Ordine: When Milan will decide whether to part ways Pioli or not

By Isak Möller -

Stefano Pioli has come under scrutiny in recent weeks and after failing to turn the situation around, the AC Milan manager could be sacked before the end of the year. Any decision, however, has been postponed until after the Newcastle clash. 

Milan suffered another tough defeat yesterday, conceding three goals against Atalanta after a questionable defensive display. Pioli didn’t do his players any favours either, implementing several tactical changes despite the injury crisis.

Newcastle are up next and in order to qualify, the Rossoneri need to clinch all three points while also relying on Borussia Dortmund to beat Paris Saint-Germain. In short, the path to the Round of 16 is very tough and Pioli will need to save himself by at least winning.

According to Franco Ordine in his editorial for Il Giornale this morning, as cited by Francesco Nasato, Milan will decide after the Newcastle game. Crashing out of the Champions League, and perhaps even missing out on the Europa League as well, would cost the club a lot of money.

The January window is just around the corner and bringing in a new manager before then could be a good move. The question is if the Milan management will have the guts to make a mid-season change.

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  1. Before January, hopefully. Making such rash tactical changes, ludicrous managerial decisions and zero continuity.
    Furthermore, getting a regular and convincing beating by Inter time after time his tenure must come to an end and give us all an early Christmas present.
    I just hope this ownership will dig deep into the coffers and get someone of proven quality who can equal the greatness of ACM…🤞

    1. Who f%#king cares about losing to inter if we have won more trophies than them in that period?

      If you’re so in awe of inter go support them.

      1. inter won more trophies than us since pioli took command.
        inter since 2020: 1 scudetto, 2 coppas italia, 2 supercoppa and they also got to an UCL final. many of these titles were won DIRECTLY against us.

      2. No one is in aw of shinter but 5 in a row and they haven’t even been competitive. It’s a travesty that starts and ends with Pioli.

  2. The problem is there are a lack of strong candidates to replace him. Palladino and Italiano are two of the best up and coming coaches in Serie A, but they won’t join mid-season. Tudor is available. He might do a job for six months. I doubt management are stupid enough to go with Conte.

    1. As soon as he sells to some middle easter firm. If they offer 1.5b to gim he’ll sell in a heart bit. However, that might drag out a bit as he’ll sell a couple of our stars in the summer to raise cash for his elliot loan and imaginary stadium. Surely, getting ko’d in the group stages won’t help his cause. Ownership change might be closer than we all think.

      1. you cant just take money out of the club for your personal use. how come people dont understand this? Can Musk sell someting at tesla (a patent, factory or something) and wire that cash onto his account? nope

    2. When? YOU buy ACM from Cardinale or YOU bring potential buyer!! Easy..
      If you can’t, then keep writing oring essay here like you’ve been doing time over time

    3. A- either someone else buy the club from him for a really good price as soon as possible
      B- the club starts doing so bad, that it becames no longer profitable for him and he’ll be forced to sell it for a lower price.

  3. Even if we get knocked out of UCL – Pioli won’t get fired now. He’s cheap and doesn’t complain or ask for $$ for transfers – this is the Redbird way. They will keep him until the summer then we will hire another cheap coach – Abate, Mott’s, Palladino, etc….someone who will toe the line, cheap salary, works with youth & most importantly doesn’t ask for big $$ transfer purchases. So thoughts of Conte, De Zebri, etc… are pure fantasy. Oh ya that’s after we sell one or more of Mike, Theo, Benny or Leao (likely Mike as they have the excuse now of not wanting to pay him 8M) to fund cheap transfers….And the cycle continues.

    1. As sad as it is, but this is probably what’s gonna happen.
      Let’s hope a new owner decides to buy the club as soon as possible.

  4. For all those people who want Abate to replace Pioli immediately, have you guys really thought it through or is that because you’re just angry at Pioli so “anything else but Pioli” will do for you? Abate has no coaching chops at the Serie A level, it’s a massive gamble. This is not “Deal or no Deal ” where people foolishly give up guaranteed money for a “chance” of something better. It could work out or we could slip down past Europe and then you’ll be firmly in the “we should have kept Pioli” boat.

    1. The problem is that players don’t seem to trust Pioli anymore (Calabria, Giroud, Leao, and I heard rumors about RLC being lost after Bennacer came in). Also Pioli probably “knows” that if the doesn’t win the scudetto, he will be sacked at the end of the season even if he is fourth.
      So let’s imagine this: we’re few games away from the end of the season, fourth place is within reach, but we’re mathematically out of the race, how do you think Pioli and the players will handle the remaining games knowing well that these are the coach’s last games ?
      With that said, I’m not with having Abate, he might be good as a primavera coach, but serie A is a different ball game, different pressure,… But we should try to get a new coach by thursday.
      But that’s my opinion.

  5. This is not all on Pioli as many of you hold him solely responsible for our poor form.

    Firing Pioli and replacing him with a Primavera coach is lunacy… That’s the kind of move ADL makes and we make fun of him for it every time.

    Sure Pioli has a lot of problems to kink out but sacking him mid season and replacing him with Abate or anyone else for that matter would demoralize the team even further. Pioli, for all his tactical limitations, isn’t hated at Milanello – a lot of the players love him. So you cut him mid season and the wheels will come completely off this thing…

    What’s the up side here? We already all suspect he’s gone in the summer. And judging by how we’ve been playing, we’ll crash (rightly) out of CL too leaving only the league to worry about.

    1. Our constant injuries are derailing any continuity.
    2. Pioli is a limited tactician and has to improve for sure.
    3. BUT the team/players have to take accountability for their mistakes (especially the idiotic ones by Giroud and Calabria).

    (Whoever comes in the summer has to reassign captaincy and vice-captaincy at the club, because neither Calabria nor Theo are fit for those roles)

    1. Yes the players do need to t to ale some blame (why I’m not going to cry is someone like Theo or Tomori is sold). But two years or player regression is enough to fire a coach. Everything starts and ends with the coach so it’s Pioli who the criticism starts and ends with.

    2. ACM1899 your right and for the record Pioli is a lame duck
      He had no idea what to do against Atalanta on the weekend.
      DEZERBI is Milan, he is what Milan need not Conti who played for Juve and at the time had a hatred for the Rosso Neri even when he was coach for the white and black
      Milan need someone that will take good care of club and players

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