Ordine: Inter defeat a ‘necessary and inevitable’ reality check for Milan

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan failed to clinch a decent result in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Inter, with the latter prevailing 2-0. The Nerazzurri were the better side and it was a necessary reality check for the Rossoneri. 

Stefano Pioli’s men were caught off guard immediately and Inter made the most of a disjointed Milan side. After the second goal, Simone Inzaghi’s men sat back and focused on the counters instead, creating enough chances to score a third.

In his editorial for MilanNews this morning, the Milan pundit Franco Ordine shared his thoughts on the game. He made it clear that this defeat was needed for the Rossoneri, who must look themselves in the mirror.

“On a night like that, a reminder of the harsh reality was necessary as well as inevitable. We need to be clear-headed and admit the following: this season’s Milan, without any proper reinforcements from the summer market, went beyond their means by reaching the semi-final of the Champions League.

“They took advantage of all their resources in the two previous games, against Tottenham and Napoli, and arrived at the Euroderby with flat batteries. It was clear that Milan, as soon as they entered the field, were insecure, fearful, awkward, and disjointed in their departments,” he stated.

It remains to be seen if Gerry Cardinale will sanction significant investments on the market this summer. Paolo Maldini made it more or less clear that Milan need exactly that, but the American’s willingness might not be there.

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  1. “After the second goal, Simone Inzaghi’s men sat back and focused on the counters instead, creating enough chances to score a third.”

    So basically that means they will just, try to park the bus and rely on counters in the second leg, and might rotate a few players, especially given their congested fixtures.. Thinking it’s done and dusted, here is where we can hurt them! I remember in 2022, he lost the derby, because he tried to defend 1-0 lead instead of killing the tie.. All it takes is, just a goal and our defence stay intact and we are good to go!

    1. If Milan could even score a single goal when rivals are defending…. Matches with defense-minded show that Milan can’t score against them. If Inter will play like that then yes, it’s done and dusted.

      1. Anything is possible, as long as Leao is there.. Inter seems to panick, under pressure and they even throw the lead!

    2. we need everyone, full steam ahead, playing like their lives depend on it. We cannot afford mistakes. We pulled offs miracles before. I can say we might have pushed this team further than it can go. Hopefully I am wrong. Let’s hope they have just enough left to break through this slump. Forza Milan

    3. Or instead you mean all it takes was a Leao magic.

      Don’t forget to note that Leao was the major reason Milan won that match unless you are one of those that drag him hear you can act blind to that fact.

      1. Dude! My comment, has nothing to with Leao or any other player for that matter.. I was trying to say that “Inter will probably, approach the second leg, sitting deep and breaking on counters.. Instead of trying, to press higher, and they might rotate a few players” That’s where we need to hurt them.. Yes, all it takes is a Leao magic, hopefully he can unlock their defence!

        Yes.. all it takes is a, Leao magic to pani

  2. This team must focus on three most important matches and back to the reality: spezia, sampdoria and verona.
    Losing spot next year equals to non investments and that means much weaker team. Inter already beats Milan 3 times, so there are no good chances with them because Pioli don’t have solutions and he is not the wizard.

    1. I agree, and don’t see why we shouldn’t also be trying to win the Juventus game. We have those four matches left and need to win all four. Nevermind getting past Madrid or City. Anything is possible in football, of course, but I think we’re trying to fly too close to the sun. It maybe that we should just put in a good performance to fly the flag, but blowing the engine to overcome a two goal deficit might end up being akin to falling on our own sword.

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