Parolo says whoever signs Milinkovic-Savic is getting ‘a bargain’

By Euan Burns -

Former Lazio midfielder Marco Parolo has said that whichever team signs Sergej Milinkovic-Savic will be getting a bargain due to the quality of the midfielder. 

Speaking during an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport (via, Parolo discussed the player that has been linked with a transfer to AC Milan recently.

The Serbian midfielder has been one of the best players in Serie A for many years and has seemingly been close to leaving Lazio every summer.

He has now been linked with a move to the Rossoneri and Parolo feels that the team would need to adapt to fit him in, rather than assuming he can just perform in their existing system.

“Milinkovic-Savic? Should he arrive, the Rossoneri would have to adapt to him. Pioli would play him as a trequartista,” he said.

Negatively for Milan, he also suggested that he does not expect Milinkovic-Savic to leave the Biancocelesti this summer, but if he does, the buyers would be getting what he describes as a bargain.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays. He and Lazio have become great together and he has never put his foot down to leave. But if he wants to make the leap the moment is now. What has he changed into? Now he’s in charge in the middle, he deserves to play Champions League every year. Whoever buys him is getting a bargain,” Parolo said.

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  1. I dont see a reason why SMS would want to leave to be honest.. They’re playing CL next season and will probably compete for the scudetto. They have the second best def this season and with a few reinforcements they will be very dangerous.

    1. This and I also don’t see where he fits in if we get Kamada, who being a free agent is much more like to arrive.

      1. maybe Milan would go back to 433. SMS, Tonali, Kamada does sound pretty good. With Benacer and krunič on the bench

        1. Maybe, but Kamada is a playmaker, so we’d once again be trying to put a square peg in a round hole. If we switch to 4-3-3 Kamada is unnecessary. All of our playmakers would be, including CDK. If we did shift to that formation SMS would make sense, but then instead of getting Kamada we would sign another box to box midfielder.

          1. Seems 2 me like he can play all over the midfield.. And besides if he doesnt work out, there is still benacer to pick up the slack once he gets back in nov-dec.
            And Pobega did real good in 433 at Torino, so theres that

          2. SMS all round midfield , balance in defense & atack . Pioli launch SMS at age 20 in lazio using formation 433 then change to 4231 with SMS behind striker as AMF , then come Simone replace pioli so formation change to 352 and SMS play as CMF . We can sign SMS & kamada as AMF compete each other but CDK & adili must go first ( loan or permanent transfer) . I hoping SMS join AC Milan but if ACM buy SMS 25-35m euro ,im afraid we dont have budget to buy Brahim for RW and prolific striker ( most likely we will end with loan scamacca if buy SMS )

          3. @flyingturtle, yes Pobega is technically a mezzala, so it’s no surprise that he would excel in a 4-3-3. SMS is technically one as well, but as has been pointed out he can also play all over the mid. Are you sure Kamada can also play all over the mid? It doesn’t seem like he has the physique to be in a more defensive role.

            @Reccaman, that’s why I don’t think SMS will happen. We don’t have the budget to pay for a striker and right winger (which we need more urgently) and also pay for SMS. I think it will be Kamada on a free, a RW that isn’t Diaz (because he’s not the right fit there either) and a striker. Maybe another CM but it will have to be another free agent or a loan. I guess the new RW could also be a loan, which might free up capital for SMS, or a CM, but honestly I would prefer for our starting 11 to be fully owned so that we’re not developing a player for someone else.

          1. 👍 nice response.
            The previous comments before urs sounds like they don’t know that we need squad depth.
            And perhaps SMS naturally is a DMF he, he will play in the double pivot SMS is not an attacking midfielder, Luis Alberto is Lazio’s attacking midfielder.

      2. @Vero ….depth. the thing we’re missing this year’s tbh I do t believe he will come. this is just nonsense news tbh

  2. If just 25-35m euro it is bargain ( contract left 1 years) . Above 35m euro are over price . Most likely EPL club will buy him but i hope AC Milan can buy him not Brahim as number 10

      1. this is his stats and positions played throughout his career and he clearly has played far the most in cm but in my view he his a player that works well in both phases of the game.

        Central Midfield 292 60 53
        Attacking Midfield 33 6 4
        Defensive Midfield 20 7 2
        Second Striker 4 – 1

        1. Right. And the two midfielders in the double pivot of the 4-2-3-1 that we use are DMs, and the midfielder that sits between the “3” is an AM. So we don’t have the true “CM” that SMS seems to have played in most often in his career and a position that is more common in a 4-3-3 or 3-5-2, the two formations Lazio has most often used in the last 10 years. Also note that 20 games at DM out of the 300+ he’s played is not a huge number. Not saying he can’t play CDM, but if we’re rating him because he’s a good player, and if he’s played mostly at CM, then playing him out of position…

          1. our system isnt as fixed the formation might suggest as players often overlaps and move and swap to other areass and as i said he works well in both phases of the game so i see no reason why he wouldnt fit in well and pioli and sms already knows eachother.

            ILotito isnt easy to deal with so i think its unlikely to happen as he will most likely be sold to the highest bidder and its difficult to believe that a bunch of rich epl teams wont come calling. My hope in this potential deal would be that lotito equalyy shows respect towards sms as he has done towards lazio if the serb would like a stay in italy but at a different club. Anyways that is hard to see happening.

      2. Depend on his coach . When pioli coach lazio he use SMS in AmF 4231,.Simone inzaghi replace pioli in lazio change formation to 352 ,he use SMS as CMF and now Sarri replace Simone ,he change to 433 and use SMS as CMF

  3. ———————– A new ST————————

    ———–leao——-kamada———- A new RW

    —————-Tonali———– SMS——————-



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