Pedulla: Arnautovic wants Milan ‘at all costs’ as further talks take place

By Oliver Fisher -

Marko Arnautovic wants to join AC Milan this summer so he can have one last chance to play at a top club, according to a report.

According to Alfredo Pedulla, Arnautovic wants a move to Milan ‘at all costs’. It is his first choice ahead of the summer window and there have been contacts with his agent – who also happens to be his brother – in view of the upcoming mercato.

Arnautovic is fine in Bologna, he doesn’t have an expiring contract and he is grateful to the club that brought him back to Italy from China. However, he feels ready to make a leap.

At 34 he wants one more shot at playing in European competitions and Milan are interested in signing him in the event of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s farewell, without excluding another younger signing for the centre-forward department.

Ante Rebic also has his suitcase packed and there will be reflections on Divock Origi. Arnautovic has been on Milan’s list since last summer when Napoli, Juventus and Roma were keen, but now there is more ‘conviction’.

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  1. Hard to justify spending a lot on him. It would have to be a super cheap cost to consider it. He’d be a good backup and gives more options for formation but we still need a main striker. That also said this would mean we’d loan Colombo 1 more year which is probably best

  2. We don’t need this man. He’s too old for Milan… I don’t understand what Maldini is seeing in this man. Please don’t go for this man. This is against Milan project, Firmino is far better option than him

  3. Sure he will be on par with Giro, give or take a few goals. He certainly cant be worse than Origi, that guy found a new low. But he has no future. Why invest in half measures, we need a young…ish prolific striker that can grow with the team, not another addition to are geriatrics ward.

    1. “Why invest in half measures, we need a young…ish prolific striker ”

      LOL. Young and profilic. Do you know how much they cost? What we need is someone to compete with Giroud for the 1st option role and GUARANTEE goals. Keyword here is guarantee. What we don’t need NOW is another CDK or Origi. We need someone who can actually score NOW.

      Sure, we need a striker or two for the future as well but what good do they do NOW if they score 2 goals combined as CDK & Origi could do. 2 goals from 2 strikers won’t bring us UCL spot which is crucial to the future.

      So… Arnautovic is a good stop-gap solution for a year or two. Maybe then we have money to bring in a young & profilic striker who can also score 10-20 goals in his first season.

  4. People don’t read. “…[W]ithout excluding another younger signing for the centre-forward department.” Arnautovic will be a veteran option off the bench or starting for a few games as the young finds their feet. He is a good goal scorer. We will need these because all of the 21 year old forwards we’re looking at, while promising, will need to find their feet in Serie A. We’ve all seen how that goes. Even if a Balogun or a Wahi don’t arrive, because we’ve spent the money elsewhere, we’ll be in better shape than we were this season and it will only be a placeholder for another season as I’m sure Giroud will be let go in 2024 when his contract is done. If everything goes well we will have one of Balogun/Wahi/Openda as no. 1, Arnautovic as no. 2, and Giroud “graduates” to no. 3 in what will be his last year (basically taking Ibrahimovic’s role).

    1. Firmino is best placed to take over from Giroud. He has another 4seasons left in him, giving the younger striker time to learn off him. That way we don’t need to rush back into the market for another striker soon. This guy from Metz and one of the French stikers (Openda, Wahi, Thuram) will be the ideal acquisitions plus a free Firmino.

      1. Firmino has higher wages and probably other offers. He’s also not exactly the kind of striker Milan wants.(tall, physical, good hold-up, …)

  5. IF we are desperate to sign 2 strikers (one old and one young – instead of dropping big $$ on one in his prime striker ) then the aging veteran – we should go for Duvan Zapata from Atalanta. He’s 32 has a transfer value of 10-15M in the last year of his deal – and if healthy would be a steal. Big, powerful and technical and only makes 2-3M and proven in Serie A. Always liked that player. He can start or alternate with Giroud (who should be the ideal backup and saved for CL) Then purchase another young player like Openda or Balugon who can also fill in a RW if needed. I’d rather spend 10M on Zapata then on Arnautovic or 35M on the overrated Scamacca.

