Ordine explains moment he ‘gave up’ on De Ketelaere as stadium ‘was silent’

By Isak Möller -

Charles De Ketelaere has received quite a lot of criticism this season and that only increased after AC Milan’s 1-1 draw against Cremonese yesterday. Franco Ordine has revealed the moment he gave up on the Belgian. 

De Ketelaere is yet to find the back of the net for Milan and as he got the chance from start against Cremonese, many prayed that it would be the game. However, he missed a big 1v1 chance in the first half and further hurt his confidence.

Speaking to Radio 24, as cited by MilanNews, Milan pundit Franco Ordine revealed that it was at that moment he gave up. Curva Sud may have chanted the player’s name after the game, but he believes the Rossoneri must move on.

“The chants for De Ketelaere? It’s blind love from the Curva Sud, the rest of the stadium was silent. After seeing CDK’s missed opportunity against Cremonese, I gave up. When I saw his face, I understood that it’s not his thing,” he stated.

De Ketelaere certainly won’t play from start against Lazio this weekend and it remains to be seen if he will get any more chances from start this season. As things stand, it feels like €35m down the drain for the Rossoneri.

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  1. Ordine say the same with many fans here. With 35 m euro transfer fee ( 70 % budget this season ) but you still 0 goal ,it is very disaster. Even leao first season better than CDK . Lets hope CDK value not drain faster like paqueta value. CDK lacking body balance,his team mate dont trust him ( rarely pass the ball to him ) maybe because he is introvert type . Learn from paqueta case, better use him as swap card player or sell him 25-27m euro to EPL club

    1. I really agree with you Reccaman
      CDK is not the only player the regular players don’t trust, its the whole bench and this is obvious in all the matches played with the mixture of some regular players and bench players. If you have even a single player who is not trusted by the others, the group cannot achieve anything meaningful on the field.
      CDK is talented and it would be better if Milan loans him out for a season even to a lower club in the league to get more playing time. Some people will hail a player like Tonali but he is equally wasteful and still not to the Milan standard Pioli trust him. We need serious investment.

  2. A player doesn’t become a write-off in one season – Milan must have done their homework, and Bruges were very keen to keep him. Loan him out for a season, but keep him on the books. He’s still very young.

  3. 35 m wastes I can bet it,this guy not even close to chealseas debruyne or Rafa leaos first season,we all remembered how Rafa perform against fiorentina and inter in his first year,but this guy is totally not in Seria a level,he may be good but in Belgium league no doubt

  4. The Mistreatment of Y Adli cursed Maldini and Pioli for their Baised against Adli thqt was beyind Busniness and Organisational Startegy.
    Having Diaz,Adli for n 10,
    And Having Injured Ztaltan as Striker while being tje Champion of Italy.
    And Than Spending 35M for CDK insted of Striker was just a Zaga of deciding without Ears and Eyes by wantiing to be a Father from other man.

  5. Normally I would say give it more time. However, CDK simply doesn’t belong at this level of football. Even if he gets more comfortable and plays better he is still too far below what is needed for serie A.

  6. Chelsea said the same about DeBruyn.

    Everyone on this site said the same about Leao and Tonali. Difference with Tonali and Leao was they were integrated into the squad behind Bennacer / Kessie for Tonali and Rebic for Leao.

    CDK is just a kid at 21yo. Give him some time. He will come good. Maldini and Massara haven’t got it wrong yet.

    1. Exactly. You cannot say CDK is trash and we should get rid of him after one season. He’s 21. Some YOUNG players take longer to develop than others. I bet the same fans who are screaming for us to sell CDK said the same about Tonali after his first season. What a mistake that would have been. Give the kid time and let’s see what happens. You cannot have a YOUTH based policy than expect every single YOUTH player you buy to produce straight away no matter what they cost. Like I said some take longer than others. Just because we paid 35M out of our 50M budget doesn’t change that. If he cost 6M like Thiaw, nobody would raise an eye brow because the expectations would be so low. But because we paid 35M (which isn’t that much anyways for “normal” clubs lol) we expect him to produce and be the next Kaka or whatever straight away? Doesn’t work like that lads.

