Ordine reacts to Bennacer changing his agent: “Bad times are upon us”

By Isak Möller -

Ismael Bennacer recently switched agents and is now represented by the late Mino Raiola’s cousin, Enzo Raiola, who has taken over the business. Franco Ordine, the Milan pundit, has shared his thoughts on the matter. 

Milan have been negotiating with Bennacer over a contract renewal for quite some time now and there is still hope that an agreement can be reached. The news of him changing agents, however, hasn’t gone down well with everyone.

Speaking live on Twitch, as cited by MilanNews, the pundit Franco Ordine was asked about Bennacer and his decision to switch agents. He revealed that his first reaction to the matter certainly wasn’t positive.

“When I heard the news, I said to myself ‘bad times are upon us’. So that is what I think of the matter,” he stated.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the negotiations will be but a player switching agents in the middle of the process is rarely a good sign. On the other hand, it seems Milan are not that far away from what Bennacer wants.

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  1. This is what happens when you nickel and dime our starting player and make a below market value offer. We have ZERO leverage esp after loosing Kessie for free, now we may lose Benny? Horrible. Should have given him 4M and had him sign asap instead of sticking to 3.2M offer. Terrible

    1. If you think Milan have the financial to offer the same market value that dominates by rich EPL clubs, PSG, and Madrid then you’re out of your mind.

    2. You don’t understand how agents work. They ask for a high amount, knowing the club won’t offer that much. Then when the club eventually offer that amount, they ask for more. Agents need to buy time this way because it’s better for them that the player changes clubs so they can have a percentage of the transfer fee or a signing fee. They don’t make money if the player doesn’t change clubs. That is why the old Raiola asked Milan for a 20 mil. siging fee for Donnaruma even when it was their own player. Signing fees should be forbidden by UEFA. Bennacer will definitely leave Milan, even if they offer him 7 mil. Clubs will never play signing fees for players that are already in the team because then everybody wants that and the club would be ruined. A new team can put a signing fee in the books as a transfer fee.

  2. Milan should learn to respond to these situations with firmness and authority. Most of these boys come and pass years being Nobody yet receive their salaries alright, then all of a sudden they become bossy over the club over their renewals. Look at Leao, two years of rubbish, and now playing the fool without showing any gratitude. Anyway Non is greater than AC Milan. Forza Milan.

  3. Every time we bash players but we all missed one thing that it was his agent who asked for the renewal last season in Jan or Feb and even 2021 oct…..but we refused wanted to close the season and wait for takeover….we missed that ship now his demands have risen and the best solution is if you can’t afford sell him….the players himself said first priority is milan and forwarded his demands but management cant afford move on….sell invest get new player. There is nothing hypoethical of player…..who wants to leave at all cost and simply playing up….Time and again these issues on every contract renewal pops up we can’t simply bash players there are always two sides of coins…..there might be errors at our end…..plus we haven’t moved an inch from 3m to 3.5m including bonuses….

        1. I just check google and all news said it was Bennacer who delay the negotiations because he wants to wait and see new owner project.

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