decided not to put him just because he is antimilan and a poor coach his entire career

  2. Speechless he’s by far the second best player yet this shjthead doesn’t want to put him cause he’s Milan hater what a dog

    1. You’re blind af

      It’s Mancini who doesn’t like Milan despite Milan have Italian players who did well like Tonali, Calabria, Pobega, and Colombo.

      1. You listed 4 players… 4… and on those only 2 are starters. We’re very far from typical milan that always had lots of national team players and options.

        1. So what are your excuse with Mancini who called up washed old player like Bonucci over young players like Tonali, Calabria, Pobega, or Colombo who did much better than Bonucci?!

          Are you really that blind that you defend Mancini wrong decisions?!

          And you should blame FIGC because they
          hired Mancini who doesn’t gave chances to young players like Tonali, Calabria, Pobega, or Colombo. They’re the one who created the environment where Italian young players can’t improved and grown up into great players!!!

          1. Where did I say I gave Mancini an excuse and he was right in his call ups? Please tell me. I don’t like Mancini. He 100% should have taken Tonali and Calabria. I’ll say it again, that’s a pretty meak selection to bring to the national team… 2? Pobega isn’t that good at this time. Gabbia maybe but bever plays, and Colombo is barely finding his feet but may get there eventually. 2… that’s it.. 2 players is all we can say we regularly play that are italian. It’s not good.

          2. And saying “it’s on us” is meaning that it’s on us that we can only say that there’s 2 possible players he truly could have called from Milan because we don’t invest in italians anymore.(No clue how he chose Florenzi who has been injured all year….)

          3. @ForzaMilan , hey clown, Bonucci is a CB, why Mancini should call freaking Tonali Calabria Pobega over CB? Do you have any understanding about POSITIONS? Isn’t it better to keep Tonali in camp instead of sending him for National and worrying about potential injury in season end? What does Italy Bosnia game give you ? If you don’t understand any logic, just shut the f**** up!

          1. Mancini sucks. Never said I liked him and of course Tonali and Calabria should have been called up and not Florenzi. All I’m saying is that we aren’t supplying the national team like we always used to and were not giving him good selection (and he still sucks in selecting what we do have). We play no italians anymore. Inter starts more than us for God’s sake which is very ironic.

        2. You clearly have very low IQ

          Even if Milan have 1000 amazing young Italian players, they will not play for Italian national team as long Mancini is still the head coach.

          Also, get the fvck outta here with your second account down there.

  3. Wow, Mancini really really I mean REALLY hate Calabria. He’d rather take an unplayed or injured Florenzi than a fit and younger Calabria smh

  4. It seems this is a thing with Italian coaches. They would rather pick a player that they like rather then someone who performes well. Florenzi has been injured whole season and still got picked over Calabria, unbelievable.

  5. Obviously this selection is not based on performance or even fitness. Why is Mancini doing this ?. This is a National team, not his personal team. Smh

  6. Fine by me. Milan needs their players healthy and the season has been long and hard for the club. Tonali specifically has been overworked a lot. The Italian team sucks anyway, so Tonali can sit back and focus on his physical condition before the coming season. win/win

    1. It’s crazy they let him stay on as coach after failing to qualify for the world cup. And as defending Euro champions.

  7. Questo allenatore non lo posso capire.. Fa una grande cosa.. E poi fa 100 caz…. ma come si puo a lasciare fuori Tonali… Ma vai a cag…. Mancini…!!!

  8. To be honest tonali & calabria only can play football with his right foot. Maybe thats why Mancini dont even call them. Maybe this is just Nation League, they will try new player or plan B

  9. Even Bonucci who only play last match against Milan ( hes injured ) have been call up by Mancini.. haha.. this is Mancini team. Or i guess maybe this is farewell match for Florenzi & Bonucci.

  10. The squad looks entirely over thought to me.

    You know you’re in trouble when experience results in players being called up who are not even playing for their teams.

    However, there is hardly an anti-Milan bias. It’s a harsh call on Tonali but not unjustifiable given his competition.

    We have 2 Italian starters: an average right back and a young CM which is a position in which the squad is strongest.

    I’d like to see a 4-3-3 as follows:

    Chiesa – Immobile – Zaniolo
    Pellegrini – Cristante – Frattesi
    Spinazzola – Gatti – Buongiorno – Di Lorenzo

    Not so much because that’s all the best players, Jorginho and Veratti (are clearly part of that discussion), it more a look to what things might look like moving forward.

      1. Yep.

        Tonali has been horrible for 3 or 4 months of 2023.

        His form has only turned in the last month.

        Cristante is also a pure wrecker. Sits in front of the defenders and throws his weight around. It’s a different role to Tonali who is more box to box.

        1. Come on Bruno, we are talking about Tonali right here. One of the biggest talent in Italy and he should walk into the starting 11, not only for his name but for his game. He is the only pure mezzala and also he is better than old as Jorginho, Locatelli, slow as Cristante, not including him is beyond me.

    1. Cristante over Tonali must be a joke… right?
      And Immobile in a team with a look to ”what things might look like moving forward” is a contradiction.

      1. I said ‘more a look…’

        I didn’t say it was only a side for the future.

        It’s not like there is competition for the #9 shirt anyway. Retegui (a handful of goals in Argentina) and Raspadori (who gets a few minutes off the bench at Napoli)? The rest are wingers.

        How many games have you watched Cristante play?

  11. Replace :
    – Bonucci, Toloi, Florenzi, Jorginho, and Immobile with:
    – Romagnoli, Bastoni, Calabria, Tonali, and Scammacca and it’s a much much better squad.

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