Pellegatti explains why Lyon bid was rejected: “Krunic is like Casemiro for Pioli”

By Oliver Fisher -

Rade Krunic’s important role in Stefano Pioli’s system has been highlighted by Carlo Pellegatti, who also explained why offers for him have been rejected.

Krunic seems to be in the middle of things at the moment. First of all, he has found himself at the heart of Pioli’s new look three-man midfield, and then he is also at the centre of a fair bit of transfer speculating.

First it was Fenerbahçe who came in with an offer to give the Bosnian a big pay rise compared to what he earns at Milan, and now it is Lyon who have moved. They watched him against Torino at San Siro on Saturday night and made a €12-13m bid, per MilanNews.

The well-known journalist Carlo Pellegatti spoke during an interview with Radio Rossonera and he was asked what the indiciations were regarding Krunic’s future and his importance to Pioli.

“There is the heavy interest from Lyon, but Milan rejected it [their offer] and have no intention of selling him. Lyon could increase their offer but due to a rule in France they will not be able to offer more than 2 million in wages,” he said.

“The fans who want him to go have understood nothing, Krunic is like Casemiro, for Pioli he is the tip of the balance, he gives you balance.

“Nicolas Dominguez? Against Milan I didn’t see anything of note. But sorry, didn’t you like Krunic in these two games?.”

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    1. You always reply Quick in news regarding Krunic my friend. And always with the same nonsense.

      He is not the best 6 out there but he do the job for us. Just get behind him as long as he is our player.

      1. AR do the job is no longer enough
        He must go, he is Krunic at the end of the day. We need a top player in that position as it is important. I support Pioli 100% and I like him a lot but Krunic and Tatarushanu last season are fundemental flaws that we paid the price and potentially our weakest point in squad this season

        Watch him play Krunic over Benacer when he is fully fit to play

        So i disagree respectfully

        1. Now give me a better player than Krunic that we can get under 20m in these 2 days before the transfer window closed, that need no time to gel with the way the team play, and willing to move to us.

          The timing is everything. You are not regular commentator in this site so maybe you don’t know but at the start of the transfer window I’m one of those that strongly wanted Krunic go and we buy a new 6 (Dominguez in mind). But now we can’t, the season already started and to sell one of our our starter we need to buy a ready one.

          Even teams like Liverpool struggled to buy a quality 6 this season. Krunic shouldn’t be a starter but right now we don’t have anyone better than him for 6 – so my opinion it’s foolish to sell him currently. Especially with no replacement.

          1. Bang on 1000% correct AR. Even if not even to sell Krunic, just get a better DM and have Krunic rotate 🤦‍♂️ I watched those guys chase players we didnt really need instead of prioritizing that particular need…the DM.

          2. I know Musah from the time when he was playing in Arsenal youth as they played against Spurs almost monthly where my son was playing at the time. Combine that with experience he had since, including WC and I can assure you that he would outperform Krunic in that position.

            I do understand your point, but with Musah and Benacer coming back, although a risk Krunic is a sell for me.

            Having said that, i agree that at this point its too late.

          3. @Milanezi You are right. Musah could absolutely play this position better than Krunic but unless an injury forces his hand Pioli will never give him that chance.

        2. @Milanezi , He is Krunic at the end of the day??? Seems like you are just hater. No matter how he plays, he is the worst lol. Blaming Tatarusanu and Krunic for last season? Really? You are just Balkan hater ffs. Who was playing good in that period of time? Why you don’t mention Tomori who was opening defence wide with red carpet to opponents and screaming at Tatarusanu like he supposed to be spider man… Hello? Krunic is not Kimmich or Casemiro for sure but blaming him for being Krunic? Man you are piece of sh*t lol

  1. They should take the money and run. What was the point in signing Musah is he’s not going to play? There’s also Eletu. Bank the money, sign Taremi. Obviously we all wanted a young CF, but when you look at how weak all the other Serie A teams are, it’s a great mercato.

    1. There’s a thing called Rotation and injury my friend…
      Musah will rotate with RLC and Reijnders, also Pobega.

      As a team it’s important to have at least 2 capable players in each spot. Our midfield still seemed light even after all the transfer – we only have 6 players that’s ready to play now. Take the money and run? Will leave us with only 5 Senior players for 3 position. That’s crazy.

