Official: Referendum on Milan’s San Donato stadium is ‘inadmissible’

By Euan Burns -

There will not be a referendum on AC Milan’s proposed San Donato stadium as it has been ruled ‘inadmissible’ by the local authority. 

An official statement was released by the San Donato local government (via Milan News) which confirmed one of the stumbling blocks between Milan and a new stadium in the area has been removed.

The No Stadium Committee had put forward the idea of a referendum on the stadium in February and talks have been ongoing to decide whether they have a right to do so.

It has been decided that there will be no public referendum as “the referendum question is intended to affect matters of non-exclusive competence of the Municipality of San Donato Milanese and, in any case, will be the subject of a change in the municipal urban planning, findings which highlight the profile of inadmissibility of the referendum initiative.”

The statement also explained the different ways in which the local authority will go about gathering public interest in the new stadium.

“With this decision, it has been assessed that the referendum question is not admissible. We take note of this by underlining how the referendum represents a tool for participation, which we intend to guarantee through a process of information, listening and discussion that will involve citizens, associations, companies and the many entities that represent the entire San Donato community,” they said.

It is a serious blow for those who do not wish to see Milan appear in the San Donato area of the city when they move away from San Siro.

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  1. This Italy with obsolete minds that put this country in this bad path. Most of them are afraid of foreigners, and therefore puts brakes on any open ideas for development

  2. This is Italy with obsolete minds that put this country in this bad path. Most of them are afraid of foreigners, and therefore puts brakes on any open ideas for development.
    They don’t open their eyes on what has been doing in other European countries. They have modern stadiums to even host any continental sports events. When someone try to grant them the opportunity to have a decent and modern one, they fight against it

  3. How daft can you be to not want a stadium in you area.. i know this is all just lobbying but ffs, people are so easily manipulated

  4. I’d like to know inters plans now for a new stadium now they don’t have suning at the helm. Will it affect us? Can just imagine them lucky b@st@rds land an Arab money machine and it would be typical of them to have all their problems swept away overnight or hold some weird sway on the political landscape that somehow ties us to the San siro for the next 10 years

    1. I would like to imagine that when we have a new stadium built the milanistas will trash and torch san siro to the ground so inter will have trouble 😀 I remember an english club where the fans completely destroyed the stadium when they had a new one built for them.

        1. 😀 well thats a fair take and i was also just kidding a bit but there was actually one instance somewhere in europe but cant remember the exact place but think it was in holland where the fans was allowed to completely dismantle the stadium and they did vigorously 😀

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