  6. How are people putting this on Maldini, Masara or the club? This is pure speculation as are all the other articles on transfer rumours. I find it funny tbh. Laying blame when the ppl in charge haven’t even said a word about any targets, transfer budget or direction for the summer as yet

  7. Well, Firmino’s salary doesn’t suggest the possibility of a deal.

    Transfers In:
    CF – Marcus Thuram (Free)
    AM – Kamada (Free)
    CM – Kessie (Loan)
    CM – SMS (€60m paid in two instalments)
    DM – Amrabat €30m
    RW – Moussa Diaby (€80 paid in two instalments)

    Transfers Out:
    Caldara – €3m
    Pessina – €7.5m
    Pobega – €10-15m
    CDK – €20-25
    Origi – €5m
    Messias – €3m
    TOTAL – €50m

    Transfer Budget – €70m

    1. You are high if you think CDK is leaving after only one season, especially since they spent so much money on him. Stop daydreaming about transfers, buddy. 90% of those are not gonna happen.

      1. Well, ultimately its management’s decision, if you all wanted Milan to sell Leao, then who is CDK? Messi?

        I will trade CDK for Kamada or Moussa Diaby any day anytime. It makes more sense to recoup on the capital invested than watch year after year for him to acclimatise with the team and his his depreciation and amortisation keeps creeping in.

        Believe me, I don’t think he’s CDK is leaving, it’s only a wish, honestly and I hate to say this, but quite frankly, I barely expect much from this management. But, being in the same category as you who cannot even wish about good players coming to Milan is dreadful to me, 90% of life expectations don’t come through buddy, but do you give up on life cos of that?

        I say this to you Sanerossonero, if wishing quality players come to my darling Milan makes me high, then I’m proudly high on first class shit.

    2. This would all be great but will never happen my friend. Just because players are free doesn’t mean they will or want to sign with us. Why? We have a wage cap and other teams can offset much more. So maybe we get one (Kamada because he makes 2-3M) out of your list that’s it realistically. And as others have said we are not selling CDK this summer. Great ideas but will never happen. Also it’s not “management’s” fault if we don’t sign any of these players but OWNERSHIP brother. M&M have to be given the funds or authority to go over our wage cap to secure these players you speak of – and they will likely not. Other than Kamada – none will accept a salary cut (Kessie Diaby) or take a lower wage then they can get on the open market (Armbrat, SMS, Thuram) – so all wishful thinking. Love the optimism but Redbird will not deviate from their policy

      1. Wahi.
        Never really watched him play, but looks good, now a greedy me, I would trade Saelemaekers, and a little fund to purchase Wahi as backup to Diaby.

        Just me and my FIFA life, I have played FIFA all my life and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon, until I find a better game to play. Real life is boring if you support a club with no defined direction.

    1. 17yrs old kid, keypad warrior!
      Anytime one talks transfers, it’s FIFA, grow up kid, the train has left already, that gist is becoming boring already.

      JOHN THE BAPTIST isn’t your mate, be wise.

  8. You keep stating the obvious my friend.

    1. Read carefully, I never blamed the management, I only said I don’t expect much from them. Everyone knows what’s happening at the club, so your expose is just stating the obvious. How can I expect much from a management that is limited in so many ways? Is that a blame on the management, reading is different from assimilation my friend.

    2. You may need to do your homework properly, they all fall within our wage cap, plus only two on my list are free agents, and Kamada already said yes.

    3. Everyone has a wish, and if you knew what wishes meant, you wouldn’t stress a muscle on my wishes.

    4. If you follow up and get updated, you will see I honestly don’t think CDK will be sold, but it’s my wish, who cares? So when you speak, do so out of your personal conviction and not “as others have said we…” it doesn’t show originality, and makes you appear as a people pleaser.

    5. Diaby and SMS earn around 6m, is it magical to sign them?

    6. Internet love will add no dime to your life my friend.

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