      1. Ideally a team should have 1 GK covering for 1 GK, 1 FB covering both FBs, 1 CB covering both CBs, 2 mids covering 3 mids, 1 attacker covering 2 attacking positions and 1 striker covering 1 striker.

        A core squad of 18 with the balance made up of youth and experience: 1 other GK, 1 other FB, 1 other CB, 1 other CM, 1 other attacker and maybe a striker – a squad of 23-24.

        That way, barring injury, the core squad of players get to play 30+ games a season and are always sharp.

        This is what went wrong last season. The squad players were barely used so were never sharp. When they were used it was when 8-9 players were rotated against the so called weaker sides. Apart from sending completely the wrong message (since in Serie A any team can beat any team and there are no easy games) it also was near impossible for 8-9 players who had barely played to do much.

        I am concerned about how Pioli will use his massive squad.

        1. I feel like sometimes you have a hard time letting go of the 90’s lol… How can you have one cb covering for the two that start? What if you switch to a 3 man defence and suddenly there are no cb’s to be replaced?

          In modern day, you can now use 5 players as subs so you can give more minutes to players. While I agree our squad numbers are too large, we still need at least 23-25 very capable guys. Back in the day teams played between 30-40 games. Now in a season it can reach over 50!

          Players that refuse to leave like origi, ballo toure, caldara all need to leave to cut the squad down

          1. The 1990s?

            Stones played CB, RB and DM for Man City last season when they won the treble.

            I think the reason everyone is so keen on having 3-4 players per position is so we can have lots of fun on the transfer market…..

            Why can’t a CB cover both?

            Why can’t a FB cover both? Calabria literally played RB and LB a few seasons ago. What changed? Did he forget?

            Krunic is the perfect player to cover across the midfield once Bennacer is fit (ok not now we’ve signed 3 midfielders or whatever).

            We don’t need a massive squad of 30 players. We need a tightly knit unit that can finish each other’s sentences.

            Matches come down to split seconds. One delayed pass, one missed run, one moment, and we fail to break down a low block team and drop points to a relegation side.,

            If we beat the 3 relegated teams, twice, that’s 18 points in the bag and the target is 85. We dropped 15 points to those teams last season.

        2. 18 players squad is too thin. Maybe for team that don’t play in Europe it’s enough, but for us it’s far from ideal.

          Ideal squad should have minimum 2 players for each position, so 22 players. Then 1 backup GK, 1 backup defender that can play minimum 2 positions (like CB and R/LB), 1 Midfield player that, likewise, can play some position, and 1 forward player that can cover more than 1 position. These 4 back ups can be a young player or oldie but should be available to play anytime.

          1. I think we’re on the same page.

            I meant a core of 18 and the other 5 basically never play unless there’s injuries (and if there’s injuries a team’s not likely to win much anyway).

            The notion that we need 2 perfectly formed players for every position (and actually Milan have had this obsession with 3 for some positions in recent years – see our RW now) is not helpful. Players crowd each other out, squad players don’t get enough minutes, managers waste potential e.g. Adli.

        3. Gotta say I agree with you. Made this point on another article regarding our forwards. Our squad now is huge, and huge squads are difficult to manage. Ideally you have your 11 defacto starters, plus 1 GK and 2 solid substitute players each for Defence, Midfield and Attack. That brings the number to 11+7 = 18. To make up the rest of the squad in terms of squad lists taking the number to 23 or 25, that’s where the youth side get their chance.

        4. Bruh, its not you that coaching and its not you to give words about ideal squad, since they are the one that working and experience in the filed… Pioli himself told that he want to have 2 squads thats mean 23 including the 3rd GK… Yes we have more than 23 thats because the rest is deadwood they are trying to get rid (some of them thanks to your name) that doesnt count on the 23 players pioli want…

          1. The notion that elite athletes are “deadwood” is one of the biggest problems with modern football.

            We can’t write off hundreds of players every season across the top 5 leagues.

        5. This is the ideal. Dalot would have been the perfect candidate for the full back sub as he can play both flanks. It would have been our current XI with Bennacer maybe instead of Krunic and Krunic part of the 7. Sportiello GK. Kalulu the CB sub. Chuk RW, Okafor the LW sub, Colombo the striker sub and Musah the additional mid sub.

          The rest are the blend of youth and experience as you’ve mentioned: Romero, Kjaer, Adli, Pob, Florenzi and the Primavera
          But at this point we really have about 3 or 4 players too many: Origi, Fode, Adli, ….

