MN: Why patience is an absolute necessity amid De Ketelaere’s rollercoaster start

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan fans and the media must have a bit more patience with Charles De Ketelaere as he continues to adapt to a whole new environment, a report claims.

MilanNews talks about the weight of expectation placed upon De Ketelaere, which may well have come from the length of the negotiation, the €35m spent to sign him from Club Brugge, the comparisons with greats like Kaka and Kevin De Bruyne, the compilation videos distributed and of course some initial flashes of brilliance.

However, it seems as though there is a growing segment of those who are sceptical about if De Ketelaere has what it takes at the present moment to make a contribution to a team that wants to win trophies this season.

It is true that the 21-year-old did not get in the game as much as he would have liked at the Red Bull Arena, but he did make an important contribution to Saelemaekers’ equaliser and there is absolutely no reason to turn up the heat on him yet.

On the contrary, there are as reasons to be absolutely optimistic about his centrality in the project as there are to criticise the early signs, as Stefano Pioli highlighted after the game.

“It may be that we sae him a little less, maybe he was well marked by their low block. It was not a quick and immediate construction to find him a little freer. It is inevitable that he needs some insertion time,” he said.

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  1. Its clear thr guy has talent. Just dont know where to be on The pitch. He seems lost and he needs time to adjust. unfortunately the option is Diaz and he is unperforming regularly despite being in his 3rd season

  2. Not sure why people criticize his this much. He started the attack that led to our goal with a smart pass.

    Before that, he passed the ball to Giroud for a one on one with the keeper, but Giroud instead touched the ball with his back heel and lost the ball! Imagine if it was a fast striker there, like Mbappe or Haaland!

    He lost the ball few time, but still was

  3. Remember DeBruyne at Chelsea? Got sold to Wolfsburg because they didn’t have patience with him, he came back to EPL and ManCity, the rest is history. We need to be patient with CDK

  4. I thought of that chance Diaz had to equalize and wondered if it would have been CDK with longer legs and better reading of the game if he would have put the chance away and…I think he would.

    I think CDK just needs to learn the system that’s all. New language,new league, just like all those other good players we have in our current squad that took time to adjust. I think he shown more promise earlier on than others

    1. Indeed. And even though he’s far from his own level, he’s already an upgrade over Diaz in every regard (passing, defending, headers, shooting, etc.).

  5. Cdk is only getting blamed even leao played bad Calabria played bad Giroud played bad just because they have had good games doesn’t mean it wasn’t their fault or they should not receive the blame

    1. Theo passed the pall directly to a Redbull player how many times? There’s no one person to blame for this game. They just looked flat coming into the second half. They had no answer for the press and were beaten to many loose balls. With all the criticisms they have yet to lose yet. Wait until they click. Gonna be fun to watch.

  6. Cdk should receive more often the ball from his team mates. Probably that’s the signal of not having been yet integrated. It’s about his qualities but at the same time about how the rest of the team responds to him. It’s a group game, not tennis. That goes for Adli too. Both of them are quality players who need confindence from Pioli and the rest. Perhaps Ibra would have been critical in their integration at the beginning of the season. I am still confident

  7. Our players don’t give him the ball. That’s the main reason we are not seeing him much. our attack is always on the wings and we hardly pass through the middle. the moment they start involving him in the game that’s when we will always be scoring loads of goals. CDK is always looking to pass the ball to create chance whenever he has the ball.

    1. Leao should have give him the ball just right before half time. CDK was unmarked with plenty of space at the right edge of the penalty area, a good position for left-footed player. But Leao chose to try to beat 2 defenders and as it fail, the referee blow the half time whistle…

  8. CDK will be just fine.

    I’m more worried about the forward position.

    Rebic is always unfit, especially when we need him. He misses way too many games. I’m getting annoyed with Rebic. Is he faking it? Because this is the 2nd year in a row. Ever since Leao exploded, Rebic has been throwing temper tantrums and missing games.

    Ibra is out.

    Giroud needs a rest.

    Origi, so far is a ball hog whose closest shot is hitting the 3rd deck stadium.

    1. “Is he faking it?”

      FFS, have you ever seen him on the pitch? He’s one of those guys who will ALWAYS give 100% on the pitch. Why the **** would he be faking it as he clearly loves to play? And especially now that he would have been the 1st choice for the CF role when Giroud was playing 90min matches and was visibly tired. It makes zero sense to even suggest that he’d be faking it so he wouldn’t have to play.

  9. It really has been a roller coaster of form for him. The potential is there for everyone to see but whatever happened to the so called high press and tireless running he was apparently doing at brugge? Against Salzburg he barely ran and never looked like wanting to do anything more then he had to do. Unless it’s cause he never trained in pre season but that alone would send him on his way to the top. In time I guess but let’s not praise this guy cause he truly hasn’t been better than Diaz

    1. Brugge didn’t use high press. But it was CDK pressing against a defender and then GK that initiate our equalizer against inter.

  10. Not worried about CDK at all. He’s already shown the talent. Serie A is big adjustment for players coming from the other top 5 leagues, nevermind smaller leagues. Even Tonali and Bennacer, who had prior Serie A experience, needed an adjustment period.

  11. Plenty of faith in CDK, of course, and he will deliver the goods, I’m certain of it.

    That said, there’s something I must say: Maldini & Massara missed a TREMENDOUS opportunity when it comes to that Kvaratskhelia boy…

    1. Indeed Maldini missed the chance. However it’s understandable as we already have the best Serie A player in that position and a reliable backup in Rebic.

  12. The pioli style is no midfield play. Attack through wings and every attacker including midfielders line up near the opposition penalty box. We use wings heavily to get the ball to final 3rd, leao and theo in left, calabria and messias in the right. Very rarely we go through the middle. Tonali and Bennacer is asked to pass to the sides. CDK or Diaz attacking midfielder position is not getting enough of the ball. So play him bit more wide or as a right winger instead of messias. But the fact is whenever CDK gets the ball he is very creative. So better Ask players to pass him the ball more often and involve him more in the game. More opportunities to score is assured. I am very impressed with his abilities from what i saw so far a little.
    Kaka had pirlo gattuso and seedorf or ambrosini supplying the ball through the middle. But now we got more wingers, so its gonna be difficult for CDK considering his current position, but long term we have to change the style or his position. Only request to pioli is use this kid to the max. He got tremendous potential.

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