Pellegatti claims Fonseca has option ready if Milan fail to land Zirkzee: “Less than others”

By Ben Dixon -

Joshua Zirkzee is AC Milan’s favoured option going into the summer mercato, but other options are being evaluated, and today, Carlo Pellegatti has claimed that the Rossoneri may look to snatch a player from a fellow Serie A side.

In recent weeks, Zirkzee’s position among Milan’s management has only risen, and this has been shown by the attempts to lower the commission demanded by his agent and alternate options to sweeten a deal.

However, a report also suggested that the deal was halted for another reason. Instead of a purely financial matter, it is rumoured that Paulo Fonseca would prefer a different mould of striker than what the Dutchman offers – a player more aligned with Olivier Giroud’s profile.

When discussing Milan’s striker options in his new YouTube video, Pellegatti offered a new name into the equation if the Diavolo fail to get Zirkzee, and his words have been relayed by Milan News.

“Heavy rumour, we’ll talk more about it in the next videos, but in the meantime I’ll tell you in advance: Paulo Fonseca, if Zirkzee could not be obtained, would have asked AC Milan for a type of striker ideal for him: he prefers an attacking player in the area, one who dictates depth, physical, all characteristics that lead to Tammy Abraham, from Roma, class 97, he has had serious physical problems but Fonseca likes him, he costs €40 million, therefore less than the others on the list.

“In terms of salary, it’s €6m, which means €9m, because the growth decree can still be applied, so as a salary, it would be, net, €4.5m.”

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  1. Tammy Abraham was awesome in his first season at Roma, but he never really recovered from that ACL injury. I’d pass.

    1. Let’s get this straight
      The coach Milan didn’t really want and Pelligayi want Abrahams if they don’t land Zirkzee
      These twins are off the planet and the manager the quickest sacked next season and Pelligayi should follow

  2. Abraham would be great if fit but only on loan with an option. That valuation seems wildly optimistic but I guess some desperate English team would pay it – I like to think Abraham respects himself more than that though.

  3. A 40m valuation for Abraham should make clear to people why 55m for Zirkzee is the price. Set aside “principles” regarding agent fees. Kia played a smart hand by putting the 40m clause in and he knows it’s a bargain price for a top striker, which allows him to ask for this hefty commission. Let’s not pinch pennies. Imagine spending 40m on an injury prone 30 year old instead of 55m on an up and coming dynamo because of “principles”. Penny wise is dollar foolish.

    1. Really? So we should fold to an agent and who knows what other problems he will cause in the future? Easy to say not to pinch pennies when it isn’t your money.

      1. I disagree with this notion that we’re folding to an agent. 55 million is a fair market value for Zirkzee And he knows that. That’s why he put that clause in. It was a very smart move. If no one pays his fee between July 1 and July 15, Zirkzee will go to auction and will likely go for over 50 million without even consideration of the commissions.

      2. He won’t be able to cause the same problems in the future because the new rules on commissions will be in effect. Again, this was a very intelligent move on his part.

        1. Yes yes nice narrative created by Milan about folding to agents to justify the failed negotiations. This is how modern football works these days and these commissions are known and paid by every top club who wants a top player but hey wait at Milan the narrative is always different. His package is 55 mils for a striker who has tons of room to improve and can unlock your game is perfectly normal in today’s market. Let’s not forget for how much was Hojlund sold and imo Zirkzee has way more potential than him

  4. If Fonseca wants a striker that dicatates depth, it is physical and attacks the box than he should just oppose getting Zirkzee. And he would be right to do so, as I fully agree we need a different type of striker.
    Abraham however won’t fit that profile and cannot be a first choice for Ac Milan. But first we need to decide on selling, because if you get 60-80m for Theo than you may have a
    different budget for the striker. And maybe you could dream of Gyokeres or paying release clause for Sesko.

  5. Dovbyk first choise, Lucca back up. Thats what we should go after. Also seems like no one else is after Zirkzee for such ridiculous price.

  6. Maybe we should allow the coach to have his say on his preferred type of striker. And if it means moving away from JZ so be it. I somehow feel we might have a solution in-house. Move Leao to CF and play Okafor on the left. Use Jovic as 2nd choice and get a cheaper 3rd striker or Camarda to grow behind them. Or simply buy Davids, he is affordable. and why is Pavlidis not mentioned?

  7. Abraham? Does Pellegatti watch football? Abraham is garbage. One good season in a mediocre career doesn’t change that. He’s not even a €20 million player.

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