      What I don’t agree with is why Pioli keeps sending the kid out there when it’s clear he is lacking in confidence and form. Bench the kid and let him learn. Take the pressure off this kid. Hopefully with a full training camp under his better he can better understand Italian tactics and contribute next season. But to sell him this summer after one season – for a loss – I don’t think that makes much sense.

  7. Ordine was right in his assessment. It baffles me to see how the managements would go for CDK. That sum part of money could had been used to increase the salaries of Kessie, rather than allowing him go for free. Now, it’s the Star player of the Leao dragging this contract situation for long. I wouldn’t be suprised to see if he eventually leave when clubs would go for his signature. I have watched CDK back then at Brugge. He has prospects but not that type of Italian flare… it would take him much time to adapt.

  8. There’s no denying that the kid’s had a terrible time on the pitch this entire season. However, if we add some context to that fact, such as his age, his inexperience at this level, new club, new country, and so forth, the disappointing performances become not only clearer but somewhat understandable.

    Yesterday’s match was his best game in a Milan jersey, and while it wasn’t much to shout home about, it does add some more context to his failures. For example; for the first time this season, CDK was given the role in his preferred position, and he looked much better than he has ever looked. He took up some positions in pockets of spaces, but his teammates either weren’t able to get the ball to him or didn’t trust him enough to pass it. He completed a few dribbles and seemed to be growing in confidence as the game went on.

    Now we already know that Pioli has a thing for the original concept of the playmaker role and it’s importance to the way his team plays. It’s honestly been sad to watch but I admire him for sticking to his beliefs. We’ve sat by and watched as it brought out the worst of every single player that’s been placed there, with the exception of probably Bennacer and Kessie. The likes of Paqueta, Hakan, Diaz and now CDK have looked horrible for the majority of the chances they’ve gotten there. Should I believe that all of these players are no good?

    If we take a look at some of the best passers in the modern game, players who you’d consider to be traditional playmakers, like Messi, Modric and De Bruyne, we’ll notice that none of them play in a traditional playmaker role. I’m not saying that they won’t pop up in that position during a match, but they’re not designated as a playmaker. Isn’t that odd? Well it isn’t in today’s game, it’s actually the norm. The game has and continues to evolve so Pioli has to find ways to evolve with this young talented team or he’ll find himself on the outside sooner than he thinks.

  9. i get all the adapting to a new league and him being young but if you play 35-40 games as a number 10 or striker 1 assist is not going to cut it. Especially playing for Milan. They need to loan him to fiorentina or monza

    1. As I said before; his failures are undeniable, but you must add some context to facts because there’s so many variables at play as to why that is.

      The point I was trying to make though, was, that all of this could have possibly been avoided if Pioli had just given him the opportunity to play in the position, that the data suggest is his most effective position on the pitch. I’m implying this based on what I saw yesterday from a boy who’s been beaten down with criticism, who’s low on confidence and under immense pressure. Yet he performed decent, even with majority of the starters missing. I say give him some more opportunities in that role, let’s see if he can improve

  10. I agree with Ordine. Adapting to a new league is one thing but CDKs face doesn’t inspire any confidence in me at all that’ll he’ll suddenly blossom into this wonder kid.

  11. I love our model and I’m all for playing youth – I was arguing the other week about certain Primavera players that I think are ready for backup roles. The thing is, while you accept they are ‘learning on the job’ you expect to see SOMETHING from them – the odd flash of brilliance to show what they can become. Look at Thiaw – he is far from complete, but he is strong, composed and has genuine presence, so you can forgive him for incidents like the other night.

    CDK has done nothing to inspire confidence – he just runs into trouble and then makes the wrong pass every single time he gets the ball.

    He needs a year on loan to clear his head, but to be honest if we could recoup the full amount from an English club with more money than sense, I’d probably take it.

    Obviously there is context at play…EVERYTHING is contextual, it doesn’t remove the need for a bit of objectivity from time to time.

  12. Can’t wait for everyone to get their way and have CDK sold for a loss, only to cry, lament and chastize Maldini for it when they see him explode and reach a value of €60m. 🙄

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