Origi will miss Milan’s clash against Sampdoria due to injury – the latest

By Isak Möller -

Divock Origi was set to start AC Milan’s clash against Sampdoria tonight but unfortunately, he’s suffering from fatigue and has not travelled with the squad for Genoa. Another setback for the striker, in other words. 

The Belgian struggled with a muscle injury throughout the summer and at the start of the season, only just returning to good condition. He has been dealt another blow, experiencing muscle fatigue in his left thigh last night.

As a result, per various outlets, Origi has not travelled with the squad for tonight’s game and it remains to be seen who will start instead. Olivier Giroud is called up and he’s the most likely candidate to play up front.

Giroud is indeed in pole position to start and De Ketalaere could be used as a mid-game solution for the centre-forward role. Lazetic was left out as a precaution as he has just recovered from muscle fatigue, ironically.

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  1. Hope he can score some goals this season and then sell him in the summer. His start so far with the club is a bad omen for the rest of career here. Injured vefore his signed his contract injured before starting pre season injured before his first start. That is starting to become too much of a pattern.

  2. I still don’t understand why we didn’t sign Belotti instead. He was seriously waiting for us.

    Origi will never convince me with all these non stop injuries. I think we’re starting to understand why he was always a bench player for Liverpool.

  3. Arrgh come on man!
    Really irritated at these news cause our team needs rotation.
    Im really irritated 🙄 he needs to find his fitness soon cause this move has so much potential, but time is ticking… other new signings are hitting the ground running. He needs to also get on the train.
    But if anything, I trust Mister, there’s no other coach that has worked so well under so many obstacles throughout his tenure.
    This is nothing new for him, I trust him to find a solution as he tends to do.
    Forza Milan

  4. Very hard on Origi to make an impact for this team. We’ll have to be patient. For todays match, we risk injuring or fatiguing Giroud for our UCL match and Napoli. Not sure what a realistic solution is, play Lazetic or play 433 with CDK as a false 9? Hoping again we get on the scoresheet early with at least 2 goals so we can rest Giroud…

  5. Zlatan, rebic now origi injured wtf! With florenzi out for 5 months as well we always struggle with injuries,and season just started. Hope new guys get up to speed and we can rely on them just playing regular! I also wanted bellotti in this origi guy just seems to be one of them players who’s injured more then not, just like rebic at moment

  6. Belotti should have been signed, since he was available for free.

    Maybe Lazetic gets to play, because Giroud has to rest with UCL midweek and Napoli next weekend.

    Rebic is not available. Pioli thinks Adli is not ready. Leão is playing every game. When he doesn’t play well, some crappy fans will jump on his case.

    Pioli, be bold. You won the scudetto. It’s not an easy fit, but you did it. You can do better, just be bolder. Trust the new signings.

  7. LOL, now where are those people who were hyping up Origi to score 20 goals this season?

    I’m sure now you’ll deny it now but if you have any shame come out and say you were dead wrong about this below average player

    1. @boulden
      Shut up your trap!! Must there be a stupid fan in every comment section, this is round 6 and there are still so many matches to play so shut up and wait longer before you start vomiting…….

      Injuries happens, osimehn is out for 2months and Napoli is not dead yet, Milan will survive, we always do

      1. You shut your trap, the guy never scored 10 goals a season in his life and you are overhyping him like those dumb EPL fans

        STFU and go take your dumb opinions somewhere else.

        Hopefully Origi never steps up on the pitch after Rebic is back.

  8. Would have been better keep Marco Nasti or Colombo or sign Belotti on free instead of this guy who we signed for free but was already injured and is receiving one of the biggest salarys like Florenzi that receives like 3m euros and now is gonna miss half the season!Wen we started to get linked to this guy Origi i said that we was not a guy signig for us but other people said he was gonna be like Lukaku and score 20+ goals for us a guy that never scored more then 10 goal in one season the most likely fate of this guy is going to be back from one injury plays some minutes in 3 or 4 games and gets injured and so on and so forth!Moral of the history this guy coming to AC Milan is one more player that people want out of the club the fasted the better!

  9. Milan need a reliable striker. This is a joke. He will never make it like this. Also Rebic is still carrying his back problem from last year. Practically we have only one striker in Giroud and it is obviously not enough for a title defending team. I didn’t understand our signings in Messiah, Florenzi and Origi at all and missed lot of promising options throughout the market. This is gonna heart us big time. What a shame.

  10. Fuck it get lazetic in and trust him to show his worth. Leao Theo abd CDK will do the actual attacking and lazetic can just find the spaces and create a nuisance of himself. Now or never in my eyes

  11. Instead of crying over Origi, why don’t you all go to Milan and sell him off???? Okay wait, you can not, you come here, type your brains out and then go to sleep..Okay

  12. either way you look at it, it is a bad decision made by Milan management, striker position was not fixed, Ibra, Origi is injury prone, Giroud ain’t that young, RW is another issue Milan management didn’t address. Long story cut short it was a bad mercato!!!

  13. Still think we missed a trick not getting tammy abraham when he was available. He scored 17 league goals in 37 games with 4 assists in his first season in Italy, young, quick, strong, good in the air and knows where net is.

  14. Focus for Jan should be a player who can do ST and RW. Crazy that out of our 5 strikers 3 are injured, one is 35/36, and the other one wont get playing time

  15. Damn those injuries never stop for us….
    Just play CDK as false 9. Give Giroud some rest before UCL. We are overstacked at CAM anyway, and Charles played as striker for some time at Bruges,

  16. I’d like us to go 433, we have enough midfielders for it, when does our 10 ever score? Not like we have a kaka, del piero or Totti is it! If we got dybala I get it but we haven’t, and we would have bennecer/bakayoko as cdm freeing up our left and right midfielders to go forward more.

  17. Why we gave up on Belotti??? Does anyone know? Was there something about Belotti behind the scenes that we don’t know? I can’t believe we acually bought this Origi guy and skipped on FREE Belotti!?

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