Ordine urges Milan fans to not be ‘ridiculous’ amid Ibra and Pioli speculation

By Isak Möller -

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been heavily linked with a return to AC Milan in the last few weeks and some Rossoneri fans have interpreted this as a dig aimed at Stefano Pioli. However, as Franco Ordine argues, that’s far from the truth.

Ibrahimovic has made his demands clear for a return to the club and evaluations are ongoing by both parties. Milan want the Swede back but are also keen on finding the best role for the club legend, which is only reasonable.

As Franco Ordine argues in his latest editorial for MilanNews, the suggestions that Milan have gone behind Pioli’s back with the return of Ibrahimovic are ‘ridiculous’. The manager, just like the management, wants the Swede at the club.

“From what I understand, the situation at Milan is healthy. However, this doesn’t mean that a certain figure isn’t needed. Desired by Cardinale, Furani and Scaroni, also with the green light of Pioli: Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“Speaking of this topic, if the club’s ownership and management repeatedly meet Ibra and ask him to ‘return to the family’, do you really think that they are doing so to spite Pioli and without listening to his point of view? Don’t be ridiculous, please,” he writes.

It remains to be seen if the parties will reach an agreement in the coming months. The feeling is that only Ibrahimovic’s ‘yes’ is missing to make it happen, as Milan are willing to satisfy his demands.

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  1. I just was looking for how long is the coach training and certification by UEFA, can you guess ? It’s six months, so if you do your maths correctly from July to this moment 5 months, so it only rest 1 month to Ibra finish his course and get his certification and start coaching the team.
    Unrealistic? Isn’t it?
    Don’t rule out the idea, there is a reason on why all the conversations are taking too long …

    1. Oh great let us ruin another legend by giving them a job as an actual manager of an actual Serie A team with actual ambitions to go places.

      Why do so many people think elite professional football is for amateurs?

    2. LOLOLOL you think Milan will hire a mamanger with 0% exp.
      If anyone is taking over (for a brief spell) it would be Abate.
      But Pioli wont get fired anyway as long as we stay in top4 or near top 4. No good alternative on the market, mid season.

  2. Nobody saying it’s to spite Pioli but it shows a lack of confidence in his abilities to MANAGE a team including motivation which is presumably what Ibra is coming back for (I see no other reason).

  3. We’re not really much of a ‘family’ are, we anymore?

    Unless it’s like one of those families in a foster home. You know where people come and go.

  4. Maldini was the ‘best friend’ who supported the players while Ibrahimovic was the ‘big brother’ who kept the players in line. Milan lost both of them at the same time. That void didn’t hurt the team right away because some quality signings made everyone excited to compete. But it only takes a few tough games before the lack of support causes problems.

    I think Ibra is ‘too big’ to be a manager. He’s coming back to his feet wet and will then become technical director or even club CEO, somewhere, not necessarily Milan. There is also a good chance he wants to become a big agent. He never really needed Raiola but kept him around to learn from him.

    Anyways, I hope he comes back.

  5. Great players don’t always make great managers. I doubt if Ibra has the patience to be a good manager, but you never can tell.

    That said. There is nothing wrong in hiring an ex-player to take charge of the dugout. The fact that some failed doesn’t mean all will. Some just need time to find their feet. Barca won’t consider Koeman a successful manager, but Xavi is doing quite well.

  6. If there is anything we fans should be concerned about is not Pioli, it our training staff and their methods. Either we
    do not do our homework on the players or do not prepare them properly. Our lineups are in flux week in and week out

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