Parolo discusses pros and cons of Fonseca for Milan: “He knows Serie A”

By Isak Möller -

Paulo Fonseca has been heavily linked with the AC Milan job in recent weeks and now appears to be at the top of the wish list. As highlighted by Marco Parolo, hiring the Portuguese manager would come with both pros and cons. 

Stefano Pioli will leave Milan at the end of the season and the announcement should arrive already in the next few days. Once the termination has been agreed upon, the Rossoneri will be able to focus fully on the 58-year-old’s replacement.

The latest reports suggest that Fonseca is one of the top candidates, having done well with Lille in Ligue 1. Speaking live on DAZN, as cited by PianetaMilan, the former Lazio midfielder and current pundit Marco Parolo shared his thoughts on the manager taking over Milan.

“Fonseca? The pros are the technical continuity with the same formation as Pioli, as well as the experience of working with young players. He has also coached many European teams and knows Serie A, so he knows what is required of him.

“The cons? He won’t cause fireworks and it’s not a drastic shock, because he seems like someone who will lead you to good results but I don’t know if he will win a trophy,” he stated.

There have been many reports in the last few weeks and the whole matter is getting a bit tiring, but at least a decision is now very imminent.

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  1. Pioli 2.0 nothing different – occupying the opponents half with no idea. Midfields total joke , defensively same as Milan. No wonder we go for him it’s like getting Piolis junger Brother

  2. There are no pros or cons
    He is a clown milan should not be interested in these types of manger
    I hope they leave him like lopetegui

  3. VERY, VERY mediocre coach. I feel he is a downgrade from Pioli. He flopped badly at Roma. If we get this guy, it’s proven that management don’t know what they are doing or go for the cheapest Yes-Man option, which will be a low dirty shame.

    People protested against Lopetegui, a much more experienced coach with a lot more success in big teams and national team, and nobody is saying anything about Milan hiring this bum??? I really don’t understand it. He is worse than Pioli and way worse than Lopetegui. Not that I wantes Lopetegui; it’s just that Fonseca is even worse.

    1. Reason I think no one is protesting now is because I think in hindsight, they have come to realise that, the very loud protest against Lopetegui was a very dumb idea and has put the club in a difficult position going forward. Mostly because they so badly wanted Motta or Conte, without actually knowing what was the real situation with those two. Let’s be honest, it’s been the media that has been throwing stuffs out there. But won’t mind Fonseca. Actually as long as they do their homework, won’t mind who they agree to hire.

  4. So “he knows Serie A” – yes, so do all the other coaches from Serie A bottom feeders and relegated teams; should we hire them just because they “know Serie A”??? While coaching in Serie A, Fonseca couldn’t ever reach the UCL and won no titles. How in the hell is this an upgrade over Pioli? It is not. He is worse than Pioli.

    1. Bruh I’m watching his game against Nice – that dude is clueless. The level there is no way near Serie A , still his team no way near to score a goal. But if you check the statistics of the game they are DOMINATING. Moneyball dudes maybe pissinf their pants from joy. I’m fan of Milan since 1990
      but im tired man , I attended games , bought merchandise , bought tv passes but if they bring this dude ima take a break until he builds his stadium and sell us to someone who’s actually up to the task

    2. True, I don’t think knowing Serie A is necessary. It can be covered simply by having an assistant who understand Italian football.

  5. De Zerbi is available and these morons are going for guaranteed mediocrity. Fonseca has been a flop in every club he managed. He will never be a trophy winning manager. What a joke this club has become. Berlusconi is rolling over in his grave…

    1. And now a flop with Lille’s current season too; their season just ended with them 4th, out of the Champions League.

  6. Sorry, but f*ck Serie A!!! We need a coach with international experience. Someone who can make Milan a force in European competitions once more ✨

  7. Lille is toast; they lost 3rd place to Brest and finished their season 4th, out of the Champions League.

    Would someone explain to me why the guy who got his team to 4th in a league inferior to ours (UEFA coefficients: EPL first, Serie A second, LaLiga 3rd, Bundesliga 4th and the French Ligue1 fifth) is an upgrade over the guy who got his team to finish 2nd in Serie A???

  8. Oh wait, they did make the Champions League preliminary rounds, after missing the 3 direct qualifying spots.

    I pray that they will want to keep Fonseca to try to survive the preliminary rounds.

    I want this mediocre bum as far away from my Milan as possible.

  9. Nothing good will ever happen with Fulani Scaroni Moncada Cardinale at the helm of The great AC MilanI didn’t even mention Ibra as His role is just for comic relief

  10. I seriously hope this is just another fake media news. Just thinking about hiring this guy is an embarrassment for milan brand.

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