Pellegatti suggests Chelsea’s Lukaku is Milan’s ‘crazy idea’ for the attack

By Oliver Fisher -

While Romelu Lukaku looks for his next club, the possibility of a return to Serie A with the red side of Milano cannot be excluded at the moment.

It has already been quite a lively summer for Lukaku, who saw chances of a return to Inter after his loan spell there last year go up in smoke when it emerged he had been speaking to rival clubs to keep his options open.

Just as it seemed as though a move to Juve could be on the cards, their fans stormed the pitch during a training match against Juventus Next Gen and chanted ‘we don’t want Lukaku’, which made their feelings clear.

The Belgian seems to want to remain in Europe having rejected offers from clubs in Saudi Arabia, so could it be possible that he could still return to Italy?

According to Carlo Pellegatti, the idea of a move to Milan cannot be ruled out at the moment, thanks to a couple of factors.

“A crazy idea on the night of San Lorenzo. I’ve always had a certain admiration for Lukaku and in my opinion he would be the ideal center forward for Stefano Pioli,” he said.

“The problem could be the cost of the deal but we know that the relationship between the owners of Milan and Chelsea are special. Problem that can be solved, for example, with a paid loan with an obligation to buy next season.

“The other obstacle is the 10 million salary, but Milan, helped by Chelsea and Lukaku, who can go down a bit, could overcome it. Crazy idea, for me Lukaku is a great player.”


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  1. No doubt he has skills and no he’s not passed his prime as some have suggested.

    But, the biggest problem I have with him is his attitude and backstabbing. If he did with another team, what makes you think he won’t do it to us? No thanks!

    He’s a total primadonna.

      1. He has an ability to score far more than the strikers we have. But since you clearly didn’t read everything I wrote, piss off.

    1. We don’t need him to profess his love to Milan 🙂 We just need him to score goals in place of Oli (which he’s shown to be able to do). We all know he’s a merc. We take him at face value.

      I’d be good with a Loan + Option.

  2. Please don’t. The project is good, don’t spoil it with Lukaka kind of players. Inter can have them. He is not worth red and black

  3. I actually used to rate him as a player but his latest circus showed everyone what kind of person he is.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  4. This dude are finished . Even juve & IM fans reject him now. The best place for his career at age 30 in saudi pro league or MLS . If we have that amount money 30-40m euro then better go for younger striker like balogun instead this snake lakaka

    1. Inter didn’t reject him. They were working their @$$es off trtying to sign him until he started talking to Juve.

      Juve didn’t reject him – they are trying a swap deal with Chelsea.

      And he is far from finished. I wouldn’t play him in a CL final but in the league he contributes well.

  5. I say yes. The present situation he’s in, should teach him a lesson. He may even become most loyal with Milan. Get him. Milan may not win champions league with him. But at least there’d be goals.

  6. Lukaku is a great player for sure and Inter is weaker without him, but he comes with a lot of baggage. Expensive-@$$ dramatic baggage. He’s an upgrade for sure. But a lot of questions arise.

    Do we want a mercenary who professed his love for Inter? Would he even come to Milan? Do we need to burden our payroll with his wages? Loan deal with option? Would Zlatan come back just to kick his @$$?

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