Pellegatti confirms De Zerbi would come to Milan and gives update on Brighton clause

By Oliver Fisher -

Carlo Pellegatti believes that there is a possibility that Roberto De Zerbi could end up at AC Milan because his release clause has dropped, but his character raises question marks.

De Zerbi is now free to pick his own future following the announcement that he will leave Brighton and after a period of rest he will be ready to jump into his next challenge, one that could see him return to the club where it all started.

De Zerbi himself underlined that there is no agreement in place with another club and that is not the reason for his departure. Instead, the ex-Sassuolo boss is waiting for a call, the right project, and then he will evaluate.

Milan are looking for the right man to replace Stefano Pioli and De Zerbi has never hidden his attachment to the club and has admitted they have a very special place in his heart.

Pellegatti gave an interview to Radio Rossonera in which he offered some updates regarding Milan’s pursuit of a new manager and the rumours that have emerged about De Zerbi.

Do you think there is a possibility of seeing De Zerbi on the Milan bench?

“Fonseca is far ahead, Van Bommel remains in the background. From what SportMediaset said, there would have been some contact this morning, not confirmed by Milan. It is not known who contacted him, De Zerbi’s entourage says no contact. The indiscretion remains.

“Would De Zerbi come? Yes. Is he a bit of an edgy character? Yes, but unfortunately he also counts that today. Would he be liked much more than Fonseca? Yes. Would everyone appreciate him? No, and I can see it from the comments.

“They should do like Frankenstein… go to the laboratory, get the business coach, the game coach, the one who makes you win [and combine them]. I had also received complaints about Conte about the fact that he never wins abroad, that he had been at Inter and Juve.”

What are the main obstacles for De Zerbi today?

“The clause is outdated because there is no longer a 15 million one, but I understand there is a 5/6 million one. Surpassable at this point. I don’t think it’s a problem, I think more about the fact that he’s a slightly cumbersome figure on a character level.

“But then we have to go to a convent to find where there are calm people, who meditate, who never respond badly, of a certain integrity. I want to underline that on a corporate level the evidence says to rest assured, because they [Brighton] sold Caicedo and MacCallister and he didn’t bat an eyelid. There are other coaches who maybe get a little irritated if you take them away from them.”

Character is not the only characteristic that needs to be evaluated, but it is useful…

“Pioli, for example, doesn’t show this character, but maybe he grabbed some players by the neck without telling us. We cannot know this. We must not confuse the ‘media’ character, when someone gets angry and shouts, with someone who has character inside the dressing room.

“In this sense, the fact that Pioli has always been followed by the team and never dumped means that all in all, without showing his fists, he has gained the team’s respect. If you’re talking about a shock coach, however, De Zerbi is certainly more so than Fonseca.”

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  1. All these news are just comments made by football comentators and pundits, it’s not coming from coachers or Milan, so it’s not reliable information at all.

    Tomorrow pundit working for Tuttosport or CdS can sip morning coffee and say that “Moruinho would be willing to take Milan” and it’ll be the same level of useless information without any background or confirmation… We just have to wait and see, hopefully it won’t be Fonseca 🙂

    1. “hopefully it won’t be Fonseca”
      Getting Fonseca should be seen in the same view as getting Chukwueze to replace Saelemakers or Maignan to replace Donnarumma.
      The truth is that you don’t know how it will go, it can be great, or it can be horrible.

      A lot depends on the upper management, how much they support the coach, whether they help solve issues, or are there only to point the finger. Whether they get in war with the current players, whether they try to solve the contractual issues (sell or renew the unhappy player), or drag the issue to the very last minute.

      Also a lot depends on the locker room, are there any leaders, are there any factions, are the players ambitious, professional, etc.

      The truth is that our locker room lacks leaders and the current management does’t have a good track history of supporting coaches. Furthermore, our management seems to have their own wars and factions . All of this makes the job of the new coach that much harder.

      We want a better coach with ambition. Well, maybe the better coaches prefer to go to teams where the situation is more stable, and they won’t be picked as the scapegoat for any mistakes that other people do.

      It’s hard to tell where the problems with a team are and who’s helping cover them up and who’s making them worse. E.g.. people complain about Allegri, any loser can do his job, he can only defend, he’s boring etc… and then another coach (Montero) comes in, and Juve got bullied by Bologna so much, I almost felt bad about them :D.

      We also saw how much Napoli fell with 3 different coaches because the team had issues that weren’t related to the sporting side (Calzona mentioned it also in one of his early interviews)

      This is also a shout to those Milan fans that want Abate as the next coach btw

      1. “the current management does’t have a good track history of supporting coaches.”

        Please explain this, as Redbird inherited Pioli and could easily have sacked him last summer when the team finished 5th on the pitch. Instead they spent 110m (55m net) to try to fill holes/improve the squad. What exactly is their track record with coaches? This will be their first appointment.

        1. It would be a bit too much to sack Pioli last summer when they already sacked management, sold fan favourite and bought all these new players. Complete chaos. And so they’ve made a compromise knowing they’ll replace him sooner or later.

          Gerry shaked Pioli’s hand and reiterated his trust in him last summer, same he did with Maldini just a summer before. The Judah’s handshake.

        2. regardless of the situation the management sold a key player that fitted perfectly in pioli’s system for profit and then brought in random players not fit for any specific system which caused us to play really bad football for most of the season.

          you can argue money is in the hands of a management that dosnt know how to use it. to think they fired maldini for it, they should fire themselves.

      2. @Bob Fonseca has been a coach for 17 (!) years, and has never won or achieved anything important. You seriously believe that suddenly in Milan “it can be great” with him?

    1. that’s too ambitious for the Americans. they want only it cheap and mediocre (bonus points if it’s a foreign coach that noone has heard of).

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