Pellegatti ‘irritated’ after Porto draw: “I no longer want to hear the phrase ‘let’s focus on the league'”

By Oliver Fisher -

The well-known journalist and pundit Carlo Pellegatti has questioning the narrative of the media and some AC Milan fans following last night’s draw against Porto.

Last night’s draw against Porto at San Siro gave AC Milan their first point in their return to the Champions League, but it was a missed opportunity to keep their qualification hopes strongly alive. However, all is not lost as there are still paths that would see Milan finish in the top two of their group.

As things stand, Milan are bottom of the group with just the one point from four games, while Liverpool are top with 12 and have virtually qualified for the knockout stages, while Porto are second with five points and Atletico Madrid are third with four points.

Pellegatti posted a video on his YouTube channel to comment on Milan’s draw against Porto and hit out at those who believe the Rossoneri should simply focus on Serie A.

“I went to sleep quite early last night also because I was quite irritated and nervous. The result of 1-1 against still leaves some faint hope of qualification for Milan, who must win the next two and then hope,” he said (via MilanNews).

“It is certainly not the result that irritated me or that made me nervous, but it is my feeling. When I heard from many the famous phrase ‘and now we hope to get out of the Champions League and let’s focus on the league’. Respect for those who say it and for all opinions, but leave me my feeling of rejection towards such a sentence.

“Everyone thinks as they want but to think that Milan – which for over 60 years has made its European vocation a point of reference, a light, a guide – want to go out on purpose, I’m not there… because that’s how history is decorated.

“This is the reasoning of a small team, and Milan are not a small team, they are a top club with a European and world vocation. Milan have a squad that certainly, without injuries, can compete in two competitions. I no longer want to hear the phrase ‘let’s focus on the league’.

“I also heard from the attitude that Milan were already thinking about Sunday’s derby. But who was thinking of the derby? If Pioli were thinking about the derby, he would not have fielded the formation he fielded. Kjaer and Ibrahimovic would probably have rested the same even if there had been another match on Sunday.”

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  1. Pellegati is forgetting that the Milan he knew is gone forever. This is a new Milan, we are basically starting afresh after 10 yrs of winning nothing and 7 yrs out of UCL.
    The fact here is that this squad cannot compete and win in 2 competitions at once..UCL is a bit above our level at the moment, when u see the amounts of money clubs are spending, Milan’s wage bill and budget is very low by comparison.
    B4 you think abt Milan’s European and World standing, you have to think abt the National level.We have not won Serie A in 10 yrs and we have a team capable of winning the league, but unable to win UCL….it is simply common sense to win a trophy than chase the UCL that we cannot even get close to winning.
    Pellegati is not using his head

  2. Pellegati sounds like a petulant child. You have to ask yourself what were the chances of going through before the Porto game. You have to expect Milan would have had to beat Atleti in Madrid or Liverpool in addition to that to go through at the very least. Did it warrant going all out, if it meant falling behind in the league? It seems to me all risk and very little reward. He sounds like an idiot. Let’s beat Inter this weekend and keep pressure against Napoli.

    1. I agree.

      The mediocrity is in Milan now due to the Mediocre Coach Pioli that we have.

      Simply put, Milan failed last season when you consider how the matches favoured Milan.

      Milan is also failing again by going out of Europe without even qualifying for Europa League in the group, yet some will be singing Pioli’s name for excellent job.

      People tend to forget that Elliot, Maldini, Massara and Gazidiz gave Pioli a fantastic young and balanced squad.

        1. Pioli did a job.

          However, the job is not good or great. Unfortunately, this Milan need a great job to be done and a great coach.

          Gazidis, understood this from the beginning.

  3. Milan was focus on the league since they lost with Atletico. 180+ min against Porto was like 1 or 2 chances to score. Looking at the game i felt like they just didn’t want to be there..

  4. Even if we aren’t going to playoffs, we shouldn’t act or think like losers. Playing aganst AC Milan shouldn’t sound like a ‘done deal easy walk’ for any opponent in the world.
    I wish to see how we ruin Atletico’s hopes and make Simeone forget his shitty smile from the previous game. Atletico should get what they deserved in the first clash.
    And then let Porto decide their future in the last clash. I somehow like the team. They are fighters and they have a lot to learn for us. If we aren’t going to playoffs then I wish the lads to do it.

  5. I don’t understand how fans think!!! Inter were eliminated last season from the champion’s league with Conte as their coach but still a good coach, Ac Milan will be eliminated from the champion’s league and all of a sudden Pioli is now a mediocre coach. I really shake my head.

  6. A few years qualifying in CL, a new stadium and a new Owner and then think about CL winning chances. I dont think the current Owners are going to invest in the squad, i already read it that they will eventually sell the club, probably when new stadium beginns. Considering our team (injured and young) we are doing well, we almost won the first 2 games against liverpool and at madrid, against porto we played really bad but after 11 games in the league we didnt lost and that wasnt the case for a looong time. Abd from a tactical point of view Pioli has grown a lot since last season. Last season not so many tactical changes and playing almost every game the same, give ball to theo or ibra. Now we have 3-1-1-6, 4-4-2 with both ibra and giroud and so on… so we have to be patint. Even juventus with their huge budget last seasons didnt won CL or PSG, Man Utd and so on…

  7. Pioli is not a top class coach? Yeah right. This is not technical management fault, this is elliot fault. How can you sign a top class coach, while your contract extention for an expiring player contract start from 3mil up to 6.5mil? And all of your excuse, they are not worthy. Football is becoming industri, and tonali cases is 1:1000 of a player. No such love for a club, all they need is salary and glory. If you cant get glory, at least you get a good salary. Thats real life work. Try to get a job and you will understand that

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