Pellegatti and Biasin argue over Camarda-Inter links: “He would rather stop playing”

By Euan Burns -

Italian journalists Carlo Pellegatti and Fabrizio Biasin have found themselves arguing about the future of AC Milan youngster Francesco Camarda and a possible move to Inter. 

With the 15-year-old yet to commit his long-term future to Milan, speculation is rife about whether he may look to move clubs. In the Telelombardia studios (via Radio Rossonera), Pellegatti and Biasin had differing views on the matter.

It is known that Inter are watching Camarda and would try to take advantage of any situation where the youngster doesn’t seem sold on the project.

Pellegatti feels very strongly on the matter and claimed that it is ‘totally ridiculous’ to imagine Camarda joining Inter, even if he does not actually stay at Milan.

That led Biasin to point out that Inter have almost certainly made a phone call to see if there is any interest, and the discussion then centred around the fact that almost every team will have shown interest in Camarda but it doesn’t mean that he is actually going to join Inter.

The full discussion can be seen below:

Pellegatti: “Let’s postpone the discussion, probably to the beginning of July. I have to say one thing: we know they’re at the top of the league, we know they play great football, we know they’re the best, but that Inter are interested in Camarda, as I’ve read in recent days… I was asked what to call this news and they allowed me to say it’s totally ridiculous. Camarda at Inter is totally ridiculous news. I don’t know if he will stay at AC Milan or what will happen, but it’s fun at the moment to put it all in. What or who Inter like, I don’t know, ask Biasin. I said that the possibility of Camarda wearing the Nerazzurri shirt is totally ridiculous and insulting to the boy. What will happen at the first of July I have no idea, but he will definitely not play with Inter.”

Pellegatti continued: “It’s not that I don’t know, it’s not like that. Question: is Inter’s point of view or the player’s more important?”

Biasin: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Inter had made a phone call.”

Pellegatti: “Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if Roma had made a phone call. All right. It’s all part of ‘We’re in the lead, we win, we’re the best and we get Camarda’. It’s something I’m told, and I asked straight away, that he’d rather stop playing than join Inter.”

Biasin: “Let’s not break the boy’s career.”

Pellegatti: “OK, then since they like him he’ll go to Inter. Let’s hope Inter don’t like my horse, otherwise they’ll take that away too… I’m not selling him, even though I haven’t received any calls from Inter.”

Biasin: “The most important thing when faced with a situation like this is not to make him change cities.”

Pellegatti: “Sure, so he goes to Inter. By the way, he’s from Affori, Interello is up ahead.”

Biasin: “But no, to Milan.”

Pellegatti: “Biasin teases, because they win and that’s fine. But in these cases here you have to stay calm. They have 16 more points and Milan’s season sucks.”

Biasin: “Carlo, I don’t think Camarda will go to Inter. But I think that faced with such a talent that everyone recognises and that everyone has seen, I can assume that they have received 10 phone calls, not just the one from Inter.”

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  1. Watching Milan play under Pioli week in week out is bad for your health. Look at what it has done to poor ol’ Pellegatti. He is losing his mind over another person saying that inter has made a phone call to Camarda.
    How many times did he say that Biasin is doing this because Inter plays great, they are first, they are 16 points ahead and Milan season sucks?
    I don’t like Conte but bring him in because under the current fraud we will become the little brother in the city that it was Milan’s.

  2. I hope he stays & become a legend here at the Red & Black but I won’t lose any sleep if he leaves. If Kaka left and I didn’t cry (it was difficult keeping the floodgates in but I did), I don’t think a 16 year old, obvious talent though, will be that guy.

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