Opposition to Milan’s San Donato project arises but there is confusion over land

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan and Inter have both moved on from the idea of a shared stadium and are looking to build their own facilities, but there could yet be opposition.

As Il Giorno (via Calcio e Finanza) report this morning, the two clubs are moving forward with projects for a new stadium, both outside the Council of Milan’s limits. The Nerazzurri want to build in Rozzano, and their rivals in San Donato.

However, in both the Rozzano and San Donato regions, the opposition urged the Council to take a position on the stadiums that the two clubs plan to build.

The Civic Pact focuses above all on Milan’s project, highlighting one aspect: the Rossoneri wants to build his stadium on an area in the South Milan Agricultural Park, namely the San Francesco area and the territory is restricted.

The Lombardy Region intends to revolutionise its governance by removing it, in short, from the Metropolitan City and entrusting it to a new autonomous body.

Michela Palestra – regional councillor of the Civic Pact and former president of Parco Sud – said: “We need to clarify the objections that have prevented the clubs from carrying forward the various projects of a new stadium in Milan cannot be ignored or bypassed simply because stadiums are now built in the hinterland municipalities.

“In the case of Milan, the structure should be built in an area of ​​the South Park which is subject to specific protections and necessary constraints.

“A concrete pour is expected on an area of ​​220,000 square meters that are currently green and, originally, intended for sports facilities with low impact on the territory.

“To make the work economically sustainable, a shopping centre would also be annexed to the stadium with essential changes to road, motorway and railway traffic and a foreseeable increase in traffic volumes and pollution.

“The regional council therefore has the duty to do everything possible to ensure that this massacre does not take place and to inform the regional council of its position, its strategic vision as well as the ongoing negotiations with the Municipality of San Donato and with Milan.

“We would not like there to be a connection between the desire of the centre-right majority to transform the South Park into an autonomous body and the willingness to allow operations which are not permitted today to be carried out in the Park territory in the near future.”

However, an objection has arrived from Felice Raimondo. He writes on social media that the area purchased by Milan through the Sportlifecity vehicle (circled in red in the image below) does not fall within the Southern Agricultural Park.

Instead, it already has a sporting vocation and the Council of San Donato itself had already foreseen land consumption (which should remain the same even with Milan project) and redevelopment of the area.

The areas that fall within the Southern Agricultural Park are those highlighted in yellow (to the left of the red circle). Some of that land is owned by ENI, Milan did not purchase it and rumours have only discussed a possible transformation of a small part of that land into green car parks.

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  1. Here we go again! Bye bye New Milan stadium!
    This whole stadium thing in Italy makes me. not just understand, but to justify the existence of the Mafia in Italy! They definitely need to spread their wings into Lombardy as well as it is in Sicily and Calabria, to get these kind of ppl in their places and actually make something, like building stadiums start happening!

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