Official: The latest on Milan and the punishment imposed by UEFA due to Super League

By Isak Möller -

As a result of the Super League fiasco, Milan could face repercussions as revealed by the latest reports. The Rossoneri, as well as a few other clubs, have acknowledged that the European Super League was a mistake. 

Milan were a part of the Super League which was heavily criticised by the fans as soon as it was announced. And due to the loaded response, several clubs dropped out straight away but the Rossoneri weren’t one of them.

In a statement published by UEFA, as cited by MilanNews, the penalties for the clubs involved were clarified revealing that the Rossoneri will have to pay a fine. In addition, other measures were taken against the clubs involved.

“- Unreservedly acknowledges and accepts the binding nature of the UEFA Statutes.

– Will remain committed and will participate in all UEFA club competitions in all seasons in which the team qualifies for sporting merit.

– Will rejoin the European Club Association, the only club representative body recognized by UEFA.

– Will take all measures in its power to end its involvement in the company created to form and manage the Super League and cease any existing legal action.

– As a gesture of goodwill, and together with other clubs, he will make a donation totalling €15 million, to be used for the benefit of children, youth and grassroots football in local communities across Europe, including the UK.

– Will be subject to the withholding of 5% of the revenues they would have received from UEFA club competitions for one season, which will be redistributed.

– Will accept the imposition of substantial penalties in the event that he takes part in such an unauthorized competition (€100 million) or violates any other commitments made in the Club Statement of Commitment (€50 million).

– Provide individual commitments to UEFA on acceptance of all principles and values ​​set out in the 2019 Memorandum of Understanding between UEFA and the Association of European Clubs.

Below, clubs are fully committed to the new post-2024 Horizon reforms. At the request of the clubs, UEFA will request and maintain that the respective National Associations and National Leagues take due account of the spirit, content and purpose of the club’s commitments to UEFA,” the statement read.

In the meantime, Milan are preparing for the clash against Juventus on Sunday evening. With a top-four finish on the line they need to snatch a good result from the game although it will be hard at the Allianz Stadium.

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  1. Joe101 says:

    yeah, stop with that “fans went mad against it”
    fans didn’t know what they were protesting against and were heavily manipulated by UEFA

    and this is some massive BS
    they come as if they are the conqueror that was half way with his ass in the privy when his enemies decided to withdraw

    a proper Hannibal-Rome situation right here

  2. Ed3lm4n says:

    UEFA = maffia. I hope some day they will lose a lot of their power, because they’re abusing it. Their stupid rules created a feeding ground for the Super League. They’re all about financial fair play but they let clubs like PSG, who have a representative in their own board, and Man City get away with anything. I hope the next time there’s an audience at a final, the UEFA representative get’s boo’ed out of the stadium.

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