‘A 5-year-old can understand’ – Pedulla highlights Conte vs. Fonseca differences

By Euan Burns -

Italian journalist Alfredo Pedulla believes that a five-year-old could understand the differences between Antonio Conte and Paulo Fonseca as coaches.

Pedulla has written his column for Sportitalia (via Radio Rossonera) to explain the difference between the coaches that are expected to pitch up at Napoli and Milan ahead of next season.

Conte is one of the names that was linked with Milan when it became clear that Stefano Pioli was not going to be allowed to see out the final year of his contract, but he was deemed to not be a good fit for the project as a whole.

As for Napoli, they are close to appointing the former Inter and Juventus coach and will be hoping that he can catapult them towards the top of the table.

Talking about the huge challenge that awaits Fonseca on his return to Italy, Pedulla said: “With all due respect, it’s one thing to shine in Ligue 1, especially in a club like Lille which doesn’t ask you to win at any cost, another is to return to Italy to Casa Milan where they tell you that second place would be the victory of the losers,” Pedulla said.

He then talked about Conte and suggested that it was the kind of appointment that can make a tangible difference to Napoli, whereas it will take time to see if Fonseca can really deliver anything different to what Pioli was already doing.

“Conte at Napoli is the exact opposite. A spark that lights up and a fan base that breathes after a negative season. Exactly what is needed to rebuild and find your smile again. No one will ever understand [why Milan didn’t look into Conte more],” he said.

“It is honestly not clear what the real leap is from going from Pioli to Fonseca. Instead, even a 5-year-old child has understood the difference between many coaches and Conte.”

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  1. Conte is perfect for Napoli.
    They don’t play in Europe, and Conte is a 1 competition coach = perfect match.
    A 5 year old and media clowns understand but every big club who needed a coach this summer don’t understand. No team besides Napoli wanted Conte. There is a reason for it.

  2. i understand perfectly why Fonsy is a better fit for Milan than Conte.. He would also be a better fit for Napoli if we wanna go there.

    Conte for Napoli atm is not a good idea, they’re gonna flop hard imao. Spaleti made that team look a lot better than they actually are

    1. I am getting my Popcorn out to watch De laurentis and Conte together. If the reports are true, do people really want a coach that wants an option to leave after each season as Conte is allegedly asking from Napoli..

  3. Milan doesn‘t need to rebuild, we still build.

    Conte is the spark that can blow up a project like Milan‘s.

  4. Yeah I don’t understand the Conte shout. He will never accept that a loss might be at his feet and he doesn’t develop young talent. He also is unsustainable at a middle class club like Milan. He will complain that the talent is not enough and want to throw money at it. De Zerbi or Motta where the correct choices for Milan. They both have improved the young talent and are just as tactically sound for the squad.

    1. But DeZerbi and Motta have an emptier trophy cabinet than even Fonesca don’t they? I see them as risks with potential high reward, but not offering any ‘ore guarantees than Fonseca.

      1. What exactly were they supposed to win with Brighton Sassuolo (in premier league!) and Bologna? You remind me of the recruiters who ask young people why they don’t have experience, then deny them the position that’s supposed to earn them the experience, sometimes people surprise you, for you to achieve incredible results sometimes you need illogical ingredients and pray the chemical reaction is positive

  5. Why do people praise a manager who demands significant investment, has consistently flopped in Europe, couldn’t even beat Pioli’s injury-ridden team, and failed miserably at Tottenham?

  6. Foncesca won in the Ukraine. Those trophies don’t measure up to taking a Brighton to Europe or to be fair even coaching in the EPL against the likes or Pep, Klopp, or even an Emery, for me. Your tactical nous has to be exquisite and developed for such a challenge. It exposes coaches.

    1. De zerbi was also in ukraine and didn’t won. Fonseca also won Portugal Cup with Braga, and that is not easy.

  7. De Zerbi was in the Ukraine when the war started so it has context. De Zerbi is a superior tactician for me. And nothing that Foncesca has won will change that.

  8. There is word that Conte’s contract with Napoli is worth €8m a year and a clause that allows him to leave at the end of every season!!! Plus, he has a €230m transfer kitty!! Gosh! That’s so typical of Conte’s demands … Conte better win the Scudetto for ADL next season if not ADL is going to be so pissed with this fraudster …

  9. Conte will only have one season in Napoli, his ego and Aurelio’s ego cannot exist together, and apparently Conte has a clause in his contract that he can be able to leave at the end of each season, the contract is for 3 years, what kind of mind set is that, he is acting in bad faith.
    This is precisely what Milans management is avoiding, Conte’s marriage to Napoli will be for one season…

  10. All of u are running from conte
    So u guys are telling me that u want a project that will allow u to sell Ur best player every season?
    Is that what u want?
    Conte will go if the management is not serious
    And it won’t work for the money ball Milan
    That’s all
    He is the right candidate
    Sarri also deserve Milan job

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