Ordine: Three reasons why Milan should make a serious attempt for Rabiot

By Isak Möller -

Adrien Rabiot appears set to leave Juventus on a free transfer after failing to reach an agreement for a contract renewal. AC Milan are keeping tabs on the situation and the pundit Franco Ordine has named three reasons why it would be a good signing. 

Milan’s interest in Rabiot was revealed recently, with Juventus struggling to secure a renewal, and the Rossoneri directors are keeping a close eye on the matter. While it likely would be an expensive operation, the Frenchman has been one of the best midfielders in Serie A in recent years.

In his latest editorial for MilanNews, the well-known pundit Franco Ordine shared his thoughts on the Rabiot hypothesis. As he highlighted, the midfielder’s obvious quality isn’t the only reason why the signing would be beneficial.

“Someone like Rabiot would also be needed because he has international experience, he can become a point of reference in a young locker room and he can make the French side of Milanello more pronounced. Perhaps even contribute to the renewal of Maignan and Theo Hernandez,” he wrote.

As mentioned, it would likely be an expensive operation with a high salary and some sort of commission, although perhaps not on a Joshua Zirkzee level. On the other hand, the midfield is a department that the Rossoneri would like to reinforce.

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  1. I don’t think we need him. Probably chances are we get a midfielder on a high salary and a long contract that will decline sooner than needed.

    If he had hunger, he’d stay at juve and try make them great again. Doesn’t look like he hungry, he just wants a payday before moving on from eu football

    1. We’re talking about a top top midfielder imo. He would definitely be an upgrade to what we have. A midfield of him, Reijnders and a top DM will be really world class. On paper, one of the best in Europe. And he could probably do a solid job at least in the DM role, if he wanted to be that guy. But yeah, everyone knows the top priority is that DM role

      1. Top? He barely makes top 10 in Italy alone. He’s nothing special. Especially for the salary he is asking . Mama gonna need a fat commission as well probably. Pass

    2. With a new coach at Juventus and the likes of Lucas Dougla and Teun Koopmeiners arriving at Juventus I think the new coach did not need Rabiot and him decide to leave is best decision for him than being 3rd midfield option

      1. That’s just idiotic. Did not need rabiot. Decided to leave. You’re talking like juve I’d stacked in midfield and they really aren’t

  2. The midfield is our weakest department. It needs all the help it can get
    Boggles my mind that it doesn’t get the attention it really deserves.
    Rabiot and a true DM, even on loan, heck I’ll even take Kante esp seeing as Moncada loves French fries. That’ll be an upgrade.
    Spend the money on striker and hope for the best.

    1. Well, when you play mezzalas the way ours played last season ofc they don’t look good.

      Our midfielders are decent, they just need someone to play them how they’re meant to be played.. doubt fonsy is the man to do it tho

      1. Not buying the mezzala idea fully. Even as a mezzala they didn’t look convincing and they as per usual only showed up against weak teams. And since they didn’t play as mezzalas in the role they never for to play, THEN how can you really assess how good they are? Seems to be alot of that is wishful thinking.
        “Our midfielders are decent” 100% disagree. Our midfielders lack any defensive nous. It’s literally why we shipped so many goals last season. There’s no protection for the backline. Even with a 433 system, you need a DM which we don’t have. And the only former player backup whose name we can’t mention in these parts who played some sort of defence we sent him away 🤷‍♂️.

        Plus Fonseca favours the 4231, right? Sooo….. Why aren’t we trying to sell the mezzalas then? We don’t need them anymore, right?
        Everything still points to us getting more defensive minded mids. No matter which way u slice it

        1. Meh. It’s true we need a bloody DM. Been rambling about that for over a year. But apart from that our midfield was 💩 because of our 💩 tactics. Tis a fact.

          Think if they sell mezzalas they admit they fed up the last mercato and that is not a good look. So they just keep doing the same 💩 and we the fans are gonna continue being frustrated. And fosny thinks he can make it work, because why wouldn’t he? Who’d turn down a job offer from AC Milan atm?