        6. Yes, we can. The number of great players is limited, especially in Serie A. It’s the same in any job. There is a high turnover of staff in many sectors.

          1. There is not a high turnover of staff in many sectors – not at 50% or whatever.

            Unless we’re talking about bar workers or other casuals.

            These are supposed to be elite athletes.

            And how to explain how Italy has suddenly just stopped producing footballers?

            Did a football mad country just suddenly forget?

    2. Eletu? What exactly has Eletu shown that he’s better than Krunic, Adli or even Slowbega? You guys have a vastly high expectation of those Primavera products. I don’t see any of them breaking into the current team. The reality is that they’re not as good as we think they are

        1. Ok fair enough. I thought u said there’s Eletu implying he can be put into the current team. But when would he get the chance if he’s waaay down the pecking order? It would have to take monumental incidences of injury for him to get sweat (not saying it can’t happen, there’s was Thiaw last year and Adli for a few games)

  2. Dominguez is heading to Nottingham for 10m. I don’t hate Krunic but he is bang mediocre. And he’s 30. 10m for him is already a scam. 13m ??? I’ll take them anytime. Idk what Krunic does actually offer to our game except an extra man rather than playing with 10. Stability what stability, put Tatarusanu in his position and he might be able to do the same.

    1. They trying to teach Pioli how ideal squad should be… This fans really think they know better than the one who are profesional juat because they play as manager in video game…

  3. “The fans who want him to go have understood nothing, Krunic is like Casemiro, for Pioli he is the tip of the balance, he gives you balance.

    “Nicolas Dominguez? Against Milan I didn’t see anything of note. But sorry, didn’t you like Krunic in these two games?.”

    Hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣
    The fans who want him to go understand nothing LMAO 😂.

      1. Right, because as you have told us now a thousand times in every single post that new signings will struggle to adapt to their new team and Serie A. You know like Pulisic and Reijnders and RLC have really been struggling. They’ve been our best players, I can’t wait until they get adjusted to SerieA.
        I’ve never seen someone be so wrong and just continue to double down on his nonsense. Again, you are embarrassing yourself.

        1. The name you said have more than 3 weeks to adapt with the team before the season.

          Buying a new player to instantly slot into the starting eleven always a risk, that’s why they ideally should come at the start of the transfer window, so they get some weeks to adapt to the players, the strategy, and the coach.

          That partly the reason why Puli, RLC, and Reijnders can shone and CDK flopped so bad.

          1. That’s not why CDK flopped. He was given chance after chance throughout the entire season. ANd they don’t have to slot the newly bought player in instantly, Musah is quite capable of playing that position.

      1. 😂😂😂bro this is hilarious..comedy gold
        (PS I don’t want him to leave but I did want to see what we’d be like without him right now)

      1. Lol of course K with the reading comprehension problems. 😂😂😂😂Take it light buddy, it’s hilarious, see the funny side to things from time to time. It aint that serious all the time

        1. What’s funny is that the same people who freaked out if Pioli tried to give Krunic any playing time 2 seasons ago now see him as irreplaceable. As if he suddenly became a much better player at the age of 30. I can assure you he has not. Even the writer at Sempre Milan who never says a bad word about any player had to admit that Krunic is a limited player that is not starting quality for a team like Milan. Everyone knows that , but they don’t want to admit it because they are dug into their position.

  4. Casemiro and krunic right than may be I am mix of Messi and ronaldo. Since two start of transfer season this guy pellegatti is always throwing some insane theories…..first lukalu and milan then krunic and casemiro….try to look for Eric martel of fc koln solid dm young rising star and not that expensive….krunic and casemiro lol

  5. The only reason Krunic is playing more than he should is because Bennacer is injured. Plus, there is likely not enough money left to sign a proper CDM, or time for the new signing to immediately adapt to Pioli’s tactic. Management is probably taking these into consideration and Pioli’s input regarding the squad’s need. Dont want a repeat of last seasoon where most of the new signings were deemed not suitable/ ready by the coach.

    With a limited budget, the management is making a targeted approach to strenghten the team that will require time and patience. Hopefully after all the signings done this year for the forwards and mezzalas positions, next season Milan will only have to focus on signing a good CDM like Florentino Luis or a regista like Ricci, and a ST like Sesko.

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