Pellegatti names ‘very rare’ Leeds loanee as Milan’s potential Leao replacement

By Oliver Fisher -

Journalist Carlo Pellegatti has suggested a name for the AC Milan management to look at in the event that winger Rafael Leao does leave the club during the summer transfer window.

There have been rumours in recent days suggesting that Leao is a major target for Paris Saint-Germain in view of the summer, given that Kylian Mbappe is destined to leave on a free at present.

While they may not be bulletproof in reliability, Footmercato stated that the Portuguese international considers his time at Milan to be drawing to a close after what would be five years, but he would prefer a move to England or Spain.

Pellegatti spoke during a video uploaded on his YouTube channel about who could potentially come in to replace Leao should something concrete materialise, and he named someone already linked.

“In the case that Leao leaves, who can be the replacement? I assure you that the substitute is there, he plays in the Premier League, who I have been talking about for years,” he began.

“He is just the right player, he is one of the very rare players who – in terms of fun, technical ability and entertainment – could perhaps replace Leao. I’m talking about Luis Sinisterra.

“Already at Feyenoord he was amazing, then bought by Leeds for 25 million. The English club were relegated and loaned him to Bournemouth.

“He has a contract expiring in 2026. The cost? He was born in 1999, I think he’s worth at least 25/30 million euros.”

Sinisterra is currently on loan at Bournemouth from Leeds United but there have been suggestions that they will try and make that a permanent move for the 24-year-old.

Then, it would remain to be seen what their response would be should Milan come in with a big offer, especially in the likely event it would mean Leao had been sold for a huge fee.

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  1. Leao’s exit was agreed last summer. It as mutually agreed that he could leave if he signed the contract so Milan got financial security. His performances show that this season. It will be like when Ronaldo left Utd for Real, give us one more season and we won’t stand in your way. We will have agreed to sell reasonably as well so we won’t be getting near the 175m clause.

    As for the replacement…….Okafor?

    1. Okafor is so underrated it hurts. His stats are awesome considering he’s been injuried a lot and playing mostly from the bench. If only he could stay fit🤞

  2. Only PSG or Man City can reasonably afford him though. Not sure who else goes north of 100m, especially with everyone twitchy about FFP. Bottom line, there may not be a suitor

    1. Bottom line is his “value” is what the club will accept. If PSG offers 100-125m, the club will accept it. Say whatever you will it’s a ton of money. And before accusations of Milan being “selling club” begin, remember we sold Shevchenko, Kaka, Ibra, Thiago Silva, etc.

      1. All of them durong the same “era” (much or less 5 years apart), while we handn’t sell a first class player during the previous 20….

  3. I initially thought the idea IF we’re to lose Leao, we’d have a ready replacement in Okafor (who wouldve spent a season with us to acclimatize himself) and Chaka Traore as his deputy. Then the kid just got sold (loan with option but essentially the same thing), even after scoring 2 goals for us in his cameo. So, I really dont know what’s the plan here..

  4. Milan paid fine for Leao. So its obvious that Leao stays at Milam untill someone pays Milan fee, that Cardinale would gladly take for the club.
    If Tonali was sold for 64 million, than maybe double is enough fee for Milan to sell him.
    But we need to wait untill summer if anyone going to offer that big amount.

    We can see now when Milan is much stronger, that it is better to have strong team than strong individuals. So it’s always better to sell for big fee than wait and expect miracles from 1 player

  5. It’s gonna be difficult to replace Leao. No one currently has his characteristics except Mbappe, Vinicius, Gordon…so we might just as well stop dreaming about replacing him. Okafor is our immediate answer for that role and this Sinisterre guy would be a good backup for him.

    1. It’s cute that you think Leao will be sold for 175 and then you can get Kvara for 50-70.
      Kvara and Leao have the same value. They have the same numbers and achievements over the last 2 years in serie A since Kvara has played in Italy.
      Kvara was the mvp of the league and led Napoli to the scudetto last season.
      Whatever you sell Leao for, that’s what Napoli will ask from you if you want to buy Kvara.

      1. We don’t even need a Leao with Conte’s style. Maybe they indeed try to sell Leao to also fund some parts of Conte’s enormous payroll.

  6. We don’t even need a Leao with Conte’s style. Maybe they indeed try to sell Leao to also fund some parts of Conte’s enormous payroll.

  7. There is no place for wingers under Conte’s system. Conte will not ask for any wingers to come, he will ask for some to leave.

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