          I’m 75% sure Sarri would be able to make this team tick. With a dm and a new st ofc

          1. Meh indeed. That’s how I describe the midfield lol 😂.
            Answer me this. Who is better than Rabiot in our current midfield? Reinjders? Musah? Who?
            Also why get a coach whose tactics done revolve around mezzalas but double pivots?
            I’m genuinely lost. I just don’t understand the recruitment strategy.

          2. Bennacer? U mean Scudetto Bennacer, certainly not this year. Deers better ? Dont make me lol
            Just admit Rabiot is better than what we have right now.

        2. Fonseca adapts his formation to the players he has. One of the on paper improvements vs Pioli. In the last five years he’s used a 3-5-2 a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-3-3.

          1. My point literally still holds no matter the way u slice it. 433…ok we still need a DM because we have mezzalas, average or slight above average ones at that. 4231? We need double pivots because our mids can’t defend. 352? Dont even think we have wing backs
            It’s just poor construction. Early days still, long summer to go but we really should ask the coach what he needs. But alas he’s not a manager. Just a coach, so this all falls on whoever is constructing the team.

  3. I wouldn’t mind him in the team if we can afford his wages and that the commission wont be astronomical.

    On a sidenote I’m a bit bitter that Denmark didn’t win tonight after that Viktor Kristiansen blunder in our defense but overall I think we deserved to win even though England also had a shot hitting the post. I would gladly have taken the result beforehand so not a bad result either but we played as a team whereas england played far more on individual skills.
    Bravo Denmark.

      1. Thanks, first half against Slovenia we was great but definitely not in the second half as the match could have gone either way and I was constantly screaming at my television in that half 😀 I had pretty much calculated with a win against Slovenia and a loss against England even though I could also see the potential for a draw or maybe even a win I didn’t really expect any points in that match. We have done ok in the training matches before the euros but otherwise the team has seemed a bit in disaray before those matches but its a good time to get up in gear and personally takes pride in tonight’s result but its also one of the most difficult groups where all teams can be dangerous so nothing is really set in stone yet but I nevertheless think we have a good chance to progress now.

        1. Luka Jovic really helped you guys out hehe. Looks like good chances to progress, probably just need a draw against Serbia. That goal from Hjulmand was insane, Milan should sign him

          1. Yeah if we draw now we should be through as long England beats Slovenia. Serbia shouldn’t be taken lightly though as they can also win but think we will be small favorites. Hjulmands goal probably is the goal of the tournament currently in my view but my guess is that he will cost over 50 mil after a great season with sporting lisbon as i believe they bought him for roughly 20 at the start of the season of lecce so doubt its feasible by now.

          2. Sorry in advance to the english people here but just found this and its actually pretty funny 😀
            It might though who knows

    1. England were garbage – as usual. Every two years “it’s coming home” and then every two years they play like they’re on tranquilizers.

      1. There is some truth to it because they generally think they are the king of the world of football but they rarely do especially well. I do nevertheless think they had some issues handling us after we equalized which as a minor football nation compared to them we can take pride in.
        In the end Denmark can also crash and burn against Serbia so nothing is a given for us but it should be an interesting final match.

  4. Rabiot would be a starter for us and we have budget, as long as the numbers are somewhat reasonable then I say sign him.

  5. Again and again, could be a statement signing. My opinion towards the management will slightly change if they can make this happen.

  6. Haha, Rabiot and RLC in a midfield together.

    Lining up next to them you’d be terrified and then you realise that collectively they tough the ball 30 times and relax as your team utterly controls the midfield.

  7. RLC and Rabiot together would be a strong, tall and very physical midfield.
    If Veronique doesn’t want to much of a comission and a sign-on for her son then this is a very good opportunity for us.

    But I don’t understand why no other teams would be interested?

    1. “But I don’t understand why no other teams would be interested?”
      I’d say probably because most teams who can afford his wage already have better options than him.

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